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US U-20 vs. Ghana Highlights
   June 27, 2013 (12:34 PM) by Matt     Email This Post Email This Post

The US U-20 team was officially knocked out of the U-20 World Cup with a 4-1 loss to Ghana on Thursday.  Shane O’Neill scored the lone goal for the US.  Here are the highlights.

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26 Responses to “US U-20 vs. Ghana Highlights”

  1. Howie says:

    fire wRongen!

  2. William says:

    The youth system sucks right now. I know there are injuries, but this team was beyond garbage.

  3. 2tone says:

    The youth system should be based off of producing the individual players for the USMNT. I get that people would like to see the team play well, but an entire U-20 team doe not make it to the next level as a team.

    To say the youth system sucks because the youth team bombed out is very short sided.

    A youth system cannot be judged until those players make it to the senior level for club and the USMNT.

    I would say a total of 7 to 10 players may be in the USMNT player pool in the future from this U-20 cycle:

    Yedlin, Gil, Rodriguez, Cuevas, O’Neill, Pelosi, Zimmerman, Cropper, and Packwood. Also there is the possibility JAB decides to rep the USMNT as well.

  4. Gregory says:

    When has the American youth system ever been good?


  5. Todd T says:

    It is a process…anybody who thinks it would happen now are the same delusional people who think that we should go deep in the world cup. We are not that good at this sport yet…and I say yet because I do believe it will happen…but it takes time and patience. Two other qualities that we lack, besides world class technical ability and a killer instinct, as a soccer nation. Still love the boys and respect the coaches!!!!

    Howie love the sarcastic “fire Rongen!” Like it is really the coaches fault that we aren’t that good yet. Hopefully Ramos tried to keep playing the high pressure technical game. I would rather play that way and lose then play bunkerball,counter with set pieces and win. It is the only way we will get better.

  6. Kyle says:

    what a joke…Ghana with 10% the population of the US has a better youth development system…I’ve never heard anything about a ghanian soccer league…doesn’t seem to hurt their development one bit.

  7. William says:

    Go check the history of the u20′s Gregory. They’ve won their group MULTIPLE times.

    The youth system sucks right now and to argue otherwise is being short sighted.

    And 2tone, no spit a successful youth team doesn’t translate to the full national side, anyone who at least casually watches can ascertain that kind of information. But who on this side do you REALLY believe is going to help the full national team in the next 4-6 years? Gil? Villareal? Stanko? The guys that suffered serious injuries?

    If we’re putting our stock in those guys then we’re worse off then I thought.

    u23 didn’t make the Olympics, u20 didn’t make WC two years ago, u20 were vastly outclassed this summer and the u17 didn’t make the WC.

    Yep, youth system is doing just fine! Guys really develop in a losing environment.

  8. Gregory says:

    This development subject is somewhat of a joke. Of course it helps, but the best development system in the World will not help bad athletes become good soccer players. Until the best American athletes choose soccer as the means to be a millionaire athlete, the youth program will be subpar. Don’t forget poor kids can’t play soccer in America, that will hurt a youth system.

    It doesn’t matter how many kids play soccer if they aren’t good athletes. In Ghana the best athletes play soccer with the hopes of becoming a millionaire one day.

    @William best finish ever is 4th place in 1989 I don’t think that produces high exceptions.

  9. Gregory says:

    @Todd T

    “delusional people who think that we should go deep in the world cup”

    I’m just saying last World Cup we were a healthy J.Jones or Stuart Holden away from not starting Ricardo Clark vs Ghana.

    I faced the facts a long time ago, America has to import more foreign players, we sure aren’t going to develop enough talent to be a legit team.

  10. 2tone says:

    The best athletes argument is not valid, and never will be. The US has plenty of athletes to compete in all sports.

  11. Dirk says:

    Gregory said —–I faced the facts a long time ago, America has to import more foreign players, we sure aren’t going to develop enough talent to be a legit team.——

    This is just unmitigated nonsense. I know you enjoy being contrarian but your statements just don’t fly.

    We have all the elements in place for this WC cycle to produce a competitive squad of mostly American born players.

    Hopefully Jones will be replaced by G Cameron. The only German American I think we can’t do without is Fabian Johnson.

    The core of Bradley-Dempsey-Altidore-Cameron-Donovan- (a healthy) Holden and hopefully an improving Gonzo/Besler pairing will be good enough to get us to the Quarters. On the world stage, that is plenty legit.

