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Brek Shea headed on loan to Barnsley?
   January 1, 2014 (2:15 AM) by Matt Benson     Email This Post Email This Post

ESPN’s Marc Stein came out of nowhere to tweet this yesterday.

While Stein is a basketball reporter for ESPN, he does have ties to the soccer world (he did break the Jozy Altidore-to-Sunderland news this past summer).  Stein also did a little write up for as well.

United States winger Brek Shea is on the verge of moving from Stoke City to Barnsley on a short-term loan deal, according to sources close to the situation.

The move could be finalized as early as Wednesday, the first day of the January transfer window, sources told ESPN FC. If the move happens that quickly, Shea could go straight into Barnsley’s squad for their New Year’s Day game away to Birmingham City, sources said.

Shea has appeared in only three games for Stoke City this season across all competitions and would be going to a team currently sitting in 24th place out of the 24-team League Championship if the reports are true.

As for a wikipedia fun fact on Barnsley:  They have spent more seasons in the second tier of English football than any other club in history, including 29 of the past 33 seasons.

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Matt Benson

Matt likes soccer. He likes sleeping in. He is also amused easily. That is pretty much it.

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8 Responses to “Brek Shea headed on loan to Barnsley?”

  1. David says:

    Brek started and went 75 minutes for Barnsley today (1/1/14)

  2. David says:

    Reports from Birmingham press indicate that Shea had a good game “very lively” had one shot that was fumbled by GK, that the follow up Barnsley forward hit wide from 1 yd out.
    The Barnsley press, as you would expect, were very positive on the attacking prowess of Shea, and it seems that he had numerous opportunities…all in all it seems like his debut was good for Brek and Barnsley…be fun to watch over the coming 4 weeks (loan period is 1 month)to see if Brek can be an impact player in the Championship?

  3. David says:

    Interestingly, If Brek plays for Barnsley in next weekends FA Cup 3rd Round, then he will be Cup tied, should the loan stay at 1 month, Brek would no longer be eligible to play in the competition for Stoke City

  4. daniil says:

    Welcome to the club, now get out there lol

  5. David says:

    daniil, Shea is match fit, he has been playing for the u21/reserves at Stoke, so although it is unusual for a player to step in 12 hours after being transferred, fitness is not an issue (as with Clint Dempsey). Barnsley are in dire straits, in the cellar of the Championship, so my guess is that they felt that it couldn’t be any worse sticking a player in that did not know the playbook…and actually he improved the teams attack immediately…the draw today was at Birmingham (that being said they -Birmingham- have a dismal home record – they tied their last 5 home games). BTW I have always felt that Shea would be a good “Championship” player – but not ready for the EPL (or USMNT)yet…he has time.

  6. Trent Hill says:

    I agree he could be a great championship player, but is not EPL level yet.

  7. Daniil says:

    yeah on other sites im seeing a lot of “shea cant survive, the championship is too physical”… dude is 6’3” and *fast*. I think people forget how fast he is because he doesn’t look fast, but those long legs cover a lot of ground. Just look at his goal against costa rica…

    From the midfield line to wear he receives the ball is 37 or 38 yards (each stripe of grass is 6 yards). He covers that in about 3.5 seconds by my watch (no brek shea is not faster than CJ Spiller: he was on a full sprint the full 37 yards). Thats pretty darned fast though. For those of you scoring at home, Shea’s average on that run is 21.6 mph, so he probably hits a top speed of around 22. Usain Bolt runs at 28 mph, Ronaldo at 25-26, and Bale at 22-23.

  8. William says:

    Thank you Daniil. I’m tired of people saying he doesn’t have pace…

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