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Tuesday morning linkage
   July 8, 2014 (12:01 AM) by Matt Benson     Email This Post Email This Post

I finally sat down this past weekend and wrote a lengthy recap with photos/videos of my trip to Brazil.  You can read it here.

DeAndre Yedlin spoke to The News Tribune’s Don Ruiz about the Roma transfer talk.  He gives some very Crash Davis-coached answers.

Not surprising, but ESPN has been getting some monster ratings for the World Cup.  A mixture of growth of the sport in the US and the US TV-friendly time zones of Brazil.

I re-watched the US’s group stage games this weekend and while Michael Bradley might have been sloppy at times, no one covered the field like he did.  And he did better/just as well against Germany as France’s midfielders.

BBC Sport ran a poll on the best goalkeeper at the World Cup and Tim Howard took home the honors.  Here is also all 16 of Howard’s saves against Belgium in GIF form.

The DTAI Sports Analytics Lab did some analysis on the group stage and put out a PDF on their findings.  CONCACAF performed the best out of any region when compared to “expectations”.

I have posted Mark Yesilevskiy’s prints before but he has done some more of the World Cup, including a USMNT one with the bomb pop jerseys.  I can’t find the article now, but there was a story from one of the UK newspapers recently about the excitement of the World Cup in the US and some Nike spokesperson said that the bomb pop jerseys have been the best selling US jerseys in Nike’s history of making them.

Here is a write up on the various fonts Nike used for their World Cup jerseys.  I love that Dutch font.

Everton’s website did a quick story on the various Americans to play at the club, including Howie’s favorite duo of Cody Arnoux and Anton Peterlin.

Fabian Johnson’s injury that he picked up in the Belgium game doesn’t appear to be serious and he should be returning to full training in two weeks.

Joe Gyau is one of eight players on Borussia Dortmund’s U-23 team who have been invited to the first team’s training camp by Jurgen Klopp.

Sacha Kljestan spoke to Michael Adubato about the start of Anderlecht’s training camp while also being open about a transfer if anything does materialize.

Shawn Parker scored a goal for FC Augsburg in a 3-0 win over Memmingen in a preseason friendly.

NYCFC’s Jeb Brovsky is headed to Norway to go on loan with Strømsgodset.  Strømsgodset currently sit in second place of the Tippeligaen, six points behind Molde FK through 14 games.

It looks like Tijuana won’t be getting a Christmas card from UCLA as they have raided Southern California for yet another player, this time US U-18 defender David Chavez.  The Xolos also had four American-born players in their starting lineup on Saturday against Leones Negros.

Alonso Hernandez started for Monterrey in a friendly against SA Scorpions FC over the weekend.

After playing with Zweibrücken last season, Irvin Raul Parra is now with Kaiserslautern’s U-23 team for 2014-15.

Also making a move this summer, Joey Spivack is now with IBV in Iceland after spending the last two seasons with Kemi Kings in Finland.

Jon-Paul Pittman is on trial with English League Two side Dagenham & Redbridge.  Pittman appeared in 10 league games last season with Wycombe Wanderers while dealing with a knee issue.

Duane Holmes will have a new squad friendly number this season at Huddersfield Town (#19).

And finally, everyone should be a fan of this team in Finland.  Seriously, Sexy Pants.

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Matt Benson

Matt likes soccer. He likes sleeping in. He is also amused easily. That is pretty much it.

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24 Responses to “Tuesday morning linkage”

  1. daniil says:

    im still recoiling from the 2 year old shock of FC Santa Claus. Finland, you are too much.

  2. Steffen says:

    Why was Joe Gyau invited into Dortmund camp, but not Junior Flores? That seems odd…

  3. Ufficio says:

    Gyau is 21 and has some first-team experience. Flores is 18.

  4. Gregory says:

    Bradley played very well considering Altidore went down. I need to rewatch the games. The more I look over numbers I think Jurgen choked and had zero backup plan when Altidore went down. Klinnsmann is a jackass that has been fired from everywhere. I don’t think he should be fired because we can’t replace or afford.

    Davis and Zusi starting on the wings? WTF? Really want to rewatch that game. We have better players that showed up in Friendlies. I’m accusing Klinnsman for not bringing the best possible squad to the World Cup, or he really is the giant jackass that Philip Lamn wrote about in his book. Please go back and rewatch any game before the World Cup and tell me Zusi belongs on the wing over Lando.

