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Kyle Beckerman added to USMNT roster
   June 14, 2013 (2:21 PM) by Matt Benson     Email This Post Email This Post

Apparently Jurgen Klinsmann felt the need for some more depth at the central midfield spot (or just wanted to reward the Real Salt Lake player since the game is in Utah?) as he has added Kyle Beckerman to the roster.

Granted Jermaine Jones could still be out, but the US already has Michael Bradley, Geoff Cameron, Stuart Holden and Sacha Kljestan among others who can play in the center.

Yay for press releases at 5 PM Eastern on a Friday!

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Matt Benson

Matt likes soccer. He likes sleeping in. He is also amused easily. That is pretty much it.

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9 Responses to “Kyle Beckerman added to USMNT roster”

  1. Gregory says:

    Beckerman sums up everything that is wrong about the USMNT system/media. A player can completely embarrass himself and nation, but is given a break because his hair is cool. All the talk that Beckerman has great leadership was hype created to play a sub par player and market soccer as a spunky sport.

    I wish America cared more about getting Diego Fagundez to play for America rather then crappy players with cool hair. Brek Shea also is a great example of these. Shea was so spunky and cool it earned him a transfer that is on pace to kill his career.

  2. Gregory says:

    I hate being negative, but the USA is on the verge of being an actual threat and shedding it’s joke status. If you go abroad and mention American soccer/football, people laugh, that’s the joke. Mentioning American soccer is a funny punchline. America is a couple more imports away from being a threat in Brazil and shocking the world.

    Beckerman is the reason America is laughed at, and instead of being shunned he is loved and embraced, 99% of the reason he is loved is because of his hair. It makes us look pathetic. (Watch Beckerman vs France and Jamaica and see why he should be shunned.)

    I do grant the Salt Lake fans their hometown boy, but when the time comes for Alfredo Morales, homers are going to be delusional that Beckerman should play.

  3. Howie says:

    The only people who can get Diego Fagundez to play for the US are members of the US Congress, because he would need a special act to get citizenship.

  4. Dirk says:

    Surplus to requirements.

    BTW Gregory, chill man, chill. He ain’t getting in the game.

  5. Cody says:

    The team we have now, no he doesn’t belong.

  6. daniil says:

    Diego fagundez isn’t that good. He gets overrated because he is young. Maybe he will develop, but he is not that good.
    Beckerman is not good, and I think the majority of people realize this.
    Brek shea is good, and I don’t see how a move from MLS to EPL in any capacity is a career killer. That’s bs. Training for an EPL first time and getting some game experience will help him so much. You think donovan is good, boy would he really be something if he hadn’t spent virtually his entire career training with MLS teams, especially back when MLS sucked.
    Shea is better than fagundez. Beckerman is no good, but he won’t play so who cares. We don’t need more imports, its the opposite. The talent is here, in america, you can see it if you look.
    Its the talent in fresno that drops out of ODP to work full time and support his family. Its the talent in miami who chooses to focus on football. Its the talent in grand rapids who’s only chances to play are high school, college, and amateur.
    America is a massive country, and our youth national teams operate on a very small scale. An incredible ammount of domestic dalent dies because of the lack of opportunities provided by inadequate professional and ussf infrastructure

  7. Trent Hill says:

    “BTW Gregory, chill man, chill. He ain’t getting in the game.”

    Definitely this. He won’t see game-time, not with Cameron, Bradley, Kljestan, and Holden in the pecking order. He got a call-up as a “We’re in Salt Lake and you’ve played a role in the team thus far”. That’s all. It could also be hoping to get him up to scratch for a transfer to England (possibly in the Championship? I doubt it) where they require you to have made a certain number (actually, percentage) of appearances for the nat team in order to get a worker’s permit.

  8. Gregory says:

    No doubt I should chill out, but I hope I can get the point out that America is a threat with a couple more imports.

    Danill you posted my biggest fear/threat to the USMNT. Basically more imports aren’t needed because Brek Shea is amazing. Shea is a good MLS player, but he is only in the EPL because America over-hyped him and spent millions on a marketing campaign on him. Eddie Johnson has played 3 times better then Shea for the USMNT recently, but that’s just ignored. Shea is 23, he is young but he is the same age as Altidore and Timmy Chandler, who have numerous elite league starts under their belt. Shea is like a Pontius or Kljestan , good players but they will get embarrassed by Ghana.

    USA is ready for the next level, they need EPL/Bundesliga players in every position. Of course great Dutch, Belgium, Scottish, ect league players will do also. Ideally only millionaires on the field. (Like England, France, Germany, Italy ect)

  9. Gregory says:


    JK will give Salt Lake their golden boy if the USA have the game won. JK is fancy like that.

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