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Weekend Commentary Thread
   April 5, 2013 (11:02 PM) by David     Email This Post Email This Post


Its Crunch Time !!!

Welcome to this Weekends Thread. I am back from my winter break – hey if they can have one in Scandinavia why not here – it’s sunny today but it was snowing in Virginia two days ago. Seriously, a lot has been going on while I have been away, I know, but a little more than we can cover here. So lets just look at this week and the coming 4 – 5 weeks.

All of the major soccer leagues in Europe are reaching their conclusion over the next few weeks, US players are involved in either pushing their teams into Euro play next season, or battling to keep their clubs from relegation and it seems that US players are involved in every European league this weekend. A tough game for Dempsey and Co. on Sunday, and a critical game for Brad Guzan and Aston Villa, today in the EPL.  In the Championship, Stuart Holden will be hoping for time and the opportunity to help Sheffield Wednesday avoid the drop, while his team Bolton is pushing for a playoff spot at the other end of the table. Leicester has been woeful of late and are fading from playoff contention, it may be to late for Zak Whitbread and his mates to turn things around.

In Italy, Roma and Michael Bradley still have a chance to catch the two teams above them for a Euro spot. Belgium’s weird playoff  system still has Anderlecht in the drivers seat, but the loss last week opened the door and the Hounds are at their feet. Jozy and AZ are in a battle to avoid the drop, but look good, to me, to survive this year. Austria Bundesliga looks to go down to the wire, Rapid and Terrence Boyd are firmly in the mix for a Euro spot if they can avoid away losses for the rest of the season. Finally in Germany, the sad tale of Hoffenheim. Fabian Johnson and Danny Williams and the rest of the team are going to have to really push hard for Hoffenheim just to get in a relegation playoff (their only way to escape the drop) or they will be playing 2. Bundesliga soccer next season. Schalke are sitting on the cusp of UCL or Europa, as they say, their destiny is in their own hands, as is Mainz who are right on the doorstep of a Euro spot.

Lastly today. Sweden kicks off its second week in Allsvenskan, and Helsingborg with Alejandro Bedoya and team looking for their second win on Monday and also the Swedish Superettan gets underway. Norway is playing its third round of Eliteserien games, where Rosenborg lead the division and Mix Diskerud is having a great season so far, and in Denmark, the US could be represented by two teams in European play next season as Nordsjaelland (UCL) with Conor O’Brien and Charlie Davies with Randers (Euro League).

Our US players have lots to play for. So join in “The Thread” this weekend – we would be interested in getting your take on the ups – and downs of the European leagues. Chat, discuss or even (limited please) rant about everything SoccerOverThere. Join Me! and lets hope for some goals to cheer about.

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178 Responses to “Weekend Commentary Thread”

  1. David says:

    Hannover are back in action in the 2nd half – no changes for either team. Still scoreless!!

  2. David says:

    Estoril have used all their subs – no Tony Taylor today 🙁

  3. David says:

    A quick scores update;

    Hannover 0 – 0 Stuttgart (55)

    Randers 0 – 1 Brondby (80)

    Aalesund 2 – 2 Honefoss (44)

    Kongsvinger 1 – 0 Mjondalen (HT)

    Estoril 4 – 0 Nacional (86)

  4. David says:

    Charlie Davies is on for Randers (73)

    GO CD9!!!

  5. David says:

    Full Time in Portugal

    Estoril hit hard and early, then just sit back as they wallop Nacional 4 – 0 and put themselves in contention for a Euro-League spot

  6. David says:

    The injection of Charlie Davies for the last 15 minutes could not help Randers overcome a one goal deficit to Brondby. Not to damaging for Randers Euro hopes, but it cuts the lead over their nearest chaser OB, who play later today against Kobenhavn

    Randers 0 – 1 Brondby

    Charlie Davies 17 min for Randers

    Clarence Goodson remained on the bench for Brondby

  7. David says:

    QPR have scored against Wigan in the closing moments of their EPL cellar dweller match. The game is in ET(90+3). A win by QPR doesn’t really threaten Aston Villa, but a Wigan loss is a huge help to Guzan, Lichaj and co.

    OMG while I type Wigan score to tie things up (90+4)

    QPR 1 – 1 Wigan (90+4)

  8. David says:

    In Denmark, Kobenhavn host OB, Tom Delaney starts for Kobenhavn (can anyone can tell me if Delaney(dual nat)is still eligible for the USMNT?)

    Kobenhavn 0 – 0 OB (3)

  9. David says:

    A quick scores update;

    Hannover 0 – 0 Stuttgart (79)

    Kobenhavn 0 – 0 OB (5)

    Aalesund 2 – 3 Honefoss (50)

    Kongsvinger 1 – 0 Mjondalen (53)

  10. David says:

    Honefoss have come from 2 goals down, away from home to take the lead (50)

    Aalesund 2 – 3 Honefoss (52)

  11. David says:

    Aalesund have tied things up in Norway (60)

    Aalesund 3 – 3 Honefoss (61)

    OK the setup is right for a goal from Ken de Vita Jensen 🙂
    well maybe!!!!

