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US vs. Ukraine Highlights
   March 5, 2014 (1:04 PM) by Matt Benson     Email This Post Email This Post

That wasn’t really exciting/fun to watch.

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Matt Benson

Matt likes soccer. He likes sleeping in. He is also amused easily. That is pretty much it.

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Categories: Highlights, US Men's National Team

13 Responses to “US vs. Ukraine Highlights”

  1. Chris says:

    I thought it was an important game in the sense we were able to learn about some of the players. Mainly, three of the four starting defenders today have absolutely no business making the WC roster.

  2. Dirk says:

    @ True Dat. Cameron looked good with the ball at his feet, but his crosses were horrific. Still better than Brad Evans. Wanted to explode the TV every time Alexi Lalas said that Brad Evans has the position locked down.

    EVANS DOES NOT even play RB for his club team. Idiot. I don’t understand this love affair with Brad Evans. Nice player. Cameron is far better in my opinion and he proves it every week in the Premiere league.

    Castillo…please, never again. His occasional successful foray into the final 3rd do not make up for his total lack of defensive alacrity.

    Jones had a horrible 1st half. Had a nice ball to Dempsey in the 2nd half that Clint butchered.

    Klestjan was merely okay, had a nice chip into the box that Bedoya almost finished off. But both these guys make us realize just how much we miss Bradley.

    Clint and Jozy have no chemistry from what i can tell. Jozy always plays better with Donovan. Donovan needs to be in the hole instead of Clint at this point. Then you can play Fabian and Zusi or Fabian and Bedoya. Clint does not make Jozy a better striker, Donovan might.

    Glad to see Break make some nice runs, still looks a little rusty. But he was active. Aaron looked good, that volley was sublime. Overall an ugly game.

  3. CP says:

    That was pretty bad…I’ll do my player ratings from worst to best…
    Brooks: 2 – Absolutely horrific game. Athletically gifted, but has no awareness, which is critical at CB
    Gooch: 4 – Again, bad game. Positioning was not as poor as Brooks, but still bad and still does not have the pace to play with top competitors
    Castillo: 4 – Bad game and did not deserve the start. No idea why Johnson did not play LB
    Altidore: 4 – Never really foundany open spaces and missed the one easy header opportunity he did get
    SK: 5 – Did okay, although could have done a lot more. Lalas is way off in his assessment of him though. Still has a chance for Brazil
    Dempsey: 5 – Had a couple of okay touches, but is a shell of his former self. I wish Klinsmann would light a fire under his butt
    F. Johnson: 6 – Played fairly well, but not enough touches and really should have played LB (although was out of position once or twice)
    Jones: 6 – Was more active then we often see him, especially in the second half. Although did not chase down a few players he could have
    Bedoya: 6 – Was active and seemed like he was playing hard for Klinsmann. However, am not sure he is high enough quality all the time
    Cameron: 7 – Made some poor crosses, but also had some really good ones. Was out of position once or twice, but also got back into position a few times as well. He is definitely thinking quicker than his teammates and definitely will be a starter in Brazil no matter what Lalas says
    Howard: 7 – Yes, he gave up 2 goals, but you could hardly blame him with that back line and the US would have lost by a few more goals without him

  4. Trent says:

    It was bad. Howard was good, Cameron was decent, Bedoya’s stock stayed even. Mostly it made me realize Brooks and Onyewu shouldnt be anywhere near the WC roster–nor Castillo.

  5. Matt says:

    The backline in general is a mess with the USMNT right now. To me, Besler is the only lock at a specific position at CB. Cameron is a lock to be on the backline, but at what position.

    I am not a “Evans defender” but I don’t think he is as bad as people make him out to be. While I do think Cameron is probably our best option at RB, he might be forced to play some CB as our depth behind Besler is not great forcing someone like Evans to play RB. Hopefully Omar Gonzalez or Clarence Goodson steps up over the next few months and grabs that other CB spot so Cameron can play RB. Brooks looks very raw and could be a nice player in 2018, but he is not ready for 2014.

    As for LB, it looks to be Beasley or Johnson if you are not playing Fabian at LM.

