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Here is your US-Mexico pre-game primer
   March 26, 2013 (12:01 AM) by Matt Benson     Email This Post Email This Post

Here is a quick rundown of things you might want to look at before today’s game.

» The game is at 10:30 PM Eastern on ESPN.

» Here are some fun facts and stats from myself and US Soccer’s game notes:

The US is 1-23-1 all-time against Mexico on Mexican soil, including a 1-19-1 mark in Mexico City.

The US is 0-13-1 all-time against Mexico on Mexican soil during World Cup Qualifying.

The US is 1-8-1 all-time against Mexico in Azteca, including a 0-5-1 record in World Cup Qualifying.

Only five Americans have ever scored against Mexico at Azteca:  Willie Roy, (1974), Rick Davis (1980), Eddie Lewis (2005), Charlie Davies (2009) and Michael Orozco Fiscal (2012).

The US has led for a combined 20 minutes in the 10 games played against Mexico at Azteca all-time.

Mexico has only lost nine games all-time in 122 total games played at Azteca (80-9-33).

Mexico is 68-1-6 in home World Cup Qualifying games all-time, the only loss coming to Costa Rica in 2001.

The US has won a World Cup Qualifying match in Mexico City before, beating Cuba, 5-2, on September 21, 1949.

» The US’s lone point against El Tri on Mexican soil during World Cup Qualifying?  A 0-0 draw in 1997 and here are some video highlights of that game.

» Could Jurgen Klinsmann be playing mind games with Mexico?  He has called in Michael Orozco Fiscal last minute as an injury replacement for Jermaine Jones.  Here is video of MOF’s goal from August since it never gets old.

» Want a tactical preview of the game?  Head over to The Shin Guardian for their preview.

» The Mexican press found ways to watch in on practice earlier this week.  And I guess Klinsmann didn’t like this.

» Omar Gonzalez is pumped for the game and reveals that Club American has been interested in him over the last two years.

» As for some non-USMNT links.  Tab Ramos has some quotes on the U-20 World Cup draw and confirms that the team will be playing in the Toulon tournament in France in May.  Freddy Adu is officially headed to Brazil.  And here is a video interview with Jozy Altidore from last week courtesy of AZ’s website.

As for tomorrow, I like to think I’m a pretty level-headed guy who sides on caution, but I’m having good feelings about tomorrow for some reason. Thinking 1-1 draw.

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Matt Benson

Matt likes soccer. He likes sleeping in. He is also amused easily. That is pretty much it.

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13 Responses to “Here is your US-Mexico pre-game primer”

  1. Trent Hill says:

    I also usually stay cautious.

    But I’m calling dos a cero. I think Bradley, Dempsey, Guzan, and Jozy all have great games. Maybe Herc too.

  2. Chris says:

    This game will be very interesting due to mexicos struggles so far in qualifying, i would go with a little more defensive starting 11

    If shea is 100 percent healthy I would go with him instead of zusi and then move ej to the other side

  3. daniil says:

    Physically, gonzalez is the type of player America love at CB. In the summer the #1 CB is leaving for Porto, and the current #3 will likely retire which leaves a spot open for claiming. If they don’t bring in anyone new, it will likely be Ventura Alvarado. If they make a move on gonzalez, he will not start for them right away, his play on the ball is far too poor for liga MX, but the potential is definitely there. He will need to have the right attitude and develop himself.

  4. Maxie says:

    I usually air on the side of caution too. I haven’t seen the USMNT under JK play more than 180 minutes of responsible soccer. However, I too think they may pull off another shock: if the score is still tied after the first half, we will win.

  5. Chris says:

    I highly doubt gonzalez will make the move to mexico, it seems a pretty level move from MLS. If anything he could move over to europe like he was about to before his injury last year.

  6. Jerry says:

    Club American would be a huge step down for Gonzalez. I see Europe in his future. As Chris pointed out, it will come down to how long he can stay healthy. I worry he’ll be another Gooch. So talented, but so fragile.

  7. Ian says:

    @Chris Why do you prefer Beckerman over Edu? I thought Edu looked good in the last qualifier.

    For some reason I’m feeling Mexico 2 USA 1, but I hope I’m wrong.

    I haven’t sen it posted on here yet so I’ll mention that FIFA declared the US-Costa Rica game valid because Bryan Ruiz, the captain, did not lodge a complaint.

  8. Gregory says:

    The TSG aritcle sneaks Beckerman on the field by moving Edu to CB. Dos Santos would expose Beckerman faster then Jamaica did.

    I hate bashing the MLS, but the Mexican League is a class above the MLS. I don’t see Gonzo going to Mexico, but it’s by far a superior league. Mexico has one of the best soccer Leagues in the World.

  9. Jerry says:

    Personally, Beckerman did great in the last game versus Mexico, and he looked good in his last outing as captain versus Canda. Personally, I put him on there because defensively he’s good enough, and it allows Bradley more freedom to do his best Pirlo impression. I’m not sure about Edu in the back line. Personally, pick a back line and stick with it. I’ve never beeen impressed with Edu, so my opinions could be clouded, but I just think less of him than I do of Beckerman.

  10. daniil says:

    Edu at CB is a very interesting solution to the no-pace-at-CB problem. Id keep him in the midfield though. Beckerman I’d say should not play, too slow, not good enough on the ball.

    Liga MX is much stronger than MLS. While LA Galaxy might be as good as certain teams (puebla, jaguares, queretaro), they are not up there with Club America and many others. Keane and Wondo arent half the strikers Chupete and Chucho are. Almost all of El Tri’s players play domestically, if the Liga MX sucked than Mexico wouldnt be much better than other CONCACAF teams. The Mexican league has much more open space, but it is also much faster. After watching America play in the afternoon, watching the Earthquakes in the evening is sickeningly slow. Even for a CB, there is far less time and space on the ball, much more pressure. And especially for a CB, as teams come at you moving off the ball twice as fast, you need to make all the reads and call the shots at a speed that Gonzalez is yet to show he is capable of.

    If gonzalez goes out there and plays as he did against Honduras, which is about the level of play he’d face in mexico, he will crash and burn.

    He has a long way to develop. America would be a good place for him to get up to speed. If he plays well against Mexico, America would be a nice step, but it would take 2-4 torneos in mexico for him to be ready to go to Europe.

    also, uh, go yanks tonight, eh? *aguilas*bangbangbang*aguilas*bangbangbang*

  11. Jerry says:

    I don’t really agree, the pace of play is faster, but most of Liga MX is very sloppy in their play. However, if you don’t watch Liga MX you should, because most games are highly entertaining.

    You don’t need great speed to be a world class CB. I think Gonzalez needs to go abroad just because who is their to learn from in Los Angeles? He’s the big fish in the back line, and personally that shouldn’t be the case with a player his age. I would love to see him follow Bradley to Serie A.

  12. Chris says:

    @ian, i would go with beckerman because he is a better passer, and he will sit in front of our back four and let bradley jump in the attack. I thought beckerman was the best player on the pitch vs canada. I wouldnt be all that upset with edu starting tho, they are in the same class but just different pros and cons to each, however i would not like to see edu in any way in the back line, his biggest attribute is his stamina and that is wasted at cb. we got lucky mexico couldnt finish last year

    Also gonzalez is good enough to go abroad, yes mexico is a better league than mls but right now he is playing for the best team in mls and club america are an overated mediocre mexican team, he can go to a big four/five league in europe and play

  13. Trent Hill says:

    Big point. And Mexico isnt in the qualifying or playoff spots currently. EXCELLENT.

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