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Brek Shea to replace Josh Gatt on Gold Cup roster
   July 6, 2013 (9:45 PM) by Matt Benson     Email This Post Email This Post

US Soccer officially announced that Josh Gatt’s knee injury from last weekend will keep him out of the Gold Cup and Brek Shea will replace him on the final 23-man roster.  Shea had been training with the team down in San Diego and played in the friendly last night, but was originally going to head back to Stoke City for the preseason after the game.

Since Shea was already on the provisional roster, Chris Pontius has been added to the 35-man provisional roster in place of Gatt.  Pontius will be eligible for the the 23-man roster in the event of an injury or if Klinsmann decides to use any of his four roster swaps after the group stage.

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Matt Benson

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6 Responses to “Brek Shea to replace Josh Gatt on Gold Cup roster”

  1. Todd T says:

    Any mention what the injury is? Contusion, ACL, PCL, MCL, meniscus, sprain, muscle strain, patella fracture….?

  2. Gregory says:

    I thought JK was aware Shea needs a full preseason with Stoke and their new coach. Really doesn’t make much sense for Shea not to be with his club trying to compete for a starting role. I have no idea what I’m talking about, but I heard preseasons training is a huge deal at Stoke. I doubt Shea playing in a B squad Gold Cup will impress at Stoke.

  3. Jerry says:

    Right now Shea needs games more than anything. All the pre-season work in the world isn’t going to get you back up to fitness and ready for August. Normally I would agree with Gregory’s sentiment, but these are special circumstances.

  4. Dirk says:

    I’ll assume Klinsman and Mark Hughes had a conversation in which Klinsman told Hughes that Shea would get ample playing time. Pre-season football is a joke. Man U usually does a 3 city tour of the states. It’s like a working vacation. Shea getting competitive time, even in a B tournament, is more than he’ll get when Stoke merely trains over the next few weeks. Oh, look at that, Stoke City has hit the big time, they have their own 3 city tour of America!

    July 25 Houston Dynamo (BBVA Compas Stadium, Houston) 2am
    July 27 FC Dallas (FC Dallas Stadium, Dallas) TBC
    July 30 Philadelphia Union (PPL Park) TBC

    Here’s how I look at it. Hughes might not rate Shea at all. At least when he shows up at camp he will be game ready. Shea will probably have a chance to impress when he returns to England against Macclesfield and Wrexham, two 4th division teams. If he’s healthy, Shea is quality, I think he will do well, even it takes the full season to get into the starting 11.

  5. daniil says:

    I agree that shea needs game. Playing with stoke and then with the usmnt he has looked just a little disconnected more than anything. All he needs is matches to get back up to speed.

    They’re playing the dynamo at 2am? Or is that greenwich time

  6. Gregory says:

    I was just going off this MLS article that quotes JK.

    Shea will actually join the first part of US camp in San Diego, which opens on July 1, before heading to England on July 6 for the start of preseason training with EPL side Stoke City under new head coach Mark Hughes.

    “We decided that it was really best for Brek to join their preseason at Stoke starting on July 8 with his club,” Klinsmann said. “It’s really, really important that he starts off well with Stoke and gets his starting spot well and breaks in, in order for him to get a breakthrough in Europe.”

    This makes my Shea/US Media crazy conspiracy theory spidy sense go crazy.

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