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Weekend Commentary Thread
   April 12, 2013 (9:02 PM) by David     Email This Post Email This Post

 With just a little over a month left in the season for most European Leagues, the countdown is on.

Welcome to this Weekend’s Commentary Thread.

This week’s EPL is mostly about the goalkeepers. Saturday, Brad Guzan and Tim Howard are working for clean sheets for their clubs as one team fights relegation and one team a place in Europe next season.  It’s less than a month in the Championship. US players represent many of the Championship teams, this Saturday the potential is there for US players in four Championship games. Stuart Holden’s arrival at Sheffield Wednesday has coincided with a reassurance, Wednesday have won their last two games and are now well away from the relegation zone that triggered the Holden loan, from Bolton. Bolton have Tim Ream to call upon in their bid to return to the EPL. Bolton are two points out of a playoff spot, with the the four teams above them all struggling at this critical time and already relegated Bristol on the ticket. Leicester City’s draw on Friday has created an opportunity that Bolton must take if they have aspirations of EPL soccer next year.

In Germany, Schalke’s home game against Leverkusen is critical to both teams. A Schalke win will put them within a point of a guaranteed UCL place, and pull them three points clear of chasing Freiburg. For Leverkusen a win would all but put them in the UCL next season. This promises to be the game of the week in Bundesliga. With Hannover, Mainz and Nurnberg collectively going through a difficult patch with a Euro League opportunity begging, all eyes following US players turn to Hoffenheim and the equally woeful Augsburg. One, if not both, teams will be playing in 2. Bundesliga next season, and with time running out, points is the cry!  Hoffenheim trail Augsburg by one point and have managed just seven points from a possible 15 in the last 5 games, Augsburg just six points over the same period. Hoffenheim play Saturday at Wolfsburg, Augsburg play at home on Sunday against Frankfurt.

Elsewhere, AZ and Jozy Altidore play on Sunday as they battle to stay safe in Holland, Anderlecht and Sasha Kljestan also play Sunday in the funky Belgium playoffs (referred hereafter as the FBP). Terrence Boyd and Rapid have to get by their current form if they want to cement a Euro League place next season

Finally, Finland starts playing soccer again, a sure sign that spring is here (in the US) for real.

As always, chat, rant (within reason) or debate goings on concerning US players over there and join me as we go through this weekends matches.

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177 Responses to “Weekend Commentary Thread”

  1. David says:

    In Liga MX

    Puebla have just kicked off against Chiapas

    Michael Orozco Gets the start for Puebla
    DeMarcus Beasley is on the bench for Puebla

    Puebla 0 – 1 Chiapas (10)

  2. David says:

    Game over in Finland as rivals KuPS and MyPa play to a
    1 – 1 Draw

    Jon Okafor joined the game in the 79th min as a sub for MyPa

  3. David says:

    Mjondalen has equalized (64)

    Mjondalen 1 – 1 Follo (66)

  4. David says:

    In Mexico Liga MX

    Jose Torres has started for Tigres as they visit UNAM


    UNAM 1 – 1 Tigres (22)

  5. David says:

    Anderlecht has scored (60)!!!!!

    Anderlecht 1 – 1 Club Brugge (62)

    Sasha Kljestan picked up a yellow card at 52 min.

  6. David says:

    Mjondalen has taken the lead (68)

    Mjondalen 2 – 1 Follo (70)

    2 goals in 5 mins – not to shabby!

  7. David says:

    OK so Mjondalen seem to have figured out the Follo defensive system (73)

    Mjondalen 3 – 1 Follo (74)

  8. David says:

    Kenneth Di Vita Jensen subbed at minute 61 for Honefoss


    Honefoss 0 – 0 Haugesund (75)

  9. David says:

    Mjondalen are now officially rampant (76)

    Mjondalen 4 – 1 Follo (79)

    4 goals in 12 mins ? are you kidding?

  10. David says:

    In Mexico

    Pumas UNAM have the lead (34)

    UNAM 2 – 1 Tigres (35)

  11. David says:

    Score Update

    Anderlecht 1 – 1 Club Brugge (77)

    Puebla 0 – 1 Chiapas (35)
    UNAM 2 – 1 Tigres (39)

    Honefoss 0 – 0 Haugesund (82)
    Mjondalen 4 – 1 Follo (85)

  12. David says:

    AZ and Jozy did themselves some good today advancing 3 places and 6 points from relegation and into safety. Congrats to AZ and Jozy

  13. David says:

    Honefoss and Steve Clark give up a late goal (84)

    Honefoss 0 – 1 Haugesund (87)

  14. David says:

    Club Brugge RED Card (dble Yellow) (82) – chance for Anderlecht as its 10 v 10 in the last 10