  12. Trent Hill says:

    Anyone who watched the Spain first half and the France game wouldn’t be calling this team crappy. They weren’t. What they were–was inconsistent and short on centerbacks.

    Stanko, O’Neill, Yedlin, Cuevas, Gil, Villareal, Hernandez, and Lopez are all ones to watch for the future. Pelosi and Packwood too, of course. Cuevas and Gil will be the top performers to come out of this, I think.

  13. William says:

    Well Trent I don’t know what else you would call a team that is inconsistent, continually out of position, continually whiffing on passes, lacking in depth, etc. but in the baseball world we would call that a bad team.

    I’ll stand by my above statement that the youth development system sucks. The proof is in the pudding and currently the u23, u20, u17 have under performed greatly in the past handful of years.

    IF (I wish I could make bigger letters because that is a BIG IF) Pelosi, Packwood, and Scott come back from broken legs AND JAB/AJ/Hines/ETC actually choose to play for the US then I’ll get excited. At this point there isn’t a single player on the u20 team that gets me real excited

    Lederman can’t grow up fast enough!

  14. Trent Hill says:

    I’d call them under 20 years old.

  15. Gregory says:


    Timmy Chandler can be as important as Fabian. And I think the Bessler/Gonzo combo will get wrecked in the World Cup. I like Bessler, but Gonzo has looked suspect. JAB!!!!

    Not to mention who knows who will actually be healthy for the World Cup.


    I talked out of my ass a lot, but America’s best athletes not playing soccer is a fact. The proof is in the pudding. How can Ghana with 22 million people continually beat America when we have more then 320 million people? Are USA coaches that terrible they can’t make up a 300 million person difference. How about Belgium? They have 11 million people and completely out classed us. Did you see how big and fast they were. We have 30 times more people then Belgium yet they looked 10 times faster, stronger, and better.

    Soccer is a game where speed can mean nothing. Touch is the most important thing, but image if Graham Zusi had at-least 4.7 40 time. He would have trained with West Ham’s senior team not youth squad.

  16. Dirk says:

    @ Gregory: Chandler as not shown the desire or commitment that Fabian has. Yes he is talented, but has not looked good playing for the U.S. How can he have an impact if he does not commit in order to gain an understanding with his fellow mates on the backline?

    Gonzo is not perfect and he is still learning, and at times I’d rather see Cameron play CB ahead of him….that said, Klinsman clearly sees something in him that you don’t. Is he worse than a Ferdinand or Lescott for England? Gonzo still has tremendous upside and this time next year he will be that much better of a player, another year of friendlies and WC qualifying under his belt, J.K. is hoping it pays off.

    Besler has been good against CONCACAF competition and yeah it remains to be seen how he will perform against Internationals from other more competitive regions…but every defender has to deal with the potential of going against Spain and Brazil and Germany, and most will come up short…but that is no reason to slag off on Gonzo/Besler, because against avg WC competition I think they will be good enough to get us through group play.

  17. William says:

    Love the sarcasm Trent. I know they’re young, but that doesn’t define why they WHIF on passes…that is just embarrassing. That doesn’t define why every other youth team was a failure the past two seasons.

    I’m usually one be on your side of things, but not this time. The youth is poor and it needs to be fixed ASAP.

  18. daniil says:

    Ghanas youth team is good because of their small population. It is easy for them to find and develop all the best talent. They pour a lot of effort into finding talent.

    The ghanaian league is actually quite high level, but its essentially a u-23 league, built and designed to farm players for europe. As is such, the ghanaian league setup finds every drop of youth talent. Hearts of Oak have one of the best academies in the world outside of europe.

    The problem with our youth setup is not that the athletes aren’t playing soccer, because they are, our player pool is fantastic, but the players aren’t being found and theyre not getting the opportunities. I’ve said this a lot, I guess I sound like a broken record, but getting crushed by ghana is a great display of this because Ghana is a much smaller nation but none of their youths slip through the cracks.

  19. Gregory says:

    Danill at what age are they not getting opportunities? I totally disagree but that doesn’t make me right. What I’m trying to understand is at what age do these players fall through the cracks?

    I get what your saying that the best players aren’t getting selected for the USA youth squads, but these lost players should get college scholarships or be apart of MLS youth squads if they are any good.

  20. daniil says:

    MLS youth squads don’t cover much ground, and in some cases are not very good. NASL and USL youth squads are virtually nonexistent.