    Also no Timmy Chandler, I know most fans loved that, but he proved himself in the Friendlies. Beasley could have used a break, or I would rather Timmy Chandler start anywhere on the field over Davis.

    I wouldst this all go but Wondo leds me to conspiracy theories. He has never scored vs an A squad in his life! ESPN would not shut up about his scoring streak/run but last summer he got benched in the Gold Cup b squad tourney.

    I’m tough on Beckermen but that’s because I thought Sacha hands down deserved the spot. Sacha has never got to play Beckermens role of sweeper that just sits in front of the D. Jurgen has Sacha out of place on the wing or playing CAM. Don’t get me started on Edu, just watch the Jaimaca loss and tell me Beckermen earned his spot over Edu.

  5. CP says:

    Gregory, you see a Jacka**, I see someone who got us out of the group stage…enough said!

  6. daniil says:

    Gregory, any game before the wc? Okay, against mexico in phoenix. Donovan was absolutely atrocious. Everytime he got the ball he dribbled into a defender and lost it. He did not show any effort, did not put in a single tackle, including after he lost the ball.

    And chandler proved himself in the friendlies, I agree, he proved that he stinks. Do you not remember chandler coughing it up to turkey for their goal. Chandler didn’t give anything going forward in those friendlies. He did not make a case for minutes in Brazil.
    Chandler is a fullback. Maybe you play fifa and see he’s also listed as a RM, but he is a fullback through and through and cannot play up.

    Wondolowski played great and scored against Mexico in phoenix and I love how you call that a B squad because the XI in that game was 7 guys who were starting for Mexico in Brazil. Also love how you want landon and not wondo when landon was kaka in that game and wondo was great.

    Kljestan is not a pure 6. His success at Anderlecht came alongside Lucas Biglia, a pure #6 who just put in a fantastic performance for Argentina against Belgium. While Edu maybe would have been a good choice, its not fair to hold Beckerman to past performances because he improved a ton in the months leading up to the world cup. He played pretty well and was not the problem, especially considering he didn’t play against Belgium.

    And yes, with CP here, we made it out of the group of death and lost to a very good belgium team (including Cortois who played the chances for wondo and dempsey very well). Fact of the matter is the team just isn’t that good right now. In 4 years, it will be much better, but we won’t have a shot at a deep run until 2022 (especially if we’re hosting then).

  7. daniil says:

    in defense of wondolowski, his greatest strength is his fitness, he can run 2 CBs into the ground all by himself. I really think the team would have done better if we had played Dempsey and Bradley in their positions and bit the bullet and started wondo… but again, the team did well. It was a good world cup, and klinsmann is doing a pretty good job (which surprises me, tbh I kinda hate the guy)

  8. Gregory says:

    I rant but always try to see other points of view and try not to berate poeple that disagree. But please tell how Zusi earned a starting spot on the wing over Lando? Zusi didn’t earn the spot Jackass Jurgen gave him the spot. I stand by that and have all the game tape from back the Bernuda game that shows it. Same with Wondo and Shea. They suck vs the big boys but 99% of writers make up game reports. Most fans read the reports and swayed.

  9. Gregory says:


    I really respect your opinion because you have helped me keep my sanity by calling players play horrible.

    “Maybe you play fifa and see he’s also listed as a RM”?

    lol Is Beasley a left back? Is Cameron a CB lol?

    Is Dempsey a lone striker/target man lol?

    Is Bradley a CAM?

    Chandler has played Forward in the Bundesliga more times then he has played LB.

  10. Gregory says:

    I do need to give Beckermen a break, his touch is solid and he can make easy long passes with ease.


    For real you think Chandler played awful in the Friendlies? He gave up the late goal to Turkey but he showed he can get forward and hold down his side just as good as Beasley. I also liked him on set piece marking. Not to mention he showed he could create in dangerous areas.

    It’s awesome we got out of the Group Stage, but we played like garbage and got lucky as hell. Tim Howard was amazing but setting the save record is not a good thing for a team. It means you played awful and were bailed out.

  11. daniil says:

    i dont think chandler’s friendly play warranted minutes for him in the world cup.
    “played just as good as beasley” <– exactly, so why play chandler? beasley did plenty of creating for us, and we put him as our target man up top when we defended set pieces, which works because deuce and jozy are both good at that.

