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Weekend Commentary Thread – Saturday Edition
   May 17, 2013 (10:01 PM) by David     Email This Post Email This Post

SK/OT. Sasha and Anderlecht’s season is on the line this weekend

Welcome to the Weekend Commentary Thread

Crunch Time: Decision Day. With the exception of one or two senior leagues (that complete their seasons next weekend) this is the big one. England, Italy and Germany will all finalize their seasons this weekend. The winners go on to Europe, or get promoted, the losers go home or get relegated.

Lets call Saturday Germany Day. It’s a big day for US Players in Germany at both ends of the Bundesliga table. Schalke visit Freiburg and this has to be the game of the day in Germany. #4 Schalke are currently in the final UCL place on 52 points. They lead #5 Freiburg by a single point going into this finale. A win or a draw gets them through, but Freiburg are no push-overs as Jermaine Jones and Schalke know, they are 0-1 this season, and where beaten 3-1 by Freiburg at home in December. To Close to Call

At the other end of the table #17 Hoffenheim, who have struggled all season, have the unenviable task of traveling to #2 Dortmund and will need an unlikely win to avoid straight out relegation to 2.Bundesliga. Head to Head Dortmund have the advantage, and beat Hoffenheim in Sinsheim 3-1 earlier in the season. Hoffenheim have beaten the teams around them over the past five weeks, but against stronger opposition (Schalke) they were well beaten. Sadly Hoffenheim lose this one and Fabian, Danny and co. are set to prepare for life in 2.Bundesliga next season. Augsburg and Michael Parkhurst are not out of the woods yet either, even if Hoffenheim loses, # 16 Augsburg will need a win and a little luck. The good news is that the odds are in their favor. Augsburg welcomes already relegated #18 Furth into their home and that should result in the three points they are desperate for.  #15 Dusseldorf share the same points total, and only lead Augsburg on goal differential, travel to #9 Hannover and, newly re-signed, Steve Cherundolo. Dusseldorf are leading this seasons tally 1-0, after beating Hannover 2-1 in December, but times have changed for Dusseldorf, who’s first season back in Bundesliga since 1986 has not gone well, and they could find themselves in the relegation playoff against Kaiserslautern (2.Bundesliga /third place). Hannover wins/Dusseldorf Relegation playoff.

Talking about 2.Bundesliga, the promotions are already set as the teams set up to wrap up on Sunday. Hertha Berlin and John Brooks will be plying their trade in the Bundesliga next season after topping 2.Bundesliga. Eintracht Braunschweig take the other promotion spot (so glad no US players are with them – typing their name during weekend commentary would take ages) and the aforementioned Kaiserslautern take the promotion playoff spot.  Unfortunately we do lose Andrew Wooten and Sandhausen, who are relegated to 3.Liga. Andrew had a pretty good season with seven goals, second on the team.

In 3.Liga, Preussen Munster and Matt Taylor, who up to a month ago led the division, will be hard pressed to even make the promotional playoff. Their last three games have only yielded one point, and in a league where the top five teams are only separated by seven points, that’s just not good enough. Matt has had a phenomenal season scoring 15 goals in the league and three more in the DFB cup. Saturday #5 Preussen Munster will be at home to #19 Babelsberg. Munster should get the win (and Babelsberg relegated) and then will have to wait on the results from Heidenheim and Osnabruck, both whom are playing relegation candidates at home. Munster Wins/fail to get promoted. At the bottom of 3.Liga, Darmstadt and Preston Zimmerman are battling for survival. There are just two points that separate #19 from #16, all four teams are hoping for a positive result on Saturday. Two of the four teams will be in Regionalliga next season. As fate would have it #18 Darmstadt are at home to #16 Stuttgarter Kickers, who Darmstadt visited earlier this season and came away with a point in a 1-1 draw. Whichever way it goes, Preston Zimmerman had a great season, scoring seven league goals to lead his team. Going out on a limb, Darmstadt Wins/Stuttgarter Kickers are relegated.

Usually I comment on the whole weekend, as this is Decision Day Weekend, I will continue this piece on Saturday night for Sunday – Covering England and Italy and a closer look at #1 Anderlecht and Sasha Kljestan’s game against #2 Zulte-Waregem.

Join me Saturday morning for the “Thread”, let me know if you agree with my predictions and let me know your predictions for Saturday and Sunday.

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86 Responses to “Weekend Commentary Thread – Saturday Edition”

  1. David says:

    another PK

    Dortmund down to 10 men – Hoffenheim up 1 goal


    Dortmund 1 – 2 Hoffenheim (83)

  2. David says:

    Less than 5 minutes left in the 2013 Bundesliga season

    still tense, still decisions to be made – wow!

