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What’s up Seattle?
   June 5, 2013 (4:25 PM) by Matt Benson     Email This Post Email This Post

OK people, this is your chance to help me.  I am headed to Seattle on Sunday for the qualifier against Panama and need some restaurant/bar/stuff to do suggestions.

I have all day Monday to do whatever and will be staying downtown by the stadiums.  What are some touristy things I should do? What are some touristy things I should avoid?  Some off the beaten path suggestions?  Let me know in the comments.


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Matt Benson

Matt likes soccer. He likes sleeping in. He is also amused easily. That is pretty much it.

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11 Responses to “What’s up Seattle?”

  1. Nick says:

    A.) Find Marshawn Lynch B.) Don’t watch the Mariners.

  2. Kyle says:

    I need to piggy back this request for lunch places and the best selection of beers(microbrews)

  3. daniil says:

    Check out granite curling club (don’t actually its not very interesting if you’re not a curler)

  4. Jeremy says:

    Pioneer Square and Pike Place Market are places I went to as a tourist there in 2002 and I loved it! Seattle is a fun beautiful city so I think you would be hard pressed to not find cool places and things to do. Try and stay away from chain places. Good luck!

  5. Ben says:

    Matt and Kyle,

    I definitely suggest you spend time down at the market. Plenty of great places to eat and lots of things to do. Pioneer Square is also one of my favorite places to hang out.

    For lunch I would highly recommend Salumi. There will likely be a line but the wait is completely worth it. Paseo is another great lunch spot but if you don’t have a car you will have to catch a bus out to Fremont or Ballard(they have two locations).

    I’m not much of a microbrew fan but I know Pike Brewing Company has a spot near downtown. There are plenty of great beer spots I just don’t know any good ones off the top of my head.

    For touristy stuff you can always check out the Space Needle but I think the ride to the top is a bit overpriced. Hit up Kerry Park for a stunning view of the city at night or Volunteer Park up on Capitol Hill. I’ve also heard the Seattle Underground tour is a fascinating historical experience if you’re into that.

    The American Outlaws are sponsoring a party for all the USA fans at the Golazo headquarters very near downtown on Monday night. My plan is to hit up their party and hang out with all the USMNT fans before the game.
    Seattle is a fantastic city with great food so you really can’t go wrong with whatever you decide to do.

    Hope this helps!

  6. gettinsigiwithit says:

    Smoke weed (legally) at Seward Park, pound some Dick’s burgers, do hipster things.

  7. daniil says:

    Oh also, off the beaten path stuff, if you’re into weird giant statues…

  8. AO Seattle says:

    Pike place, waterfront, ferris wheel ride, take a ferry to/from an island for lunch. Great beers everywhere, try our local breweries and distilleries. For a huge beer selection check out brouwer’s cafe.

  9. Bowser says:

    When at the market, have a sandwich or mac ‘n cheese from Beecher’s Cheese shop, it’s like crack. There’s also a little doughnut shop in the market that makes em fresh on the spot, awesome stuff.

    Try to get to Il Corvo on a weekday for lunch
    They build a new menu every day, but try and get there early, as when they run out, they run out! Amazing food there.

    If you want a less expensive and WAY better aerial view of the area, hit up the Columbia Center Observation Deck downtown; You get about a 300 degree view from 73 stories up. (They’re in the process of making it a 360 degree view as I type this.)

    As for a good eatery/brewery, hit up The Elysian on Capitol Hill, up from downtown. Fantastic food, atmosphere, and brews.

    You want great coffee, Cafe Vita, also on Capitol Hill, and if you want a great dessert, hit up Dilettante on the Hill as well. (They have chocolate martinis that are pretty damn good.)

  10. Davis says:

    I’d also suggest Pike Place. If you really want to go off the beaten path a ferry to Bainbridge Island is always fun (they have some good hiking, food, and Mora’s Ice Cream which is delicious). Going down the waterfront is also nice. Ye Olde Curiosity Shop is kind of gimmicky and touristy but it’s fun. Also Ivar’s is our local seafood place and it’s pretty good. As many have mentioned before there are a bunch of microbrews and distilleries you can tour. The Underground Tour is pretty cool. It also starts at the bar Doc Maynards which is a personal favorite.

    Also, don’t go up the Space Needle. It’s expensive, long, and boring. AS a lifelong Seattleite I’ve been up once as a kid and will never go up again. Most of Seattle Center is kind of overrated in my opinion anyway. The EMP is interesting but really expensive and Dave Chihuly’s glass garden is a monument to is ego. But I doubt you’ll be going to Seattle Center if you’re staying down South.

  11. Uncle Lefty says:

    There is a good brew pub in Pike Place Market. The market itself is pretty fantastic. Have the halibut ceviche in one of the fresh fish markets. Also, ‘Ride the Ducks’. It’s a tour around the city in an amphibious car that drives right into Lake Union. Ask for Justin. He’s hilarious. Sounds pretty cheesy, but you won’t forget it.

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