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Sheffield Wednesday vs. Burnley Highlights
   January 19, 2014 (9:49 AM) by Matt Benson     Email This Post Email This Post

Oguchi Onyewu made his Sheffield Wednesday debut yesterday by getting the start and help setting up Sheffield Wednesday’s goal in this 1-1 draw.  Here are the highlights.

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Matt Benson

Matt likes soccer. He likes sleeping in. He is also amused easily. That is pretty much it.

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11 Responses to “Sheffield Wednesday vs. Burnley Highlights”

  1. David says:

    Hmmm, glad to see Gooch playing….he looked a little on the slow side (maybe not completely match fit), but a nice redirect header/assist on the goal

  2. CP says:

    Gooch’s middle name is slow

  3. Dirk says:

    I certainly hope that Gooch is not too slow for the championship, which seems to put a certain value on physicality. If he can’t handle the speed of that league then he should be back in MLS soon enough. I believe MLS is a notch below English 2nd division, although the better MLS teams would do well there.

  4. jeffrey says:

    I think you maybe miss placing some credit there Dirk, the MLS as with any league has its good teams and its not so good teams and some of their best teams I would argue are every bit as good if not better than some of the EPL’s bottom feeders such as Sunderland, Fulham, Palace or Norwich. You can’t tell me honestly that you think Sunderland is miles ahead of a Sporting Kansas City, L.A. Galaxy or a New York Red Bulls. So to sum it all up Gooch is in fact to slow for even the MLS. Sadly.

  5. Dirk says:

    I don’t think Sporting KC or the Galaxy or Red Bulls can compete with those teams you mentioned, not over the course of a 38 game season. No way, no how. Not realistic.

    Is Sunderland miles ahead of The Galaxy? Maybe not miles, but they are definitely better from a standpoint of depth.

    I would take the trio of Giaccherini, Borini, and Adam Johnson over any trio of players that LA, NY, or SKC can produce. Give it another 5 years and we’ll see.

  6. jeffrey says:

    I can’t believe we are arguing who would be better at being the worst in a league.

  7. Trent Hill says:

    Dirk–you’d take Giaccherini, Borini, and Johnson over:

    Bradley, Defoe, DeRo/Matias Laba/Gilberto?

    Keane, Donovan, Gonzalez?

    Dempsey, Obafemi Martins, and Freddy Montero?

    I’m not sure I agree with you.

  8. daniil says:

    Its not about the stars, its about the teams top from bottom. Ill take ki over evans every day of the week. Sunderland maybe not miles ahead of galaxy, but certainly a few kilometers :p

  9. Gregory says:

    Yea doesn’t matter how many superstars are on the field, the superstars still need players who can handle first touches and pass the ball to their feet.

  10. daniil says:

    ^exactly. Anyone who has seen Dempsey play in Europe and with Seattle knows very well how this works.

  11. Trent Hill says:

    ” Ill take ki over evans every day of the week.”


    And you’re absolutely right about top to bottom. Just took issue with dirk’s statement.

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