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Europa League draw has been completed
   August 30, 2013 (8:53 AM) by Howie Michaels     Email This Post Email This Post

UEFA has conducted the draw for the Europa League. Three Americans will compete in this year’s edition:

Terrence Boyd and Rapid Vienna are in Group G with Dynamo Kiev (Ukraine), Genk (Belgium), and Thun (Switzerland).

Brad Friedel and Tottenham Hotspur will be in Group K with Anzhi Makhachkala (Russia), Sheriff Tiraspol (Moldova), and  Tromsø (Norway). While many are familiar with the (nowdeclining) oddities of Anzhi, Sheriff Tiraspol is the more interesting opponent, as the club is located in Transnistria, a breakaway republic of Moldova that still embraces aspects of the Soviet ideology.

Aron Johannsson and AZ are in Group L with PAOK (Greece), Maccabi Haifa (Israel), and Shakhter Karagandy (Kazakhstan). So, while we’ll say that Johannson is playing in a European competition, he’s actually making two trips to Asia.



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Howie Michaels

Howie once received a death threat at a USA-Brazil friendly. He still believes in Fred Adu. He plays forward in coed rec, although not well.

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3 Responses to “Europa League draw has been completed”

  1. daniil says:

    Anzhi have lost some pieces, and are yet to win through several russian league matches, but they still have the captains of Russia and Uzbekistan and a few other good players, including russian selection players.

    Trasnistria is for all intents and purposes an independent nation… Moldova used to be neo-soviet and when they reformed the eastern counties broke off. Not that odd, Belarus is extremely neo-soviet under the Lukashenko dictatorship. That ones fun because the dictator loves hockey and the people love soccer… which gets awkward at times.

    Sherriff are the traditional power of the Moldovan league, which isn’t worth much. They should be easily dispatched.

    No reference to UEFA’s request that Karagandy cease their practice of pre-game sheep sacrifice?

  2. Trent Hill says:

    Anzhi had a fire sale:

    Transnistria is a de-facto independent nation, but I wouldn’t say they’re “for all intents and purposes an independent nation”–they aren’t recognized by hardly anyone (except other quasi-states). Not even North Korea recognizes them, which I find odd.

  3. daniil says:

    De facto is better phrasing. In fact there are 4 requirements, of which they meet 3, the failed one being international relations. Recent policies by moldova and russia have seriously weakened transnistrian sovereignty (I.e. illegal for citizens to work in transnistria/hold transnistrian ruble). Article is a good read. Yay soccer

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