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Players returning to training links
   March 12, 2013 (12:01 AM) by Matt Benson     Email This Post Email This Post

Jurgen Klinsmann took over US Soccer’s twitter account yesterday and while he didn’t answer any of Howie’s questions, he did give us some good news on Clint Dempsey, Fabian Johnson and Steve Cherundolo.

And while it has been mentioned before, Bruce Arena gave an update on Landon Donovan and he should return to the Galaxy the last week in March.

Costa Rica released their roster for the qualifiers.  Good news for USMNT fans, and most Red Bulls fans can confirm this, Roy Miller made their roster.  Also, I just noticed tonight that the US is winless in its last five games (3L, 2D) against Costa Rica and haven’t won a game since a qualifier in 2005.

The US U-20 team will be playing in the Toulon Tournament in late May/early June.

One of those players, Juan Ocegueda, is still going to play for Chivas Guadalajara despite playing for the US.  Chivas have a policy of “Mexican only” players, but they are apparently going to look the other way with Ocegueda.

It looks like Villyan Bijev finally got his work permit and made Liverpool’s U-21 bench this past weekend.

Conor O’Brien got the start and went he full 90 minutes in Nordsjaelland’s 1-1 draw to FC Midtjylland yesterday.

I haven’t heard Charles Renken’s name since he returned to the US last year, but he and fellow American Aubrey Perry are in Sweden on trial at Umeå FC at the moment.

And finally, Etchu Tabe has returned to Finland with KuPS again.

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Matt Benson

Matt likes soccer. He likes sleeping in. He is also amused easily. That is pretty much it.

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10 Responses to “Players returning to training links”

  1. ussoccerdudes says:

    Umm, the article said Chivas was going to let him train with them, not necessarily play with them. BIG difference.

  2. Todd T says:

    I have to admit I do not watch many Redbull games. Why is having Ryan Miller picked for Costa Rica a good thing for the USMNT? Is he a terrible player? If so, is the thought that if he makes the team the team must be bad? I think if you looked at Jozy at to national level it might make teams feel good but if you see him on AZ you might be worried! So what’s the deal?

  3. Matt says:

    Roy Miller has had some really dumb moments in the last couple months, including this past weekend during ESPN2’s Game of the Week, which sealed up NY’s loss.

  4. Kenan says:

    Can sounders Alonso play for the US? I think that he would be great for us!

  5. Todd T says:

    Thanks Matt

  6. Kyle says:

    haha, bijev doesn’t look to enthusiastic on the bench. is he u-20 eligible for the world cup?

  7. Mike says:

    Yea Kyle he is, Only 19 atm. He probably will be on world cup roster. But the real question now is if he will still be on loan at IK Start. I would prefer that so he can get some playing time, Wouldn’t mind a little more depth in the foward position for the USMNT

  8. daniil says:

    Alonso is a US citizen, but he is captied with Cuba. There is a fifa rule that if a player loses his captied country’s nationality against his will for political reasons he can make a one-time switch. The USSF would have to bring his case before FIFA if they want to call him up, which has not happened yet. Defections are a little bit gray with that rule because obviously he didn’t defect against his free will, but I would presume cuba no longer considers him a citizen or anything so its an iffy case and fifa would have to stir up some cuban documents or something to rule

  9. Todd T says:

    I hear his name bandied about a bit but it doesn’t get traction. I would assume if he were an exceptional player and wanted to play for the US, then the USSF would have already went to bat him. The fact that hasn’t happened leads me to think he isn’t high enough on the radar as a must have guy.

  10. Chris says:

    it actually leads me to believe how blind USSF is, we let high quality players just fall through our fingers on a regular basis. Dual nationality players won a world cup for france in the 90s, and it is an effective way to get quality players in a side.

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