    Cameron played 3 years of CB for houston. Chandler played half a year of RM and had 0 goals and 0 assists. Beasley plays wide left for a club team that plays 3 in the back, essentially he is a their left wingback.

    chandler has played as a wing more than he has played LB, that is true. i don't see the point there. he was our 3rd best RB and he is not good at LB or at RM/RW. so he didn't play.

    as for dempsey and bradley, they played well but not their best because they were out of position. it was a problem having them in those spots. again, why i think we should have started a striker and left them in their spots.

    in perspective:
    against ghana we played poorly but found a way to win.
    against portugal we played really well but found a way to not win.
    against germany we were okay considering we were coming off the manaus game.
    against belgium we played fairly poorly but did have 54% possession against a really good team.

    so i wouldn't say we played garbage and rode our luck. tim howard is part of the team too, shame on ghana and portugal for having garbage keepers. keepers are part of the game!
    i don't think we played awful against belgium, we just defended awful :p truthfully, donovan and chandler would not have been our saving graces there.

  12. CP says:

    Gregory, I am a person that tries to see other people’s POV (trying to avoid name calling) and I do trust Klinsmann (he has all the financial incentive in the world to do the right thing, even if he was incompetent, which I don’t believe he is)…

    I won’t answer why Zusi (I didn’t initially pick him in my starting line-up), but I will answer why not Donovan. At the beginning I myself thought Donovan was going to start, but after he did the interview saying he was not giving it all in practice leading up to the Mexican qualifier (because he is too old and his body breaks down), I had a feeling he might get cut. In the end, no matter how good Donovan is, Klinsmann did not want that mentality in his World Cup squad (same thing with Eddie with what he did in Seattle), so I believe he realized he was going to cut him at that point and simply invited him to camp because he couldn’t do it earlier without even more media fallout…

    At the end of the day, Donovan is great…he is talented…but Klinsmann cut him because he thought it was best for the team and for Klinsmann personally… If we did not make it out of the group stage, you would have more of a right to complain, but we did, so lets move on and stop calling people names…

  13. Gregory says:


    June 1, 2014
    Turkey game you did watch the game and say

    “That my friends, is the cleanest mcgeady spin you will ever see.

    Zusi, davis, and chandler were poor.”

    It’s why I like you.

    Please keep in mind Chandler playing on the left with Davis. And Chandler did get better as the game went on, well then he did cough up the ball.

    Dear God I shouldn’t go back and look up lineup because it really incriminates Jurgen. He was either preparing to tank Chandler or is a jack-ass.

    In EPL/Bundesliga your RB and LB are suppose to advance the ball and create. We saw that from Fabian and Yeldin. Fabian was a spark for the offense.

    Why did Chandler never get to play RB or even play on the right side of the field? Fabian or Yeldin could have started over Zusi at RW with Chandler/Cameron playing cover at RB.

    BEASLEY is LB! HAHA He never once played Beasley and Chandler on the left together. How about letting Chandler with Beasley instead of Brad Davis!

  14. daniil says:

    Its a good point you bring up that chandler did not have any help from davis in that game.

    I thought starting yedlin or fabian wide right would have been a good choice, but with fabian going down, we needed yedlin at fullback. I don’t think chandler is good enough to play over them at RB, and similarly to the Dempsey/Bradley moves, I think moving fabian/yedlin up the field makes them not as strong players for us.

    At any rate, looking at 2018 I see green, parker, villareal, shea, gatt, corona, alonso hernandez, gyau, omar salgado, bobby wood,… outta those guys we should be able to find better wing play. We won’t have to worry about playing fullbacks outta position

  15. daniil says:

    And I mean… laughing at beasley as a LB… the only difference between 3-5-2 and 5-3-2 is nominal.

  16. Gregory says:


    Sorry if you thought I name called you. All those were at Jurgen. And come on he hires his buddy that is an awful assistant coach knowing he will have to fire him before the World Cup.

    Klinsman is jack#$@. Did you hear the what he in the post interview blaming players for not finishing. It’s true but don’t say that in the media. It’s not like they were not trying, how about Jurgen get over himself and bring Lando. Or PLAY MIX! That would have helped them score.

    Lando hasn’t been able to dribble at real defenders for years. He does the same fake then pass backwards as Zusi. Lando still as an extra step on Zusi and a better first touch. Jurgen put an Academy player in Zusi out there then blames the players.

    Lets be honest our German assassins 3 goals to Demspey’s 2. Not to mention Fabian was playing amazing. I would not mind Shawn Parker, Terrance Boyd, or Timmy Chandler seeing the field.

  17. Gregory says:


    I’m laughing at Beasley is at LB because it’s nearly exactly like FIFA. Who was not playing out of position expect Fabian, Beckermen, Gonzo or Bessler? lol forgot Davis.

