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Monday morning links
   February 18, 2013 (12:06 AM) by Matt Benson     Email This Post Email This Post

You might have seen me post a bunch of the videos already this weekend, but you should probably follow @EveryTouchFooty on Twitter.  He/she/it has been posting some great videos of various American players and their every touch in games from this past weekend.  If they continue to make these videos, you can expect me to post a lot of them as they give you a decent idea of how someone played aside from the normal 2-3 minute videos with only the goals from the game.

The US U-20 team kicks off its World Cup qualifying today at 5:30 PM Central on Fox Soccer.  US Soccer gives us two videos.  One with Tab Ramos talking about the roster and another about the team returning to Puebla to train.

Staying with the U-20 theme, Marc Pelosi had to leave his Liverpool U-21s game this weekend with an injury.  And it looks like he broke his leg.  That probably knocks him out of this summer’s U-20 World Cup if the US are able to qualify.

Landon Donovan is set to return to the LA Galaxy in late March.  No word if/when he plans to return with the USMNT.  I’m guessing we won’t see him in a US jersey until May or June.

Alfredo Morales made his 2012-13 senior team debut with Hertha Berlin this weekend.  And here is a photo of him and Anthony Brooks celebrating the occasion.  Hopefully he is talking in Brooks’ ear about how great it is to play for the USMNT.

I posted some goals from some friendlies last week and it looks like Brian Span has scored again in another one.  Hopefully Span can convert this good form into playing time with Djurgården as he appeared in only nine games last season.

Lester Dewee has continued to play/train/trial with Bodens BK and has scored some goals.  You can see some photos of some recent friendlies here and a video interview with Dewee right here.

And finally, Robbie Earle thinks Brek Shea can have some success at Stoke City.

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Matt Benson

Matt likes soccer. He likes sleeping in. He is also amused easily. That is pretty much it.

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14 Responses to “Monday morning links”

  1. Ian says:

    Since Fox Soccer is now showing the U-20s, will it still be available on

  2. Gregory says:

    If Morales stays healthy and earns a starting spot at Hertha will he replace D.Williams or Maruice Edu? I know JK dreams about a 7 CDMs on the field at once.

    RB-Morales CB Cameron CB Edu LB D.Williams

    RM Bradley CM Beckemam LM J.Jones

    I’m joking but he has tried D.Williams at LB and Edu at CB.

  3. Trent Hill says:

    Edu should displace D.Williams right now, I think. He has experience, speed, positioning skill, and is starting in the top division in Turkey, which is quite good. D. Williams just hasnt impressed, outside of one game.

    J. Jones is a bomb-scare most times, too. That beautiful pass to Dempsey aside, he’s got so little possession skill and he’s such a card-danger.

  4. Todd T. says:

    Trent…Edu is better than D.Williams. Really not sure that is accurate. The problem with Danny Williams is that he isn’t a nature right mid. They have very different skill sets. I agree Jones is a tireless worker(much of the work is to undo his many losses of possession) …technical…but his poor decisions hurt the team immensely. Edu is more like Jones with his work rate and similar penchant for untimely possession loss. I would love to see Jones dropped for Williams. I think Williams has better attacking skills than Jones but not the same defensive bite or positioning. Don’t think this will happen unless Jones is forced out from yellow card accumulation/red card…which is not out of the realm of possibilities. I think JK will focus more on his back line then work on the midfield situation…Landon will changes things, Shea might if he can regain fitness, Holden…well who knows!!! Lot’s of if’s and lots of time. The US will qualify in either 2nd or third position in the hex. Consider the next 14 months an extended audition…sit back and enjoy. One more thing don’t be surprised if Alfredo Morales makes and impact…seeing his technical ability leads me to think if he can make first team minutes at club that he will be considered for the World Cup.

  5. Cam says:

    It’s difficult for me to imagine how anybody can see jermaine jones as anything other than a defensive midfielder, he is good at breaking up the other teams attack, that is all. I just watched his video from the weekend @EveryTouchFooty he gives the ball to the other team more than his own. Even simple pass seem to be a chore for him at times. I thing he is our best Dmiddie but that is all why try to play him somewhere else?

