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Poll Time: Who has improved their stock the most?
   July 23, 2013 (11:30 AM) by Matt Benson     Email This Post Email This Post

The Gold Cup isn’t over yet, but I thought I would do a poll anyways.  Since this roster was mainly USMNT back-ups or fringe players going into the tournament, who has improved their stock the most (excluding Landon Donovan)?

As for me, I think Joe Corona has gone from a fringe guy (someone battling for one of those #20-23 spots) to someone who could be a second or third sub with the “A” team.

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Matt Benson

Matt likes soccer. He likes sleeping in. He is also amused easily. That is pretty much it.

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7 Responses to “Poll Time: Who has improved their stock the most?”

  1. daniel says:

    All good choices, but Wondo for me. He was so abject in his last MNT call-ups that he was either never getting called again or doing something decent. He’s not nailed on or anything but he went from “absolutely not” to “well, maybe…”

  2. Dirk says:

    Cant pick Wondo because he has disappeared the last two games. 6 goals against Guatemala, Belize and Cuba is just that, 6 goals against weak sauce. Hasn’t found his game against CR and El Salvador, and El Salvador isn’t that much better than the aforementioned 3.

    Thought about Mixx, like him a lot, but feel that Corona has done more overall. I don’t think he is great at anything, just does a lot of stuff well. Can make nice crosses, is very active (although does slow down late) and has a nice scoring touch. Definitely could be a nice sub for the A team depending on situation.

  3. Howie says:

    Corona’s looked like the guy that a lot of people have always wanted Torres to be.

  4. Ian says:

    I understand Daniel’s point, but, for a lot of fans, Corona went from “who’s this guy?” to “put him with the A-team!”. I voted for him, but Orozco Fiscal has been quietly impressive and I think he’s the one Klinsmann has taken the most notice off. I think he’s the closest to starting a WCQ game.

  5. daniil says:

    Corona has always played like this for tijuana, but this was the first time he got anything near 90 minutes on any USMNT squad. He’s showed everything he’s capable of splendidly. We’ve seen the versatility, the mobility, the fire, and the play-making, along with 2 sweet goals.

    Orozco has been okay… we conceded against Cuba and Belize and on both plays he did poorly. Deefenders: defend first and score second.

    Its so hard to get a feel though. We’ll finish this whole tournament having played 3 competitive matches. Corona will play 15+ matches with xolos that are much more important to watch than this gold cup. For all these guys who have impressed with our B team in a B tournament, these upcoming club seasons are sooooo important.

  6. Trent Hill says:

    I’m glad Ian gave Orozco a shout. I voted for Corona, but I was torn between him and Fiscal.

    Remember the question isn’t “who is a guaranteed starter for the A-team?” but, “Who improved their stock the most?”

    Fiscal was considered a fringe even for the B team, and probably still is, but I’ve been impressed. Yes, I’d say his defending needs work for sure, but he gets forward really well. Particularly against weak teams, I like to see him and Goodson on the field, because both are goalscoring defenders.

    Tomorrow I think we’ll see Wondo starting again and this is pretty much his last chance for me.

  7. EspinDOHla says:

    Gotta be MIX!

    Corona has impressed but he’s been getting called in and trained with the “senior” team. Yes, I know he’s hardly played with that team but JK has got to see him in training and is probably more familiar with and aware of Corona’s skills.

    Mix has been out of the mix (pun intended) and has come in and done very well.

    Corona’s stock has risen without a doubt but Mix’s stock has probably “improved the most”.

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