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Monday morning links
   November 26, 2012 (12:22 AM) by Matt Benson     Email This Post Email This Post

It looks like the site’s server woke up from its post-turkey nap and is running somewhat faster.  That all said, here are a few links from the last week or so.

This report out of Scotland has Celtic manager Neil Lennon wanting to sign Juan Agudelo after impressing during his training stint with the Scottish club.  STV Sport also did a 13-minute video interview with Agudelo right here.

Some Danish reports are saying Jurgen Klinnsman will help Michael Parkhurst find a new club come January.

Jose Torres is making the move from Pachuca to Tigres UANL.

Staying in Mexico, Tijuana (Joe Corona, Edgar Castillo, Greg Garza) are headed to the Liga MX final to face Toluca after defeating Leon 3-2 on aggregate.  Both Corona and Castillo started in yesterday’s second-leg victory.  By making the final, they also earned a spot in the 2013-14 CONCACAF Champions League.

Greg Seltzer talked to Matt Taylor last week about his success in Germany.

The Bolton News recently did an interview with Tim Ream.  Ream started at defensive midfielder on Saturday in Bolton’s 1-1 draw to Brighton & Hove Albion.

Continuing with the interviews, Brian K. Blickenstaff spent some time with Danny Williams in Germany.

Brian Sciaretta looks at some potential options for the USMNT central defense aside from Geoff Cameron.

Here is a highlight video of Kemi Kings’ Christian Eissele and his 2012 season in Finland, which saw him lead the Kakkonen in goals.

As for some noteworthy performances from the weekend.  Fabian Johnson scored for Hoffenheim in their 2-1 loss to Bayer Leverkusen (highlights here).  Clint Dempsey assisted on one goal and “hockey” assisted on another in Tottenham’s 3-1 victory over West Ham United (highlights here).  And Charlie Davies head-butted a guy (highlights here).

Marc Heider scored his eighth goal of the season in Holstein Kiel’s 3-0 win over Victoria Hamburg in German Regionalliga action.  Eugene Starikov is starting to get more playing time in Russia, getting another start for Rostov in their 2-0 win over Mordovia Saransk.  And Bobby Wood has fought his way back from injuries to make an appearance off the bench (16 minutes) for 1860 Munich in their 2-2 draw to Union Berlin.

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Matt Benson

Matt likes soccer. He likes sleeping in. He is also amused easily. That is pretty much it.

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24 Responses to “Monday morning links”

  1. Kyle says:

    the third level of Finnish football seems like it is ncaa division II status.

  2. Gregory says:

    Edgar Castillo needs another chance at LB or LM. He can some what dribble and is getting more playing time then any other American at Tijuana. I know he looked horrible last summer at LB, but he has to be in some kind of decent form. The MX league is almost as legit as it get. Lets Remember Eddie Johnson was cut from the MX, and Johnathan Bornstein can’t make a game-day roster.

    I just would like to see Fabian on the wing with someone else that can dribble.

  3. Gregory says:

    Juan Agudelo’s possible move to Celtic is huge. The USMNT have very few attacking options playing outside of Scandinavian leagues. I know the SPL is not a good league, but Celtic can be considered an elite club. (Big difference between playing CDM/CB then forward)

    Agudelo’s trial shows other trails/loans to huge Clubs are gimmicks.

    I really do not think any other young MLS forwards have the skills to transfer to a non-Scandinavian league. (expect for Diego Fagúndez)

  4. Ian says:

    I think Darren Mattocks could.

  5. 2tone says:

    Eddie Johnson was cut because Puebla couldn’t afford him. I think Eddie Johnson is pretty happy where he landed.

    That whole bit about him not being fit was just a cover story.

  6. Gregory says:


    Where did you read that at? It does not make much sense because Johnson is only making $106k a year in the MLS.

    It’s hard to believe Pueblo could not match or out-pay Johnson’s MLS salary if they actually wanted him. The MX destroys the MLS in CONCAFAF Champs league every year, I’m sure those players are easily making 2 to 3 times as much in Mexico, or else they would come play in the MLS.

