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A goodbye for now
   January 31, 2016 (9:05 AM) by Matt Benson     Email This Post Email This Post

Hey guys, I am guessing you have probably noticed by now since I have barely touched the site, but I am officially going on “hiatus”.  I think that is the word bands use when they break up but leave the door open slightly for a potential return.

I started this site on January 31, 2010 and it is now January 31, 2016.  It was a fun ride and thank you very much for coming back all these years, but my life has changed a bit and it is not allowing me to run this site the way I would like to.  I am still going to have the @socceroverthere account going with retweets of news and the usual horrible jokes during USMNT games.

I want to say a special thanks to Howie Michaels, Jon Arnold, Will Reno, John D. Halloran, Roderick MacNeil, RJ DeMello and David Ansell.  Go follow them on Twitter and continue to support them like you have this site.  They helped this site many times over the years and they are still doing great things within the online soccer community.

I was a nobody in 2010 when I started this site and now it is 2016 and I am still a nobody but I know a lot of new great people within this online soccer community.  So thanks for the ride.

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Matt Benson

Matt likes soccer. He likes sleeping in. He is also amused easily. That is pretty much it.

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25 Responses to “A goodbye for now”

  1. David says:

    Matt, thank you for the past 5 years – its been an absolute pleasure being involved – you did make your mark – and helped promote US Soccer here at home when so few seemed to care. There is no doubt that SOT will be missed.

    David Ansell @accrossthepond

  2. Grayson says:

    Thank you for all the work you put in! This was my first favorite site as I dove into soccer fandom in 2010. I’m happy that we at least had each other when all those exciting youngsters turned into mediocre pros, and all those guys kicking ass in Europe returned home to collect big paychecks and be meh.

  3. Todd T says:

    Just wanted drop a note as a fan of this site. I have checked it multiple times a day for the past 5 years. Thanks for all the work you put into this over the years. Your voice will be missed. Being 50 and growing up playing soccer in the late seventies/eighties I always felt I was born in the wrong country because of my adoration of the game of soccer. On your site I felt at home.

  4. Mark says:

    Thank you and good luck with everything!

  5. Jeremy says:

    Ditto on checking the site multiple times daily for the past five years. Thanks, Matt, for having made it far easier and far more fun to be an informed fan of US soccer. I will continue to wear my SOT shirt often, and with pride.

  6. Gregory says:

    Thanks for everything.

  7. says:

    Man. I hate it when life gets in the way of what we love to do!
    Matt, you don’t know me, but it truly feels like I know you. Please know how great it has been keeping up with you, Howie and the boys for the last several years. It will, without a doubt, leave a whole in my daily life not being able to check in with you guys to learn about some 20 year old Lithuanian-American fullback who is playing in the 3rd tier in Hungary!
    I think I speak for all of us when I genuinely say thank you and we wish you the absolute best in all of your future ventures.
    Good luck and thanks again Matt.


  8. Manuel says:

    Not a regular commentator but have been a constant visitor to this great site for the past years. Thank you for everything.

  9. William says:

    Appreciate your time and all the news you posted over the years. I’m going to miss coming here and the banter that ensued. Best of luck to you!

  10. ChrisTheLSUTiger says:

    Sad to see you go. I’ve loved this site. Good luck with your future endeavors!

    Do you have any suggestions for finding yanks abroad info, including goals and highlights? Your site has been my go-to for stuff like that and I’m not sure what to do, especially since I don’t use Twitter.

  11. Jim says:

    I’m sorry to see the site go into that good night. It’s been appointment reading for me every day for….four years? At least. I wish you nothing but the best for your future endeavors.

  12. Bob P says:

    Matt, it has been a fun ride and I hate to see you go…for now. Your site has been my go-to site for all of the little soccer nuggets from Armenia to Iceland. You introduced me to Frank Simek, Jay DeMerit’s “Rise & Shine” and kept me in the loop with the Freddie Adu saga. The list to the left is long. You will be missed. Best of luck moving forward.

  13. Jeffrey says:

    I’m sorry to loose one of my favorite web pages, I’ve been a three time a dayer for the last five or six years. You’ve always done a fantastic job and will be missed. U.S.A U.S.A. U.S.A.!!!!!!!

  14. chris w says:

    Thanks for everything guys, will surely miss the way you presented information and your weekly links pages with info that was rarely reported by bigger sites. Good luck with everything guys.

  15. Jordan says:

    Appreciate all the work and time you put into this site. It was one of the reasons I became so involved in US soccer and US players abroad. Wish you all the best in the future. Could anyone point me in the direction where they find all of there USMNT player news?

  16. Dirk says:

    Well, at least I got a Sacha Kljesten T-shirt out of it!

    No really, thanks for all the hard work put into the site over the years.

    It was always my first stop for highlights, whether it was the USMNT against Mexico or something a little more obscure that featured some American who got lost in Albania but ended up scoring in a 3rd division cup match.

    Take it easy.

  17. Kyle says:

    I will miss visiting the site for all the updates. Thanks guys for all the work over the last 5 years.

  18. Craig says:

    Thanks for all your hard work. Enjoyed my daily visits to the site.

  19. Adam says:

    Wow, very sad to see this site go.

    This is my first and last comment on any posts.

    I have been keeping up with the site since 2010, can’t believe it has been around this long. This has been my goto for the latest up to date news regarding the UMNT, which is my favorite team in sports. I remember at one point, having this site as my “homepage!”

    Thank you sincerely for all the consistent work you have offered, Matt. We all will be sad to see this site go.

    Blessings on your future endeavors and in life.

  20. Paddy says:

    Thank you and will miss the site

  21. Josh says:

    Dang, I checked this site way often. You guys rule hard. Hope things work out for y’all. I hope I can find an alternative to this at some point.

  22. Robert Ventura says:

    México fall whit Portugal 0-4,they are worse than the U23
    MNT,who tied Colombia, 1-1 ihope god help USA and win in his
    house and his people

  23. robert ventura says:

    Iam mexican,beu 1 am 100 per cent whit the USA,in minor
    categories and the senior USMNT

  24. Jeffrey says:

    So one of the best soccer pages on the web shuts it’s doors and then the U.S. fails to qualify for the W.C., coincidence I think not!

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