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Jermaine Jones is headed to the New England Revolution
   August 24, 2014 (3:13 PM) by Matt Benson     Email This Post Email This Post

Jermaine Jones is officially a member of the New England Revolution.

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – Jermaine Jones, one of the U.S. National Team’s stand-out performers at the 2014 FIFA World Cup this summer, has joined the New England Revolution via a blind draw conducted by Major League Soccer. He will be added to the Revs’ roster upon receipt of his International Transfer Certificate and will be one of the team’s designated players.

Yes, it came down to a a blind draw between New England and Chicago.  Alexi Lalas is reporting that the deal is worth $4.7 million over 1.5 years.

I really want to see footage of Jones hanging out with Rob Gronkowski.

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Matt Benson

Matt likes soccer. He likes sleeping in. He is also amused easily. That is pretty much it.

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15 Responses to “Jermaine Jones is headed to the New England Revolution”

  1. David says:

    Good!!! Next Sasha!!!!!!

  2. Tim H. says:

    Now New England just needs to build a stadium.

  3. Gregory says:

    Jermaine Jones greatest club career ever? Is it even debatable?

  4. Gregory says:

    Sorry to say it’s not debateable,

    Tim Howard, Brad Friedal, and other goalkeepers can be debated. But who else has play consistent Champs League contender. I remember when Michael Bradely and J. Jones both went on loan to EPL teams with Jones becoming a regular starter.

    Claudio Reyna, Dempsey, and Mayor-of-Hanover have never started for a consistent Champs League contender.

    I personally think Dempsey is better because scoring goals is much harder and cooler. Dempsey lead his team to a Euro Final.

  5. daniil says:

    damarcus beasley made it as far as jones did, and I would argue that his PSV team was better than Jone’s Schalke team that made the same benchmark.

    i’d go jointly dempsey and howard though, they both became the faces of EPL teams and the international faces of american soccer.

  6. Jim says:

    Damarcus Beasley rarely gets his due nowadays, at least for his club career. It ranks right up there with Dempsey, and ahead of Howard and Jones.

    Though let’s remember, if his knees had cooperated, John O’Brien would have left them all in the dust, for both club and country.

  7. Gregory says:

    I agree Beasely deserves credit, but Schalke has the 6th highest soccer attendance in the World with over 60k fans a game.

    Schalke is on Tottenhams level or higher.

  8. Gregory says:

    It comes to down to we don’t respect elite Bundeliga squads like Schalke and Borruia Dortmund as the same as Arsenal or Liverpool.

    Not saying Schalke is better then Aresnal or Liverpool, but they are on the same level.

    lol Come one every single USA Bundesliga player that saw the field scored in the World Cup expect Fabian Johnson.

  9. daniil says:

    attendance argument is useless. river plate has more attendance than man city, sounders have more attendance than chelsea, Beijing Guoan has more attendance than spurs, Tractor Sazi has more attendance than zenit, porto, sportingCP, lyon, bilbao, west ham…

    schalke is not on tottenham’s level. transfermarkt (a german site) values tottenham’s squad at £240m and Schalke’s at £184m. Consider the fact that when dempsey joined spurs they still had Bale, Parker, Caulker, Defoe

    Schalke aren’t that good. When they stumbled into the CL SF they got crushed by Man U, being beaten by far worse than Liverpool, Arsenal, and Spurs had been by United that season (and pool/chelsea/arsenal all beat united when united were visitors; schalke lost that fixture 0-2)

    Yes but are you surprised that American players play better than they should? that comes from our team culture and dynamic. Players who had a great 2014 world cup: Cristian Gamboa, Tim Cahill, Enner Valencia, Abdelmoumene Djamou, Jose Vazquez…. are they elite club players?

    Bundesliga is good. Top to bottom it is the 2nd best league in the word. Schalke are a good team, they are not a great team. I have great respect for the elite teams in germany, all two of them.

  10. Gregory says:


    Schalke has made it to the Champs League knockout stage 3 out of the last 4 years! That makes a a great case that they are better then Tottenham and Liverpool.

    For the record I just said the were as good as Tottenham.

    Attendance can mean nothing but please don’t compare the strongest economy in Europe with 3rd World Countries. Germany has a higher per capita then the UK and almost 15 million more people.

    “Yes but are you surprised that American players play better than they should?”

    What American played better then they should? You don’t list any Americans.

  11. daniil says:

    here is a list of teams schalke have beat in the champions league over the past 4 years: benfica, hapoel tel aviv, lyon, valencia, inter, olympiacos, arsenal, PAOK, Basel, Steau Bucaresti

    teams they have lost to: chelsea (0-6 over 2 games), real madrid (1-9 over 2 games), galatasaray, lyon, man united (1-6 over 2 games)

    they’re a good team. they beat good teams. every time they play a great team they get clobbered.

    “schalke is on tottenhams level or higher”

    yes and the USA has 150 millon more people and a much higher gdp-ppp. we’re not talking about economics we’re talking about football. and for the record, USA and Argentina are in the highest HDI bracket and China and Iran are in the 2nd highest, so i would hardly call them 3rd world countries, especially considering 2 of those countries have the 2 largest economies in the world.

    heres a list of the american players who play better for country than club: everyone except timmy chandler

    on paper, we are not that good. we play *way* better than we should. this has been true for a long time.

  12. daniil says:

    but i mean, really… im just gonna leave this here

  13. Gregory says:

    I don’t think Tottenham as ever made it out of the group stage, but we have better things to worry about.


    I’m counting on you to watch the upcoming friendlies. Can’t wait to see you the MLS/ESPN tries to pawn off as the next superstar.

  14. daniil says:

    they were in the quarterfinals in 2010-11.

    hey i called brek shea as the next great american star :p

    so i will not utter the name of any arsenal youth players for fear of cursing them

    i’ll throw my empty word behind bobby wood, though. i got faith in him.

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