  3. David says:

    Nurnberg scores again (89)

    Nurnberg 3 – 1 Bremen (89)

  4. David says:

    Bremen hit back (90)

    Nurnberg 3 – 2 Bremen (90)

  5. David says:

    In Sweden, Degefors has drawn even (60)

    Angelholm 1 – 1 Degerfors (60)

  6. David says:

    Augsburg win

    Stuttgart v Mainz drawn

    I’ll fill in the blanks once all the games are done

  7. David says:

    Hannover wins

  8. David says:

    Nurnberg wins

  9. David says:

    Schalke wins – WOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

  10. David says:



  11. David says:

    OK…..calm down.

    Let’s do the wrap

    Freiberg 1 – 2 Schalke
    Schalke ends the season in 4th place and get into the UCL, at the qualification round. Jermaine Jones went 90 in this excellent away win. Congrats to Schalke and Jermaine

    Dortmund 1 – 2 Hoffenheim
    Unbelievable – Hoffenheim get 2 goals in the final 15 minutes, end up in 16th spot and will play one more game this season, against Kaiserslautern (3rd in 2.Bundesliga)in the 1/2 playoff. Its win and your in – period.
    Fabian Johnson went the full 90 in this drama.
    Congrats to Fabian and Hoffenheim for pulling themselves out of the fire – 1 more to go guys!

    Augsburg 3 – 1 Furth
    No big surprise here, except maybe M. Parkhurst not making the 18 (maybe he should never have moved to Germany) Augsburg pulled themselves free of relegation with the win, Furth were already in2.Bundesliga before the game started.

    Hannover 3 – 0 Dusseldorf
    Steve Cherundolo had an assist on the winning goal, and helped fellow USMNT team mate Fabian Johnson’s Hoffenheim move a little closer to safety. Steve Cherundolo went the 90, and celebrated his re-signing with the win – Dusseldorf go back to 2.Bundesliga after just 1 season.

    Nurnberg 3 – 2 Bremen
    No Tim Chandler, but Nurnberg gets the season finale win at home V Bremen with a dramatic finish (2 goals in the final 3 mins)

    Stuttgart 2 – 2 Mainz
    Shawn Parker came on in minute 68, but was unable to effect the score in Stuttgart as both teams settle for a draw, which is representative of their league spots

  12. David says:

    Bundesliga – League Wrap:

    Bayern, Dortmund and Leverkusen all qualify for UCL (group stage)
    Schalke qualifies for UCL (qualifiers)

    Furth and Dusseldorf are relegated to 2.Bundesliga
    Hoffenheim will play Kaiserslautern to decide promotion/relegation (if Hoffenheim wins they stay in Bundesliga/If Kaiserslautern wins Hoffenheim are relegated, Kaiserslautern promoted)

  13. David says:

    In Sweden;

    Angelholm 2 – 2 Degerfors (87)

  14. David says:

    In Israel, IK Shmona are playing at Ramat Hasharon in the championship group playoffs.

    IK Shmona are to many points behind to make European play next season

    Ramat Hasharon 0 – 0 IK Shmona (33)

  15. David says:

    Hmmm – trawling the German lower leagues

    In 3.Liga
    Karlsruher wins the league
    Parker Walsh will play in 2.Bundesliga next season (if he plays at all)

    Darmstadt are relegated to Regionalliga
    Preston Zimmerman ended the season with a team high 7 goals

    Preussen Munster finished 4th and will remain in 3.Liga next season. Matt Taylor finished the season with 16 goals – Tied for 5th Best in 3.Liga

  16. David says:

    As for 2.Bundesliga the season which ends tomorrow, was actually decided last week.

    Hertha Berlin win 2.Bundesliga and will return to the top flight next season. John Brooks had a solid season that brought fresh eyes from the coaches of Germany and USA international squads. Alfredo Morales decided to leave, and will continue to play in 2.Bundesliga with Ingolstadt next season.

    Eintracht Braunschweig were the other team with the automatic promotion, ahead of Kaiserslautern who will play Hoffenheim in the 1/2 Playoff.

    At the bottom Jahn Regensburg and Andrew Wooten’s Sandhausen are relegated to 3.Liga

    Other Teams; (1 game left to play)
    1860 Munich are at #8
    St Pauli are at #12

    Ingolstadt (Alfredo Morales new team) are at #11

  17. David says:

    Half Time in Israel where IK Shmona managed to score and get a man sent off in a 2 minute period.