  18. William says:


    I think the problem is that you use a lot of second hand information and speculation to formulate a very short sighted and biased position.

    Your love fest with Donovan has reached a sad state…he isn’t the player you think he is my man.

    This Klinsmann thing has been discussed ad nauseam. I’ll give it one more go…

    -led team to win over Italy in Italy
    -led team to win over Mexico in Mexico
    -led team to win over Bosnia in Bosnia
    -won group in WCQ
    -led team out of group of death
    -won all three send off games for first time ever
    -subs scored in a WC for the first time ever
    -has the highest winning PCT of any US coach ever
    -won one and only Gold Cup he had a chance to…
    -drew Russia in Russia
    -beat Germany

    All of this and you still call him a jackass…

    I don’t know what you expected from this group. They exceeded expectations for me as I didn’t have them making it out of the group. And to say that marginal players would’ve helped this squad succeed at a level they already weren’t supposed to is lunacy.

    Having said that I would’ve rather have seen Donovan over Davis. But there are circumstances not within our knowledge that happen in the team dynamic. There is no way to say that 100% Donovan would’ve made the team better. Maybe he would’ve been a cancer.

    And whoever says Klinsmann didn’t have a plan B is also unfactual. He had a plan B and it failed. Disagree with it if you will, but he had a plan B.

    He has Gold Cup 2015, Copa America 2016 to solidify the player pool and gain the trust of fans. If the teams perform badly then I will jump on the side of the fence that need to see him replaced. Until then, he is the best coach to ever walk the US sideline.

  19. Gregory says:


    I’m not getting into with you. I don’t think Lando is actually good, but he’s hands down better then Zusi or Davis on the wing. I think Zusi coul be decent as a super-sub.

    My dream since 2010 has been for Lando to be the worse player on the field 2014 at all times. But Jurgen’s ego prevented that, Lando’s ego played a part also.

    I don’t like to argue hypothetical team chemistry. I like to watch games and judge players based on how they play, not who ESPN thinks is most TV friendly. William I stopped trying to debate with you after you made fun of me for stating Josh Wolf was clearly outplaying Charlie Davies.

  20. William says:

    Most guys have an ego at that level. Very few don’t unfortunately.

    You don’t like to argue hypothetical team chemistry but make judgements on coaches/players based on second hand information? That doesn’t add up…and the reason I’m puzzled by your position.

    I see things from the coaches point of view, being a coach myself. From a team building standpoint I understand there are loads of issues that arise unbeknownst to the fans. That is why I think it is a short sighted opinion to call the best coach we’ve ever had a jackass.

    Good lord Gregory…how freaking long ago was that? I don’t even remember what it was about.

    If I “made fun” of you all those years ago I am very sorry. That’s not cool…

  21. Gregory says:

    @William for real no name calling.

    What second hand information are you talking about? I watch the games and judge how they played. I love this site because they don’t censor fans who speak about what they watched. I also expect most viewers to be “Euro Snobs”, meaning they watch the EPL/Bundes/Spanish and know what real soccer should like.

    Jurgen is a jackass. I have said it from day one because he is clearly a jackass. Go back and read my posts, I was one of the few that stood up for him after the jungle loss. I stated then his a jackass but I love him.

    He pilots a helicopter to work then doesn’t shut up about fitness to pro Athletes. Meanwhile he puts Martín Vásquez in charge of coaching, the whole time knowing he’s going to have to fire his buddy before the World Cup. Who gives a $%#@ about fitness if you going to play Zusi and Davis on the wings? I’m not saying fitness isn’t important, but no extra laps are going to make Davis and Zusi serviceable starters on the wing.

    I think International matches are different and you should put the best players on the field for the most part. But some will argue that playing 50% of your line-up out of position is a jackass move. I don’t think it is but I’m not a coach.

  22. Gregory says:

    Sorry for the rant like always.

    Really looking forward to Parker getting minutes at Ausburg.

  23. William says:


    I don’t understand your first statement “for real no name calling.”

    I enjoy your “rants” LOL because it gives us so much conversation ammo. Even if I disagree with what you say, you obviously at least know what you’re talking about and bring up excellent talking points.

    2nd hand information…I was talking about something you said about Lahm. That was like 6 years ago. Tell all books are a joke in my opinion and say more about the person writing it than the people they “out.”

    If you think Jurgen is a jackass then okay…we’ll just have to agree to disagree.

    We’re on the same page about Brad Davis…not Zusi though.

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