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A few links for Thursday
   July 10, 2014 (12:33 AM) by Matt Benson     Email This Post Email This Post

A few things posted on this site over the last day before the links.

Will took a look at Tim Howard’s 16-save performance to see what we could learn both good and bad.

A lot more teams are releasing their new jerseys for this upcoming season and I posted a few more for teams with Americans.

Bobby Wood went 45 minutes and scored the lone goal of the game in 1860 Munich’s 1-0 win over Karlsruher SC in a friendly on Wednesday.

Freddy Adu went 45 minutes in AZ Alkmaar’s 4-1 win over fifth division side AFC ‘34.  Greg Seltzer also got some quotes from Earnie Stewart and Bob Bradley about Adu’s trials at both clubs.

It looks like Sheffield Wednesday have decided to move on from Oguchi Onyewu after failing to agree on personal terms.  Onyewu appeared in 18 league games for the Owls last season.

In the UK-tabloids-are-hardly-ever-right department, Celtic appear to be interested in Mix Diskerud.

I posted a tweet the other day claiming that David Chavez had signed with Tijuana, but it looks like there have been some mixed signals.  He is at the club, but it is nothing more than a training stint at the moment.

Brad Friedel has been doing some TV and radio for TalkSPORT and BT Sport recently and had some words on US Soccer, USMNT and MLS.

Kevin Hoyos’ latest stop appears to be with CSD Tristan Suarez in the Argentina 3rd division.

The US U-20 team is camping in Carson, California over the next week before some friendlies with Chile, Bermuda, and Australia.  Here is the roster, which includes Russell Canouse, Romain Gall, Lynden Gooch and Andrija Novakovich as well as a bunch of guys from Tijuana.  And for those of you living in Southern California, I am hearing that the friendly against Australia will be on Friday, July 18 at 7 PM at the StubHub Center and will be free to the public.  A full schedule of the games is right here.

And finally, it is shameless plug time for our social media as I haven’t done this in a while.  We are on Facebook, so go like us right now.  We are also on Twitter.  Here is my/the site’s main account.  You can also follow Howie, Will and RJ.

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Matt Benson

Matt likes soccer. He likes sleeping in. He is also amused easily. That is pretty much it.

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6 Responses to “A few links for Thursday”

  1. Tyler Bartels says:

    July 18th not June 18th but otherwise some interesting links on wood and adu

  2. Matt Benson says:

    Ah yes, thanks for the typo fix.

  3. Howie Michaels says:

    Nope, they played last month, they just embargoed the news.

  4. Tim H. says:

    I guess Celtic and the Scottish Premiership is better than Norway. I’d still rather see Mix in the MLS. But any step up is good for him and his career.

  5. William says:

    If Bob Bradley (in Norway) says “we have no interest at this time” that can’t be a good sign. Not counting on AZ taking a chance on him…disappointing

    Mix to Celtic would be good I guess. Agree with Tim H. above.

    I don’t think but maybe 5-6 of those u20 guys will make the WC u20 roster? Somebody help me out here…

    Agree with Fridel:

    This is the last World Cup we as fans will be happy about getting out of the group phase…expectation for 2018 is at the very least a QF for me

    The crowd would’ve been unreal had we played Argentina on July 5. Just like in 2010, the US TV viewership was ready to explode and the players Bob Bradley picked didn’t get the job done. Some blame the inclusion of Rico Clark and Robbie Finley one last time as the main culprit, but truthfully Ghana were probably better than us. Just the same as the gripes from US fans in 2014…but more on that below.

    The development change. And if Friedel has been paying attention that is happening. Klinsmann has pissed a lot of people off by saying the college soccer scene is the absolute opposite way to go if you want to compete on a world level. Way back before Klinsmann was hired he was a huge proponent to revamp the entire youth developmental situation. This is what is going on and the benefits won’t be felt until the 2020s…it takes time. And I totally agree with him about mandating that EVERYONE have youth academies FREE OF CHARGE!!!!!!!!!!!

    Disagree with Friedel:

    I think we were set up to succeed against Belgium. There isn’t but maybe 1-2 players on the US roster that would even sniff minutes for Belgium. My goodness why do we over-rate our own team so much? They are better at almost every position and equal to what we have in the others. To say we weren’t set up to succeed is delusional and short sighted. The US ran a 4-2-3-1 against Belgium LOL, which is what they’ve been doing the last two years. The US had 52% possession against Belgium. The tactics almost worked…btw.

    All of the people just sitting back and waiting for the US to lose so they could say “see, if Donovan would’ve been picked we would’ve won!” make me sick…and pure speculation but it sounds like Brad is one of them.

  6. Hilde says:

    That’s good news for Mix Diskerud. Not only the Scottish Premier League is better than the Norweigan league, but Celtic FC are better than Rosenborg BK. But damn! Would that be great news if ge does get an offer from Werder Bremen! That would be a huge move for him.

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