    Obviously we at OT are a fan of Sacha, but he was pretty bad today and he is running out of chances (I think today might have been the last one) He just never seems to play well with the USMNT and his last two chances (today and against Scotland/Austria) were at his more natural position. He is a good player at the club level but he never clicks with the USMNT. Nothing wrong with that but I think Mix and Beckerman and possibly Danny Williams are now ahead of him in the central midfield mix.

    The only player who played today who improved their stock to me was Bedoya. I think we can start to pencil him at midfield with Donovan and Zusi.

    I hope ArJo gets a chance to start and get a decent chunk of playing time in the future. Give him more of a shot to do something.

    And Dempsey needs to get out his funk. He was really sloppy today.

  6. William says:

    Dirk, it is puzzling isn’t it? Cameron plays in the top league in the world at RB and plays 90 every week whilst being one of the top 3 players for Stoke while Evans plays in a 2nd tier league as CM…yeah, Evans has the RB position on lock down…LOL

    Dirk, also agreed on Castillo. He is a sub par player with no heart…at least Bornstein had heart.

    I’m still puzzled how Brooks was picked over Packwood.

    Williams > Beckerman > Kljestan

    Gooch is done and was a complete waste of 90 minutes…I still love him though!

    Dempsey may not be too far behind Gooch in the “done” department unfortunately…he is the wife’s favorite player.

    Howard was very good.

  7. Dirk says:

    yes indeed lost in all of this, Tim Howard was very good. agree with the packwood issue. very strange for Klinsmann to pick 2 big striding centre-backs…..

  8. TC says:

    I guess this outcome shouldn’t surprise us. We have got to find a way out of this goal scoring funk. No goals in our last 3 meaningful matches (Korea friendly was a joke). I realize we were missing key players but that can’t always be an excuse for why we can’t muster one stinking goal.
    -Gooch is done. Not sure why he was even given a chance this close to the WC.
    -Not sure I have ever seen a player fall as far as Duece has in the past 18 months.
    -Jozy has got to find somekind of goal scoring form.
    -Bedoya, Cameron, Jones, Shea and Aron were the only reasonably bright spots out there. Shea seems to only play well when we are behind and he comes off the bench.

    I just hope somehow we can really click in the last three matches before heading to Brazil. If not as we sit here today we could really get embarrassed since we play 3 high quality teams in our group. I guess the good news is there is still time to turn it around.

  9. JDUNC says:

    This whole game and the situation leading up to it was kind of a hot mess, so I’m not surprised with how lack luster the we played. I was surprised how poorly some players played. Castillo, Gooch, & Kljestan all fit into this category that can be described as follows: their lows are too low, making their upside not worth it. Like someone mentioned above, it’s fantastic that Castillo can make runs into the final third & is quick, but dear Lord the defense isn’t there. At least Brooks is young & new to the whole situation so I get that, but vets like Sacha & Onyewu, pretty sure we know what they can do for the USMNT at this point. I’m not a Beckerman lover, but at least he is tactically sound & positions well. With these three guys specifically I’m constantly asking myself, “What do you do?” For example, Onyewu is big, not fast, hence the positioning has to be immaculate or we get exploded down the middle. So if the positioning is gone, the tactics, sloppy, he doesn’t have the pace to recover.

    Oh, I’d love to shake the hands of those who are for playing a player in the position they play most of the time for their club. I hate it when we make them play somewhere else for no good reason.

    D for the World Cup:
    Cameron – Besler – Gonzalez – Beasley

  10. CP says:

    D for the World Cup has 4 potential options at this point:

    1) Lala’s line-up (which was the line-up from 2013):
    Beasley – Besler – Gonzalez – Evans
    2) The “real” current line-up:
    Beasley – Besler – Gonzalez – Cameron
    3) The “hope Klinsmann comes to his senses” line-up:
    F. Johnson – Besler – Gonzalez – Cameron
    4) The “best we can hope for” line-up:
    F. Johnson – Besler – Cameron – Chandler

  11. Gregory says:

    Lots not kid ourselves Beckerman would have embarrassed himself also. Remember him vs France on European soil? Nobody looked that bad this game.

    I think Beasley’s stock went up more then anyone’s which is not good.

  12. Kenan says:

    Should be
    Chandler Cameron Besler Johnson
    Bradley. Mix
    Donavan. Johnnsson

    Klinsi should show them that it’s not easy being picked for World Cup .

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