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Klinsmann makes four changes to Gold Cup roster
   July 17, 2013 (8:03 PM) by Matt Benson     Email This Post Email This Post

US Soccer just tweeted this out to the masses regarding roster changes to the Gold Cup roster.

I like bringing in Matt Besler and Omar Gonzalez as I still think they need to get as many international reps as possible.  Grant Wahl is hearing that Oguchi Onyewu picked up an injury against Cuba, while Tijuana wanted Herculez Gomez back.

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Matt Benson

Matt likes soccer. He likes sleeping in. He is also amused easily. That is pretty much it.

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Categories: Alan Gordon, Cory Ashe, Eddie Johnson, Herculez Gomez, Jack McInerney, Matt Besler, Oguchi Onyewu, Omar Gonzalez, US Men's National Team

13 Responses to “Klinsmann makes four changes to Gold Cup roster”

  1. Dirk says:

    Damn JK you heartless German. Guess he sees what some others have seen in Gooch’s mobility problems.

    And let’s face it, Herc has not been productive. Too bad abut Jac Mac but not surprising.

    Bringing in the main Cb pairing, didn’t see it coming because I thought he was going to roll the dice with Goodson/Fiscal, but I also think JK KNOWS that they are only so good and would never work beyond this level.

    Downside to Johnson is we’ll see less of either Bedoya, Shea or Torres. Don’t think EJ is an upgrade necessarily, unless Jurgen plans to play him as a striker for a change?

  2. Ian says:

    I don’t like teams being able to bring in players halfway through the tournament.

  3. Rey says:

    Alan Gordon? Why?

  4. daniil says:

    I think this is a stupid rule of the tournament. I agree with Gonzalez/Besler needing as many reps as possible. Alan Gordon for Jack Mac I don’t get, they’re different kinds of players but I think Jack actually fits us better, not to mention is a better player and is younger. The reasoning I see for this is that Mac training with our B-team and then riding pine is worse for his development than training with Union and then playing 90s. The solution to this is to just play him, which klinsi should’ve done but didn’t.

    I think we should have sent Shea back to stoke with this window, especially if you’re bringing in EJ. The wing play has been good, and note no Zusi, so I think we will see EJ at striker (wondo was poor against CR, gomez and jack gone, bruin…?), possibly off the bench behind wondo or visa versa.

    While the #1 priority is to win this tournament for the half confeds birth, we probably could’ve won without any chances. Solidifying CB makes it so that we should. Every good country here has a B-team. Mexico seems to not be sinking, but they are frantically doggypaddling

  5. Gregory says:

    Hate to say it but I think Jack Mac is junk. He still can develop. I watch all his goal highlights and he doesn’t have a great first touch, can’t dribble, is not fast, and rather small.

    Eddie Johnson’s defense is underrated, he plays nice cover back defense and wins 50-50 balls. EJ gets no credit for his overseas time, he played games at a high level and it shows with his marking. Also brings a speed threat that keeps defenders honest with long balls out of the back. Eddie Johnson can sometimes successfully take defenders on 1 on 1, which this team lacks. (EJ can at-least pretend he’s got dribbles)

    EJ’s European time is considered a sad joke, but he started as a winger in the Championship, which few Americans have done.

  6. Gregory says:

    Don’t mean to hype Eddie Johnson, I don’t like him on the A squad. I do like his selection because the current wingers are not dribble past anyone. Eddie Johnson can be a great measuring stick to judge the level of competition. I’m talking about dribbling from a stopped position, Eddie is a junk at it, but he can pull it off sometimes.

    Beasley can somewhat dribble, but that’s more pure speed then amazing footwork. I find Torres dribbling pointless.

    Why not call in Freddy Adu??

  7. Carlos M says:

    WTF!!!??? Gordon?

    If you have 3 forwards: Wondo, Bruin and right now EJ,
    so WHY call Alan Gordon!?? If you only play with a forward in the area, in the box!, yeah, Lando arrives as a second forward behind, but that work also can do Corona and Bedoya, both, his primary position at the club is to play behind the forward and ahead of central midfielders opponents, standing before his back (of the central midfielders enemies).

    You need more of a winger right now!, whyy??:

    – Corey Ashe is off, it indicates that Castillo will be more a left back…

    – Bedoya did not work on the wing, which was to be expected since he is not a winger…

    – Corona has been decent on the wing, but not their more favorable position, moreover, needs to perfect the way of giving the ball and how to receive the ball…

    – Brek Shea is not on their level and not working on the wing, you should not get confused and not cloud your judgment, only because him scored a goal to Costa Rica…

    – Jose Torres is not a winger, has struggled and has tried, has been decent, but he is not a WINGER!…

    ***The best option was to call GRAHAM ZUSI, but if for some reason JK was asked to convene not Zusi, then could be called Brad Davis and even try again with the case of Bobby Wood…

    Alan Gordon?? I read the note above a thousand times and I can not believe it… DAMN!!!