  15. David says:

    Mjondalen has defeated Follo 4 – 1

    Mjondalen came back fro 1 – 0 down, with 4 second half goals

    Jonathan Borrajo started for Mjondalen and went the full 90

  16. David says:

    Half Time in Mexico

    Puebla 0 – 1 Chiapas
    UNAM 2 – 1 Tigres

  17. David says:

    Honefoss could not make a comeback after giving up a late goal
    Its not always the best team that wins (just the one that scores) Steve Clark will not be happy after this loss

    Honefoss 0 – 1 Haugesund

    Steve Clark (GK) went 90 for Honefoss
    Kenneth Di Vita Jensen went 65 for Honefoss

  18. David says:

    That’s it from Belgium:

    Anderlecht and Club Brugge battle to a draw, both clubs end the game with 10 men (although Anderlecht was a man down for the last hour)
    Anderlecht will breathe a sigh of relief, after giving Brugge an easy first goal, losing a man, they came back looking the stronger by games end.

    Sasha Kljestan started for Anderlecht and went the full 90 mins

  19. Gregory says:

    Just on paper Chandler moving to RM/wing with Cameron at RB. Defenders would have to respect Chandler’s speed on the wing unlike Zusi. Also Castillo or Corona at LM/Wing overlapping with Fabain could help. You can dream Lichaj will find his form and could start at LB, moving Fabian to LM. I think Fabian at LB overlapping with Castillo at LM is the best option on the left.

    I want to hype Gatt, but I think he has huge gaps in his game and it’s hard to grow in Norway. Shea needs to get healthy and I personally think he is the most overated player since Freddy Adu. I hope he can breakout next season, but I know he isn’t a true winger cuz he isn’t fast and dribbles with 1 foot. I hope he moves central and becomes clutch, meaning he scores goals from distance with his left foot and makes crucial passes; evolves into a #10 type.

    Also would like to see Boyd paired with Altidore with Dempsey just below them. I like JK but he is a jacka## at times. The 4-3-3 doesn’t have a pray without a healthy Landon.

  20. David says:

    OK folks that’s it for me today (and this weekend)
    Quite a bit of activity today made the time go fast.
    3 GOALS from Jozy Altidore, and a GOAL from an unlikely scorer Pat Hopkins took this weekends goal total to 5. (Shawn Parker goal on Saturday)

    On my theme of Crunch Time, I don’t think anyone did much to change their chances (up or down. etc)except maybe AZ who really made a big jump at this time of the season to get out of trouble. I am going to continue the theme next weekend. There are only 4 or so weeks left (less for some) Who will rise and who will crack ?

    OK, So Thanks for joining in – I monitor any posts here so if you have comments or questions I will get to them.

    Check back for news and highlights here at

    See you all next weekend


  21. David says:

    Hi Gregory, OK I will go along with most of that. Castillo always scares me (he looks so frail) but Fabian and Castillo may work well, at least the opposition will have to respect the speed. Cameron mystifies me. I know he is big and strong, but his lack of speed means he gets beat (a lot) and exposes the back line. That said he is just a damn good defender (IMHO) maybe he will take Boca’s place – slow but solid.
    When 4 -3 -3 works its beautiful to watch. The USMNT, at its core, is a counter-attacking team. If you want 4-3-3 IMHO you need to change the personnel (as well as attitude)

  22. Gregory says:


    I get alot of flak and lose most people with my anti Shea talk.

    Castillo scares me too, that’s why I like him in the midfield, not at LB. I like to think Corona could play LM, but Castillo gets more minutes and seems to be more vital to Tijuana.

    You would your top replacements for Zusi at RM/wing be?

  23. Mitch Malitz says:

    Castillo and corona? Both still so unproven on senior international level. You do not want Edgar castillo in usmnt midfield, I assure you.

  24. William says:

    Huge no thank you to Edgar Castillo on the pitch for the ‘nats.

    Other than that, Gregory, can you clarify something for me please sir. You said you would like to see Chandler and Castillo on the wings but then Boyd-Jozy up top with Deuce just under…???

    So I’m guessing this is what you envision?

    4-4-2 Diamond…


    Just having a tough time putting in my head what you’re wanting…

  25. Gregory says:

    William I like that lineup. Jozy and Boyd can win balls and use Dempsey as an outlet. Would like to have Fabian in Castillo”s spot if a legit LB could fill in. Its somewhat like the formation JK ran against Slovenia.

    Looking at that formation II might even put Dempsey in Boyd’s spot move Bradley up to CAM and slide J.Jones in CDM.

    On paper I can’t think of any one other then a healthy Landon that currently deserves to start over Edgar Castillo on the left wing.

  26. Nathan says:

    Christian Eissele bagged a brace for ps kemi in their Finnish cup win yesterday. I saw the highlights at
    Whole page is in Finnish and google translate does fairly awful with it but the video is easy enough to see.

  27. Gregory says:


    Castillo and Chandler on the wings was for a 4-3-3. But I like what you did with my ramblings.

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