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Graham Zusi & Matt Besler are staying in Kansas City
   July 19, 2014 (2:08 PM) by Matt Benson     Email This Post Email This Post

Both players were just on ESPN2’s halftime of Seattle-Tottenham to announce that both players have signed new contracts to be designated players through the 2018 season.

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Matt Benson

Matt likes soccer. He likes sleeping in. He is also amused easily. That is pretty much it.

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11 Responses to “Graham Zusi & Matt Besler are staying in Kansas City”

  1. Tim H. says:

    As a Sporting fan, I have mixed reactions about this. I love keeping two of our best players. But was this necessary, especially so for Zusi? He really didn’t have the outside interest Besler did. And this definitely takes us out of the running for Jermaine Jones, unless we can dump Bieler.

    Still, good to keep these two in KC.

  2. Todd T. says:

    Why don’t they believe in themselves?

  3. daniil says:

    i dont think sporting were in the chase for jermaine jones. rob heineman himself said that the chances of them landing jones is very low, not to mention y’all have a solid #6 already in Olum.
    As for bieler, he is on contract through this and next season, and it’s hard to believe they could unload that contract anywhere in MLS. perhaps MLS will be looking at an expansion to 4 DPs soon.

    besler is 26. zusi is 29. they are at and past their primes, respectively. there is not much room for them to improve.
    soccer in this country is changing. our national team is good enough that players can prove the USA’s worth on the international level. players don’t have to go to europe to prove anything. furthermore, MLS is not paying players, these guys both got big contracts for sporting and just look at the mad bank that dempsey is pulling in at seattle.

    and i cannot stress this enough but these are not just footballers who play for the best teams possible. these are human beings with friends, families, and emotional ties. at 26 and 29 they are slightly old for footballers, but as people they are starting their lives. Matt Besler got married less than a year ago.

    and these guys are really good friends. they were chosen by KC in the same draft, made their pro debuts a week apart, and spent time as roommates (though with these contracts i think those days are over). These guys like being around each other, which is something they can do at sporting and probably not for any european team.

    sorry for the rant but just messes me up when fans take shots at the characters of players. dont insult them, dont mess with them. if they ever make a seemingly non-optimal career choice, just remember. humans. humannnsssss. these people are just that, people. you know… love, learn, laugh, all that good stuff. there is more to life than soccer. messi didn’t move to la masia because he wanted to be the best soccer player in the world, but because barcelona payed for his hormones.

  4. Gregory says:

    Bessler earned some interest, but Zusi couldn’t play in the EPL/Bundeiga. West Ham wouldn’t even show interest in him when he trained with them.

  5. Dirk says:

    A great decision for Zusi, who has a nice niche that he fills in KC and would struggle to make an implact in a top 4 league. Would have been interesting to see if Besler could cut it, but if his only real choice was crap Sunderland or the Championship, then K.C. is the right play.

  6. Friday says:

    Its crazy to think a professional soccer player wouldn’t want to play in the best league in the world if possible. I mean Besler doesn’t want to try the EPL for say 2 years? Not as if Kansas City is an awesome place to live haha…

  7. Tim H. says:

    For Besler, KC is an awesome place to live because it is home.

    Furthermore, the only squad that actually offered him was Fulham, so no EPL for him. And if was actually given an offer by Sunderland, which is disputed, why go there? They were dangerously close to relegation and he may not have started. For a player in his prime, sitting on the bench for a lower-level EPL side is not ideal. And with the likes of John Brooks breathing down his neck for USMNT play, he needs to play to stay penciled in as our starting CB. This was the right decision for both.

    My only issue as a Sporting fan is I think Zusi could have been resigned without being a designated player. But at least we keep a very good player, so I’m happy.

  8. Gregory says:

    Glad to see MLS paying these players +$600k a year. That’s as good an anywhere not Champions League or EPL/Bundesliga or even a few NFL players. Soccer atheltes carreers are short and fragile. +600k makes jumping ship to Europe a harder decision. I doubt Bessler was getting $million offers from EPL/Bunseliga caliber squads that pay $ million contracts. He looked good but not much better then a 30-year old Jay Demerit in 2010.

    MLS keeping these players is good for TV ratings. MLS has good attendance, but they now need the TV ratings. Breaking it down, empty stands can kill soccer TV ratings! Watching a game and hearing the crowd chanting really helps TV ratings. MLS can beat the NHL in TV ratings in certain markets. I still think the product on the field suffers from League 2 players being on the field.

    Being from the DC Metro Area I can’t bad mouth Kyle Beckermen anymore. He is retrospectively a DC United homegrown player. VAMOS UNITED

    As a DC United fan I love this move. Zusi could be a worse DP then Eddie Johnson. Sorry but Federico Higuaín is a lot closer to Robbie Keane, Dempsey, or Defoe skills then Eddie Johnson or Zusi.

  9. daniil says:

    The players aren’t too bad, I think the biggest problem is the coaching/tactics

  10. daniil says:

    The players aren’t too bad, I think the biggest problem is the coaching/tactics

  11. Howie Michaels says:

    there just wasn’t a lot of interest in Besler from great situations. If there had been mid-table interest I think he takes a shot in England or Germany but it seemed like his only shot was in the Championship or messy clubs like Villa or Sunderland. He gets to make make very good money for the next four years (at least) and will be set up to contend for more titles with his hometown team.

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