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Over There Shirt Contest: Pick the US-South Korea score
   January 31, 2014 (1:00 AM) by Matt Benson     Email This Post Email This Post

We haven’t done one of these contests in a while, but now would be a good time to do one with our Sacha Kljestan mustache shirts as the prize.

It is pretty simple.  Pick the correct score for Saturday’s game against South Korea.  Whoever gets the correct score will have a chance at a Over There/Sacha mustache shirt.  If more than one person guesses the correct score, I will have a random drawing for the shirt (although I might give away more than one depending on how many winners guess correctly).

You have until before kickoff to post your score, so just leave your prediction in the comments.  I will e-mail the winner after the game.  Also, if you leave a comment and it doesn’t show up right away, that means your e-mail address hasn’t been approved by the site before and it will show up once I get around to approving it.  No need to panic.

Good luck.

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Matt Benson

Matt likes soccer. He likes sleeping in. He is also amused easily. That is pretty much it.

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79 Responses to “Over There Shirt Contest: Pick the US-South Korea score”

  1. JAH says:

    US 3-1 SK

  2. Alan says:

    US 2- S Korea 1

  3. Jeffrey says:

    2-0 Korea

  4. David S says:

    USA – 3 S. Korea – 1

  5. spidermccoy says:

    US 0 – S. Korea 0

  6. Hafiz says:

    US 1-1 Korea

  7. matt dunham says:

    US 1 – S.Korea 0

  8. Andrew says:

    USA 4 – SK 1

  9. Ravi says:

    USMNT 4 – 1 SK

  10. Brian says:

    USA 3 – South Korea 1

  11. Allison Noffsinger says:

    US 2 – SK 1

  12. Shawn Ghuraya says:


  13. Todd T says:

    USA 2 – SK 1

  14. matt b says:

    USA 4 – Korea 0

  15. Brad says:

    4-1 U.S.

  16. Nicholas says:

    USA 2 – South Korea 1

  17. Richard says:

    4-0 US

  18. Kyle says:

    USA 3-korea 1

  19. Stevej says:

    USA 4 – Korea 2

  20. Trevor says:

    3-0 USMNT

  21. Pardeep says:

    USMNT 3, South Korea 1

  22. Navi says:

    USMNT 3-0 Korea

  23. jake says:

    USMNT 5
    SK 1

  24. Maxwell says:

    USA 3 – S. Korea 2

  25. Jeff says:

    US 1- 1 S:Korea

  26. Jeff Larson says:

    Usa 3 – 1 korea

  27. Dirk says:

    He shoots he scores.

  28. Matt says:

    Nine people guessed the correct score so I will probably give out 2 or 3 shirts. I will do the random draw and send out e-mails later tonight.

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