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Some quick USMNT links for Wednesday
   November 9, 2011 (5:13 PM) by Matt Benson     Email This Post Email This Post

These will be real quick.

* More training photos.

* France has shuffled its roster up a bit.  Samir Nasri is out, while Yohan Cabaye and Florent Malouda both have fitness concerns.

* Speaking of injuries, Oguchi Onyewu has a small groin issue.

* The Shin Guardian has a lengthy preview up of Friday’s game.

* Teal Bunbury withdrew from the U-23 camp due to an ankle injury.

* Also from the link above, we learn that the U-23/U-20 teams will actually play some friendlies while in Germany, playing a couple reserve/U-23/U-19 teams between this Friday and next Tuesday.

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Matt Benson

Matt likes soccer. He likes sleeping in. He is also amused easily. That is pretty much it.

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12 Responses to “Some quick USMNT links for Wednesday”

  1. Gregory says:

    Has nothing to do with any topics but I have to ask is Brek Shea actually good. Not MLS good, but play in the EPL good? I watch Andy Najar who is by far the best young talent in the MLS and it seems Shea is not on his level. I hope Shea makes it to the top but he really hasn’t showed me anything that makes me think he would start for an EPL team or even in the Bundesliga. I hope he grows and develops into an player that plays in Europe League, but I really cant stand the hype around him when he is unproven. Please actually think about it, how many Europe teams of offered the MLS millions for a transfer? I just wish the media would focus more on other players or find a way to grant the next Andy Najar USA citizenship then creating this artificially superstar.

  2. Andy says:

    Andy Najar is not as good as Brek Shea. Which of the two is in the MVP race this season and which is occasionally starting and coming off the bench? Najar is more of the unproven talent than Shea is. Brek has delivered on the international stage thus far, and there is nothing to speak of for Najar. At this point, I don’t even think there is an argument for Najar, but we’ll see in the next couple years.

  3. William says:

    Dude, Gregory…Shea is 10x the player that Najar is and it really isn’t very close. Najar came off the bench A LOT for a very subpar team. Furthermore Najar has said he wanted to represent Honduras, not the US. I’ve seen NO rumors whatsoever about teams in Europe asking about Najar, however Shea is going to stay in Europe and train with Arsenal.

    This shouldn’t even be a half-thought Gregory.

  4. Steve Trittschuh says:

    Agree that Shea is on another level than Najar. Shea had a very good start to the season but his play seemed to drop off a bit at the end. I think all the international dates wore him out a bit.

  5. Gregory says:

    This is what I am talking about, Shea hasn’t scored for the USA yet, he was involved on Robbie Rogers goal vs Mexico and that’s about it. Its this love affair with Shea that scares me that people are content with an okay player. When Michael Bradley was his age he scored 16 goals in the Dutch league. I hope Shea lives up to the hype but I am concerned people are content with him when he has done nothing. Eleven goals in the MLS is not amazing. The MLS competitiveness some weeks due to injuries is awful and a disgrace. Shea will be 22 in a couple months, thats the age you need to leave the MLS. I cannot remember the last time an MLS player was an automatic starter on the USMNT. (excluding Landon)

  6. tom says:


    I heard him on some radio show based out of Dallas last week and he admitted that him and FC Dallas got burnt out by the end of the season between all the league and Champions League games (and USMNT games for him).

  7. Gregory says:

    Are you talking about Andy Najar not starting for DC United or Honduras? He is 18, and he started almost every game for DC United and if he wasnt on the field for DC it was because of a fitness issue. When watching the awful DC United, you can notice Najar’s skill level is behind everybody’s on the field. He really doesn’t belong in the MLS but he is only 18. I’m a DC United fan, but I will say Chris Pontius sucks. Hes a good MLS player but that’s not saying much. Najar has something that cant be taught, the ability to split 2 defenders with his dribbles. No one on the national team can do that.
    To say Shea is better then Najar because of the MVP race makes me think you have not watched Najar play and you listen to Alexi Lallas. Shea is great for the league, he probably sells posters and inspires kids but his skill level cannot touch Najar. The one time I watched Shea play an entire MLS game he was embarrassed by Perry Kitchen. The manager switched Shea to the other side cuz Kitchen was shutting him down. I use Najar because he is the prototype of what the USMNT cant afford to give up again. A semi illegal immigrant that grew up playing in the streets of Honudras. Their will be more players like him to come threw MLS academies and we need to be able to get them to commit to the USMNT.

  8. William says:


    You have so many contradictions with every post on these two guys it is dizzying.

    #1 – You say Shea is hyped up, but where? The media says he is good (true), the media asks if he is the next American star (fair question)…ASKS with a question mark, and the media reports rumors coming FROM EUROPE (true).

    #2 – Dempsey was 23, Boca 25, Howard 23, and Holden 25 all went when the time was right for them. Shea will do the same

    #3 – You say that if we think that Shea is better because of the MVP and being on the best 11 we only listen to Lalas, but then you make the claim that the only thing Shea has done is get an assist on Rogers goal for the USNT? You must not have been watching Shea the last about 3-4 games.

    #4 – Najar scored 5 goals with 6 assists in MLS, Shea scored 11 with 4 assists. Shea can beat people of the dribble AND can win balls in the air. Najar is a ground player only.

    #5 – You said you watched Shea play ONE game from start to finish and then blast us for “possibly” not watching Najar? Do you know what contradiction is pal? lol.

    Najar is a nice player with a wonderful skill set, but you act like he isn’t inconsistant with his play. This is ludicrous.

    When Najar is 21 going on 22 he may very well be getting the love Shea is getting, but as of right now Shea is the better of the two and that is pretty much consensus.

    Furthermore, Najar wants to play for Honduras because he was BORN there, can’t fault the kid.

  9. Gregory says:

    I’m done, I hope Shea scores a hat-trick vs France today. But please realize not one person on the USMNT can actually dribble.

  10. William says:

    I’m not trying to be a jerk Gregory, I’m just trying to understand your point? It is consensus around the globe that Shea is an up and comer, and consensus in the states that Najar is an up and comer. Shea has a couple of years on Najar so he is getting the love right now. And finally there is ZERO chance that Najar will play for the US.

    I could care less if anyone on the USNT can dribble. Can they pass and can they run in space? Can the forwards beat a guy 1v1? Can the wingers put good crosses in? Can the CMs handle pressure and lay quality passes off to open players?

    These are a few questions I want to see answered

  11. Gregory says:

    To be blunt the USA will never place in the World Cup with its current talent. We need the “Any Najars” foreign born players to commit to the United States. Andy Najar is just the most recent example of a talent that got away. I don’t think he will be as good as Gueisspe or Subtovnic ( I butchered those names) but we need the future foreign stars to play for the USA. We honestly need congress to get involved to make citizenship for soccer stars easier. I’m not joking every country does it but the USA.

    I am not trying to be a jerk either, but I really don’t think Arsenal or any EPL team is currently ready to pay millions for Shea. Training with Arsenal is great but training with an elite team is very common. I haven’t read a thing about Shea on a EPL site. And since 2006 it has been somewhat common to purchase young MLS talent for millions, Dempsey Altidore, Bradley, Edu and Adu. Stuart Holden has always had EPL talent, I heard he got in trouble off the field which lead to his banishment to the MLS.

    Haha Final Thought: When I examine a player one thing goes through my mind. Would he start for Ghana? Could he beat Ghana?

  12. William says:

    Yes, Ghana…ugh.

    We’ll see about our U23 talent come next August.

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