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Juan Agudelo loaned to FC Utrecht
   January 20, 2014 (11:15 AM) by Matt Benson     Email This Post Email This Post


Juan Agudelo finally has a home for the rest of the season.

Agudelo tweeted over the weekend that he was headed to FC Utrecht on loan from Stoke City, but nothing was officially announced by either club until this morning.

He probably won’t play in their KNVB Cup match against NEC on Wednesday as he hasn’t officially passed their medical or received his work permit just yet (UPDATELooks like he might have).  The next game after that is this weekend against Roda JC.

Utrecht are currently in ninth place of the 18-team Dutch Eredivisie, two points shy of a Europa League playoff spot (#5-8 have a playoff for the league’s last Europa League spot).

As for a wikipedia fun fact on FC Utrecht:  Utrecht is the only club outside the traditional top three (Ajax, Feyenoord and PSV) that has never been relegated from the Dutch Eredivisie.

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11 Responses to “Juan Agudelo loaned to FC Utrecht”

  1. Gregory says:

    If Juan starts in Holland he can make the roster for Brazil.

  2. Dirk says:

    Juan is big and strong and more aggressive than Jose. He just needs to consistently score. Hasn’t really been on Klinsman’s radar because of that. Still very young. Might be the guy who knocks Eddie Johnson off the roster.

  3. CP says:

    Juan will definitely get some minutes vs. the Ukraine for the sole reason of Klinsmann helping him get the work permit.

    I hope he does well. I just can’t see him displacing the top 3…Eddie is #4, but I think is only being considered for because he could play Wing as well and he can provide a spark off the bench…

    Man, we have a lot of decent (but not great) strikers!

  4. daniil says:

    I think eddie has a spot on the roster for sure because he’s such a weapon in the air. AJ and Jozy are for sure. It is possible for him to make it as a fourth striker, but he’d have to be really incredible for utrecht, lots of goals

  5. Gregory says:

    Who are the untouchable wingers/CAM/Strikers

    Altidore, Dempsey, & Lando?

  6. Gregory says:

    I’m hoping Juan can play on the wing for the USA.

  7. Trent Hill says:

    As my grandfather used to say–you can hope in one hand and shit in the other–see which one fills up faster!

    Agudelo has played striker almost exclusively, never winger.

    He won’t be on the plane to Brazil unless he absolutely lights up the Netherlands (not Holland–which technically refers to a region within the Netherlands).

  8. CP says:

    Here is what I think the order of strikers are:
    Locks: 1) Altidore, 2) Johannsson
    Currently on the plane: 3) Boyd, 4) Johnson
    Hoping for a miracle: 5) Agudelo, 6) Wondo, 7) Gomez, 8) Magee

    I am guessing that Klinsmann’s criteria goes kinda like this (in order):
    1) Do I like you?
    2) Are you following my orders and challenging yourself on the toughest teams?
    3) Did you help me during qualifying or the gold cup?
    4) Will you help us win?

  9. CP says:

    Looks like we won the second scrimmage vs. São Paulo 2-1. Does not say who scored though…

  10. Gregory says:

    I had thought Juan was playing midfield for New England during the playoffs.

  11. Trent Hill says:

    He played attacking mid, never winger.

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