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Resetting the transfer window
   August 5, 2013 (8:01 PM) by Howie Michaels     Email This Post Email This Post

With just a few days left in the MLS window and a few weeks in the primary European window, here’s a look at the moves that have happened so far this window and the guys who are still out of contract. There are also some rumored moves that have yet to go through.


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Howie Michaels

Howie once received a death threat at a USA-Brazil friendly. He still believes in Fred Adu. He plays forward in coed rec, although not well.

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7 Responses to “Resetting the transfer window”

  1. Trent Hill says:

    Curious to see where Bedoya lands.


  2. Gregory says:

    Not shocked but kinda surprised Danny Williams fee was $2.6 million.

    Is Bedoya still a possibility at Twente or any Dutch team?

  3. daniil says:

    Yeah, 2.6 for a guy who was in hoffenheims reserves.. pretty big fee, that, considering.
    I think 13m is about right for altidore. Good to see that after spurs got dempsey for a sack of potatoes.
    A little dissappointed at Sonny Guadarrama going back into the Ascenso. He scored a nice bucket of goals there last year, but I guess Atlante think he’s not ready still.
    Don’t want bedoya to have to go back to sweden or MLS. He needs a bigger challenge.

  4. Trent Hill says:

    Agreed on Bedoya–MLS DP deal would be ok, I guess, and so would playing in Sweden, but we want him to up his game. Twente would offer that chance.

  5. Dirk says:

    Regarding Bedoya, according to the MLS site, it’s Swiss side Grasshoppers, Dutch outfit Heerenveen and a Ligue 1 club.

  6. Howie says:

    maybe it’s the wrong approach, but I’m not really into Hoyos unless he switches.

  7. Trent Hill says:

    Hoyos has declared his interest in the US already, I believe, and wants a call-up. He’s playing in the Greek League and is owned by an Argentinian club–has even seen minutes with an Argentinian national side (Pan Am Games, I believe)–and he’s only 22. What’s not to like?

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