  12. David says:

    Full time in Bundesliga as Hanover and Stuttgart play to a drawn game.

    Hannover 0 – 0 Stuttgart

    Great News for USMNT – Steve Cherundolo goes the 90 minutes for Hannover

  13. David says:

    OOOF!! heartbreak (66) Jamaican Defender Demar Phillips scores for Aalesund

    Aalesund 4 – 3 Honefoss (68)

  14. David says:

    Kenneth De Vita Johnson subbed out by Honefoss 🙁 (65)

  15. David says:

    Kongsvinger 1 – 0 Mjondalen (76)

    Jonathan Borrajo is playing his first game for Mjondalen, last year he was on the books at NYRB where he spent almost the whole season on the bench, making only 1 start/appearance for 76 minutes.

  16. David says:

    A quick scores update;

    Kobenhavn 0 – 1 OB (35)

    Aalesund 4 – 3 Honefoss (80)

    Kongsvinger 1 – 0 Mjondalen (83)

  17. David says:

    OB has scored at Kobenhavn (38)

    Kobenhavn 0 – 1 OB (38)

    League Table

    #1 Kobenhavn – UCL
    #2 Nordsjaelland – UCL
    #3 Randers – Euro
    #4 OB – Euro

  18. David says:

    Completely missed this ?? I think it was my score tracker, anyway sorry

    Mix Diskerud has started for Rosenborg as They visit Sogndal in Norway Eliteserien, Rosenborg are the current league leaders (but its only 2 games so far)

    Currently Sogndal 0 – 3 Rosenborg (45)

  19. David says:

    Finals in Norway


    Aalesund 4 – 3 Honefoss
    Steve Clark (GK) went 90 for Honefoss
    Kenneth de Vita Jensen went 65 mins for Honefoss

    Division 1

    Kongsvinger 1 – 0 Mjondalen
    Jonathan Barrajo went 81 mins for Mjondalen

  20. David says:

    Both my trackers had missed the Rosenborg game ?????

    Anyway as an update (and as best as I can make out) Rosenborg scored at (31) (45) (45+2) and went in at Halftime with a 3 goal cushion. No assist info seems to be available..if you are watching this game or have access to a game summary perhaps you could check and see about assists on the 3 goals (if any) thanks for your patients folks.

  21. David says:

    OK on Rosenborg (last post on this) there is an official assist on the first goal only – other 2 goals received no assists

    2nd Half has started – no changes for either team

  22. David says:

    Kobenhavn have tied things up (49)

    Kobenhavn 1 – 1 OB (49)

  23. David says:

    Just a quick look at the EPL

    At the top;
    Gms Pts
    #2 Man. City 30 62 – UCL
    #3 Chelsea 31 58 – UCL
    #4 Tottenham 32 58 – UCL playoff
    #5 Arsenal 31 56 – Europa
    #6 Everton 31 52

    So Tottenham are still on the cusp for getting into any European spot next season, a lot will depend on the teams around them. On form Arsenal has the best record (last 5)Tottenham has the worst.


    I think its safe to say that Reading and QPR are heading down. Wigan and Sunderland are tied on points 31, Wigan has 1 game in hand. Aston Villa helped its own cause yesterday moving up and away by 2 points, Stoke have the worst record except Reading and are fading fast, and Norwich is not clear of the red zone either. IMHO Sunderland join QPR and Reading


  24. David says:

    Quick update

    Kobenhavn 1 – 1 OB (71)

    Sogndal 0 – 3 Rosenborg (75)

  25. David says:

    Rosenborg score again (75)

    Sogndal 0 – 4 Rosenborg (76)

  26. David says:

    Rosenborg have made their 3 substitutions so Mix Diskerud will get a full 90 minutes in today

  27. David says:

    Final in Denmark

    Kobenhavn 1 – 1 OB
    Thomas Delaney goes the 90 for Kobenhavn

    Final in Norway

    Sogndal 0 – 4 Rosenborg
    Mix Diskerud goes 90 for Rosenborg

  28. David says:

    And that is it!!!

    Fun Day, most of the action coming from Scandinavia and Denmark.
    1 more Goal to add to the weekend list – of 3.

    Thanks for being here and joining in. I hope to see you again next week, for more of whats going on in the matches overthere.

    Crunch Time has started, the leagues are close to finishing, places for European contest next year are being sorted. Some teams will not be playing top flight next season, but most still have hope as the season winds down. This is the drama time – soooo join me next weekend, and over the next 4 or 5 weeks until its all resolved. 🙂

    Until then (shameless plug) don’t forget to check in regularly at for all the news, highlights and talk about US Players plying their trade overseas.

    Till next weekend


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