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Contractual ins and outs from England: Doyle and Holden extend, Lichaj is out
   May 22, 2013 (9:11 PM) by Howie Michaels     Email This Post Email This Post

With the English season over, contracts are expiring for a number of players. The respective fates of three Americans came out today.

At Bolton, Stuart Holden signed a one-year extension as had been expected. The midfielder has made just a handful of appearances for Wanderers over the past two years following an injury and various setbacks, but he will join the national team for the first time in the Jürgen Klinsmann era this summer and is hoping to continue a return to full form.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the Championship, Conor Doyle has re-signed for another season with Derby County. The 21 year-old played just 78 total minutes in 2012-13 although he was an unused sub in nearly half of Derby County’s games (seems like strange squad selection to have a guy there you never intend to use, but I once witnessed a college football team dress three kickers for a road game). Doyle will be available for loan which is probably for the best— he has made just 27 league appearances in three years, and I’m not sure he wouldn’t have been better off at Creighton for the last three years to be honest.

Finally, in the Premier League, Eric Lichaj will not return to Aston Villa. The one-time candidate for First Great American Leftback disappeared down the stretch (as part of an ongoing spotty playing time with Villa issue) but still dressed for most matches. I would probably bet on him landing in the Championship which wouldn’t be a bad spot for him at this point.

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Howie Michaels

Howie once received a death threat at a USA-Brazil friendly. He still believes in Fred Adu. He plays forward in coed rec, although not well.

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4 Responses to “Contractual ins and outs from England: Doyle and Holden extend, Lichaj is out”

  1. Paddy says:

    With the college rules severely limiting the amount of time the players can train with their coaches and team, Doyle most likely would not have been better off at Creighton. The training he has rec’d at Derby, is far greater than what he would have rec’d at Creighton. Additionally, although the minutes stink, it appears as though he is top 18 on the squad and the goal should be to move up further. He seems to have made progress every year he has been there. What is the story on him ie: Ireland v. US Internationally?

  2. daniil says:

    ^spot on about college. Doyles still young and derby seem to have him in their plans.

  3. 2tone says:

    Doyle is very much a USMNT player. He was cap tied to the U-20’s in 2011. Could he make a one-time switch to Ireland? Maybe, but he has stated that he would rather play for the U.S. If he can get meaningful minutes, and scoring goals for Derby the next few years; he could conceivably be in the 2018 WC player pool.

  4. Trent Hill says:

    Ireland has not actively sought him out either, although they really ought to.

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