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Fabian Hurzeler’s & Matt Taylor’s mid week goals
   August 8, 2014 (1:45 PM) by Matt Benson     Email This Post Email This Post

Both Fabian Hurzeler and Matt Taylor scored goals last weekend and both followed up those efforts with goals during the middle of this week in German Regionalliga action.

Matt Taylor got the start, went the full 90 minutes and scored the game-winning goal in Saarbrücken’s 2-1 win over Freiburg II on Tuesday.  Caleb Stanko also went the full 90 minutes for Freiburg II.

On Wednesday, Fabian Hurzeler went the full 90 minutes and scored a goal in Hoffenheim II’s 4-1 win over Zweibrücken.

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Matt Benson

Matt likes soccer. He likes sleeping in. He is also amused easily. That is pretty much it.

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7 Responses to “Fabian Hurzeler’s & Matt Taylor’s mid week goals”

  1. norwalkvirus says:

    Why isn’t Hurzeler on anyone’s radar (like the USMNT WC 2018 projectsion)? I thought he was highly rated in skill & leadership.

  2. doctor phil says:

    People like Hurzeler and Stanko have to show some type of first team aspirations. And Bundesliga first team aspirations at that. The way the talent pool is shaping up for 2018 the 2.Bundesliga won’t cut it. Gyau showed up for first teams in the past couple of months so he’s on people’s radars.

  3. daniil says:

    he is 21 years old and plays on the second team of a club that isn’t great. At 20 years old he didn’t get a sniff of Hoffenheim’s senior team. Danny Williams and Jermaine Jones, who play the same position as Hurzeler, started their first bundesliga games at age 20. Fabian Johnson and John Anthony Brooks started playing for their 2. Bundesliga teams at 19.

    Unless Hurzeler has a major breakthrough this year, I think it’s safe to say he is not a serious consideration for the USMNT.

  4. daniil says:

    not to mention Gyau was playing in the 2. Bundesliga last season with St Pauli

  5. daniil says:

    and Hurzeler is not in the 2. Bundesliga right now, Hoffenheim II play in the 4th tier.

  6. norwalkvirus says:

    So what happened to him being highly rated and captain of BMunich’s youth team(s)?

  7. daniil says:

    Souleymane Coulibaly can’t get a game at Spurs. Sometimes players don’t pan out, that’s universal. Freddy Adu is playing in Serbia.

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