    Ramat Hasharon 0 – 1 IK Shmona (HT)

  18. David says:

    In Sweden Superettan


    Angelholms 2 – 2 Degerfors

    Matt Pyzdrowski (GK) went 90 for Angelholms

  19. David says:

    Final Game of the Day for me

    Mattersburg 0 – 0 Rapid Vienna (6)

    Terrence Boyd starts as lone forward today for Rapid

  20. David says:

    Including today – Rapid has 3 games left this season

    They are currently 3rd, above #4 Wolfsberger, who could only manage a scoreless draw at home earlier today.

    #3 Rapid are 6 points ahead of #5 Reid and #6 Sturm Graz (who play each other on Sunday) going into today’s game. Points are essential today to maintain their position. Rapids form of late has been a bit wobbly, 2W, 2D, 1L in the last 5, but, baring a major meltdown, Rapid should make the Europa League for next season

  21. David says:

    At 30 minute mark in the games in Austria Bundesliga

    Austria Wien 1 – 0 Neustadt (30)

    Mattersburg 0 – 0 Rapid (30)

    Salzburg 0 – 0 Wacker Innsbruck (30)

    left there scoring boots at home today ?

  22. David says:

    Forgotten in Bundesliga, but still an option on the bench.

    David Yelldell (GK) for Leverkusen will be hoping for some playing time for Leverkusen next season in the UCL. David has been on the bench for the senior team most of the season, and played for the Leverkusen II team in Regionalliga.

    My apologies for the omission

  23. David says:


    Austria Wien 2 – 0 Neustadt (42)

    Mattersburg 0 – 0 Rapid (41)

    Salzburg 0 – 1 Wacker Innsbruck (41)

  24. David says:

    IK Shmona finished their game at Ramat Hasharon
    winning 1 – 0 despite being a man down for the 2nd half

    they finish the season on a winning note, but fail to qualify for Europe

  25. David says:

    Half Time in Austria

    Austria Wien 2 – 0 Neustadt

    Mattersburg 0 – 0 Rapid Vienna

    Salzburg 0 – 1 Wacker Innsbruck

  26. David says:

    2nd half underway in Austria

    no changes on Rapid , Terrence Boyd still playing

  27. David says:

    Things heating up quickly in Austria

    Austria Wien 2 – 1 Neustadt (52)

    Salzburg 1 – 1 Innsbruck (51)

    Still scoreless at Mattersburg (51)

  28. David says:

    Mattersburg has taken the lead….Hmmm not good (54)

    Mattersburg 1 – 0 Rapid (54)

  29. David says:

    Scores Update:

    Austria Wien 2 – 1 Neustadt (71)

    Salzburg 2 – 1 Innsbruck (70)

    Mattersburg 1 – 0 Rapid (71)

  30. David says:


    Austria Wien 2 – 1 Neustadt (82)

    Salzburg 3 – 1 Innsbruck (81)

    Mattersburg 1 – 0 Rapid (81)

  31. David says:

    Terrence Boyd is subbed out at minute 79

  32. David says:

    5 minutes left for Rapid to find an equalizer – even a point will help them going forward

  33. David says:


    Austria Wien 3 – 1 Neustadt (87)

    Salzburg 3 – 1 Innsbruck (86)

    Mattersburg 1 – 0 Rapid (86)

  34. David says:

    Arghhh!!! Mattersburg score again (90+)

    Mattersburg 2 – 0 Rapid (90+)

  35. David says:

    Austria Bundesliga Final Scores;

    #1 Austria Wien 3 – 1 #9 Neustadt
    #2 Salzburg 3 – 1 #10 Innsbruck
    #8 Mattersburg 2 – 0 #3 Rapid Vienna

    Not a good result at this time of the season for Rapid. Who now are 1W 2D 2L in their last 5. Tomorrows game now is something to follow #5 Reid and #6 Sturm Graz face off – a winner at this one would cut Rapids lead to 3 points with 2 games to go.

  36. David says:

    That’s it for me today. An exciting day, crowned with a goal from Matt Taylor & an Assist from Steve Cherundolo.
    #4 Schalke qualify and join #3 Leverkusen as a team with US interest in next seasons UCL. Ups and downs all over Germany just made this a fun day and (honestly)Hoffenheim’s win in Dortmund was a shocker.

    More drama tomorrow, so join me then. Matt has already started posting video highlights from today – so check-em-out.

    I will post my Sunday Edition Commentary a little later today – look for it

    Till tomorrow


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