    College scholarships are interesting. Because of NCAA, college soccer teams are only training formally for a few months. The rest of the year, most college players play amateur/semi-pro. When it comes to an offseason club team, again like with academies its the luck of the draw of where you are. College soccer, also, is largely poor. Considering 95% of our national team funnels through college, all our talent should go through. Much of it does, but a lot dies there because college soccer simply isn’t a high level, its not technically or tactically challenging. About 80% of college soccer programs play 4-4-2 and hoof the ball around the pitch. These programs are not developing talent well.

    Much talent, however dies earlier. Poor talent dies hard. Getting scholarships is very hard. I was at an ODP open tryout in Turlock, CA once. hundreds of really good players came out, and the great majority of these players cannot support their development. To answer your question; the age is 14-18 because this I the point where players decide what they’re doing with their lives, if soccer is there life. If you’re 16 looking at your future, its college and then an unknown salary, could be zero, and its kind of a Terrell Pryor deal where lots of these kids can’t afford thetime in college (not to mention the unknown) when they have families that need them.

    Soccer in the us is not suburbanly exclusive, well, ill put it this way. Not exclusive to suburbs where every other house doesn’t have a barbed wire fence. My life I’ve played youth soccer up and down the state of california, I’ve played on and against very poor teams and very rich teams. Its just me, but from my eyes, the team from East Side pretty consistenly spanks the team from the foothills.

    I guess it could just be California.

    Now look at the US national team. How many of these players come from lower class backgrounds? Dempsey and some of the mexicans, some of them come from middle class background though. The great majority of our team comes from the middle class. The great majority of our youth teams also comes from the middle class.

    Part of this is that its just harder naturally. I’ve had teamates get stabbed and arrested and overdose blahblahblah. Middle class kids overdose sometimes too. The system does not help though. Academies and college teams are in the game for money. If that poor kid can’t beyond a reasonable doubt bring you future money, he’s not worth the chance. They don’t take risks.

    The best players don’t just automatically appear in the galaxy and red bull academies. Look at englands national team squad, and you’ll see players coming from all different backgrounds, tiny hamlets, pub teams, as well as big academies. The best 14 year old player might not be the best 24 year old player. Look at freddy adu. The guys who are going to be at the top aren’t all at the top when they’re 14, and if you’re not there in the United States it can be very hard to have a future.

  21. daniil says:

    To expand on the money point, players generally pay big dues to be a part of an academy. Players who can’t pay the dues are occassionally given scholarships. Players whose folks can make generous contributions to the club are generally rewarded with extra looks and recomendations.

  22. Gregory says:

    Basketball, hockey, baseball, and football high school players face the same dilemma at age 14-18. Most 16 year old kids face not getting paid with any sport they play. And soccer is the only American sports league were 14 year-old kids are allowed to sign pro contracts. I do agree that the expense to play in leagues is killing development.

    I don’t believe their are kids that have real speed that are looked past because American soccer has so few players with real speed. Josh Gatt for example would not be considered a speed threat in college football, yet he is the fastest player with basic soccer skills in years. I can’t believe kids with sub 4.6 40 speed aren’t prized and valued by scouts of all levels. Another example is why is almost ever single speedster in the MLS draft Jamaican? Because fast kids in Jamaica grow up playing soccer, not football or baseball.

  23. daniil says:

    How many 14 year olds sign pro contracts? How many homegrown players are there actually in MLS right now? A handful, and those players earn peanuts.

    Statistically, the national team players are too small a sample to project the number of speedsters in the youth pool, if it can be considered a sample at all.

    Kids with sub 4.6 speed aren’t drooled over for two reasons. On the one hand, these players aren’t always the best, there is more to football than pace. The second reason is that honestly they aren’t that rare of a commodity. When my high school team had a combine day last summer there were 5 players who ran sub 4.6, 2 seniors and 3 juniors. This is a public high school with 1200 kids. That being said, our captain/leading goalscorer/leading assister and league mvp who got multiple d1 offers was not one of those players.

  24. daniil says:

    We don’t need to produce the best athletes, we need the best footballers. This isn’t the NASL 1970s model where the US fields 11 gold medal pentathletes and wins the world cup. We don’t need ray lewis playing the 6, kobe the 10, and strasburg in goal. The fantasizing over these world class athletes in soccer jerseys is not getting us anywhere. Look at the international superstar that Marvell Wynne turned into. How about Brek Shea who you so love and adore. I think shea’s great but the majority opinion against him only strengthens this particular point of mine.

  25. Gregory says:

    Your high school soccer team has more speed then most D1 college football teams.

  26. daniil says:

    Football players are slow

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