    My theory is Klinnsman has a severe case of favorite-itus, i.e.: is Danny Williams is healthy he does all can to put him on the field…and that’s how hes picks his starting 11, picks his favorite 11 players and then tries to stick them on the field together at the same time it’s like a real life game of fifa

  6. Cam says:

    wow, sorry for all those typos

  7. daniil says:

    I got so lucky. I’m in panama and I caught the haiti-US game on TV. We looked pretty good half1 then tapered off

  8. Gregory says:

    J. Jones was taking corner kicks last game for the USMNt, he also was one of the most creative players on the field. No doubt Jones is a CDM, but he can hold the ball up better then M.Bradley at times. USA lost complete control of the game when he was subbed out. He looks ugly with the ball, but you can’t deny the USA needs him on the field.

    Maurice Edu is under appreciated, he is athlete that can look horrible at times in the attacking end, but he can thug up a game better then anyone other then J.Jones. D.Williams and Edu are on the same level in my book, it’s hard to say one should start over.

    I really shouldn’t post this but if Maurice Edu was white and dreadlocked he would be loved. I’m not accusing anyone of racism or that you can’t criticize Edu, but he doesn’t get the credit for his club career. Honesty think if Parkhurt or Beckerman had Edu’s club career they would be thought of as legends.

  9. Cam says:

    @Gregory Maurice Edu is under appreciated?!? He hadn’t started a club match for 7 months until 2 weeks ago and he still got called up to the National team I’m going to say he’s appreciated just fine

    I’m not sure what you mean when you say JJ “holds the ball up better” than MB considering they are both midfielders but if you are saying that JJ has better offensive skills in any context i think you are sadly mistaken

    And and if JJ was the best offensive player on the field is (which i dont agree with) it’s an indictment of the tactics more than anything he was playing further forward than any other midfielder

  10. Todd T. says:

    @Gregory…I agree with your assessment of Edu vs Williams. Edu is a great athlete but lacks technical ability when compared to Williams. I think Edu is more suited to be a CB because it utilizes his athletic ability but doesn’t ask more from him(Looked good against Mexico).

    Jones can make some inspiring passes and runs with the ball but also loses the ball in bad positions more often then ending positively.

    The one thing that sets Jones apart most of the mids not named Bradly, Donavon and Dempsey…he wants the ball when the game gets stressful. He is willing to put the game on his shoulders. That makes him a valuable player until one of the others steps up.

    As for your last thought…yeah it doesn’t sound good or read well but I do get your point. Say what you like about Beckerman but he is a great role player…you know what you are getting…unlike some of the more gifted players.

  11. Gregory says:

    @Cam you left “at times” off my quote. J.Jones had an assist and held the ball up pretty well, once he was subbed, Honduras controlled the game. He can dribble a lot faster then Bradley, I think Bradley has a better touch and vision, but J.Jones was taking corners.

    Who would get called over Edu? Beckerman? Edu couldn’t see the field for an EPL team, neither did Bradley. Wasn’t Edu starting CB in the shutout in Mexico City during that 7 months. I think fans don’t appreciate Edu, JK knows he’s one of the best athletes in the player pool. I hope Bundesliga player takes his spot.

  12. Gregory says:

    I don’t mean to trash Beckerman, but I thought he was exposed in the Jamaica loss, and remember people trying to blame Edu for Beckermans mistakes.

  13. Cam says:

    No Beckerman shouldn’t take his spot…out of JJ, Bradley, Williams, Edu, and Beckerman only 2 should be on field at the same time…

    My 2 would be JJ and Bradley…playing defensive midfielders in offensive positions is not a winning formula

  14. Trent Hill says:

    JJ and Bradley or Edu and Bradley. Beckerman doesnt belong on the field. Williams is the fourth.

    Find a way to get Bradley, Dempsey, Donovan, and Jozy going forward. Including Klejstan isn’t a bad idea either.

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