  8. Dirk says:

    You lose all credibility the moment you mention Freddy Adu.

    Enough about “he can’t dribble”, or “beat defenders 1 on 1”.

    Either can Wayne Rooney so what’s the point? Wanting your striker (JMac) to beat defenders 1 on 1 with dribbling skills means he is receiving the ball too deep anyway. It’s about passing and movement, no teams consistently dribble around opponents. The only reason Wondo can make a living is precisely because he doesn’t have to take a step with the ball at his feet. Now real wing play is another thing but expecting your striker to be George Best ain’t realistic.

  9. daniil says:

    Exactly on the dribbling point. I’m tired of hearing people talk about wondo like (oh he’s not that good, he’ll never dribble past a player and score from 20 yards). As if every goal ever scored in this sport is off a 10 yard dribble and 20 yard shot. McInerney as well, good example, this is a player who can get behind a defense and can finish, as well as a guy who makes good decisions with the ball at his feet. “Doesn’t have a great first touch, can’t dribble, is not fast, rather small” is the exact description that ended Herculez Gomez’s MLS career.

  10. Rey says:

    Completely agree with the last two comments. People need to stop playing so much fifa.

  11. Gregory says:


    You can disagree with my scouting of JMac, but I really don’t understand this dribbling isn’t important. You think Wayne Rooney couldn’t dribble past Cuban defenders? Altidore or Dempsey could have dribbled past half that team. Dribble at players 1 on 1 allows players to create their own shot in the box.

    Brought up Freddy Adu as a joke, but it’s nice to know you have that much hate for Freddy. Freddy deserves to see the field as much as Shea. Both were hype jokes that haven’t seen the field for their clubs. Difference I see is last Gold Cup Freddy Adu played amazing.

    Might as well keep it real about JMac, no reason in hyping a MLS player, remember what happened with Shea. Just to let you know he is slow, can’t dribble, and small. This makes it hard for him to create his own chances in the box and I doubt JMac could ever start in the Championship.

    I also like wingers to beat people on the wing 1 on 1. You might notice that leads to great scoring chances. Just because most America players in the camp can’t dribble doesn’t mean the idea should be abandoned. Being able to dribble opens passing lanes and keeps possession.

  12. Gregory says:

    Please don’t bring up Wayne Rooney in a JMac argument. When I talk about America’s best athletes not playing soccer, Rooney is the great example of this. Rooney is a athletic freak of nature, Rooney is twice the size of JMac and they are the same height. Rooney has the athleticism of a safety or linebacker in the NFL. Rooney would have looked like a freak playing in the Gold Cup like J.Jones did when he played in the CupCake Camp.

    Don’t twist this with Kobe Bryant should be USA #10. JMac needs a lot better touch to make up for his lack of size and speed.

  13. Dirk says:

    Gregory says: You think Wayne Rooney couldn’t dribble past Cuban defenders?

    Multiple entrenched defenders? No. Have you seen him lately? Seems to enjoy one too many steak and kidney pies. But he can still pass the ball like no one’s business. And I think you overrate his overall athleticism. He could probably be a great rugby player but comparing him to an NFL safety?

    Jozy and Demps could not have dribbled past half the team. Cuba had some great athletes, albeit raw. There just aren’t a lot of Christiano Ronaldos in world football. That’s why the Bales and Robbens and Neymars and Agueros and Messi are valued so highly.

    And I do not hate Freddy. Would love to see him do something and become a halfway decent player. And this legend about how Freddy Adu was this amazing dominating player at the Gold Cup 2 years ago is just silly. He had a couple really nice longball/thru-balls that led to goals. He was not the Diego Forlan of the 2011 Gold Cup, otherwise the USMNT would have been in Brazil this summer.

    As for JackMac, I am not hyping him at all. Would have liked to see him get a shot. Like Wondo, he has a knack for getting goals. And you making an absolute statement about him “not starting in the Championship” is the reverse of hype. You don’t know. But jump to conclusions about his ability if you wish. Time will tell.

    Regarding wing play, I specifically mention the need for dribbling ability for a true winger. There is a reason Dempsey always drifts inwards in the EPL, it’s because he can’t beat their fullbacks with either speed or dribbling. His only real value is in the 6 yard area or on very quick counters where someone can deliver a ball in a good area.

    Regarding the Kobe statement, now you are really projecting. I am the last person to think that our best athletes in the NBA/NFL would be soccer superstars if they learned the game from a young age. Height does absolutely nothing for any attacking player with the ball at his feet, in fact it would be a detriment. LeBron could probably be a greet Keeper but that’s it.

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