    Keep in mind Pueblo had to have signed Demarcus Beasley for well over $300k. The MLS would have easily given Beasley $300k like it does to almost all returning USMNT veterans.

  7. Trent Hill says:

    Agudelo to Celtic would be great, but I doubt it. Lennon doesn’t waste money and MLS/Chivas isn’t going to give him up easily. Agudelo is young, marketable, and exciting–they wont let him go cheap enough.

    It’d be good, though. Celtic is thin at forward at the moment because Hooper has been injured, Stokes has been injured, and Samaras is injury prone. He’s even brought in a young forward by the name Tony Watt. I’d think Agudelo is as good as young Watt.

  8. 2tone says:

    Puebla’s stadium and club house was seized by the Mexican Government last January due to 14 million pesos of unpaid taxes. This happened like two weeks after the whole Eddie Johnson debacle. They didn’t have the money to sign Johnson, and instead of letting the public know that they were going to be raided by the tax authorities they fabricated the story about Johnson not being physically fit. He passed a physical for Seattle a few weeks later. You can find the article everywhere.

  9. 2tone says:

    Oh and Beasley had to take a pay cut to stay on with Puebla.

  10. chris says:

    good analysis 2tone, also i dont like the agudelo to celtic, at their strongest they have three or four striker better than agudelo, he is good enough to go over there just at the right club, maybe like a championship team or a mid table team in portugal or spain

  11. Trent Hill says:

    At their strongest, yes, Celtic have at least 3 strikers ahead of Agudelo–maybe 4.

    But they aren’t at their strongest. And with Celtic competing in Champion’s League, Scottish Cup, Scottish League Cup, and League–that’s a lot of games, all of which Celtic are expected to win.

  12. Gregory says:

    I was trying to say Eddie Johnson wishes he was playing for Puebla, or any Mexican club, cuz he would make 7 times as much money.

    Beasley is still making good money, Mexico upgrades it’s Futbol with tax breaks and other local customs.

    Mexican Government Officials have granted citizenship to any Brazilian MX player that just 1 of many examples of differences in the culture that improves their sport.

  13. Kyle says:

    blah blah blah blah

  14. mitch says:

    Eddie Johnson.. Shows how absolutely miserable our pool of strikers is that we actually still care about this guy. Couldn’t make an impact outside of mls and is useless playing any opponent outside of concacaf. Charlie davies was twice as good before his accident. What a shame.

  15. mitch says:

    Ha btw, edgar castillo needs another chance? No. Leave him in the Mexican leafue where he belongs please. A speedy little fly at lb that can’t defend? Have you seen that little shit play with the usmnt? And with the emergence of fabian? …?

  16. mitch says:

    I must say I like your wishful thinking though, gregory.

  17. mitch says:

    Is fagundez expected to side with us or is he committing to Uruguay? I looked him up but i didnt see anything asserting his national affiliation.

  18. chris says:

    @trenthill- so you want celtic to pick up agudelo because they have an injury crisis, now what do you expect to happen then

  19. Piaggio says:

    US is short of strikers, really? I mean, I’m not naive to say any of them are world class, but lets take a look (in nor particular order):


    Also add Dempsey to that list, since he can also play FW. I know, most of them are young, inexperienced and probably not ready for international soccer, but to say the pool is thin is too much.

  20. Trent Hill says:

    “@trenthill- so you want celtic to pick up agudelo because they have an injury crisis, now what do you expect to happen then”

    I didn’t say I wanted Celtic to pick up Agudelo “because they have an injury crisis”. I simply stated that they DO have an injury crisis. I want him to get picked up by Celtic because it’s a fantastic opportunity for a young player to train at one of the world’s best academies and possibly get some play time with one of the world’s most famous teams. It will also put him in the shop window. He could very easily get a loan deal to another SPL team, a smaller English team, etc.

  21. mitch says:

    Piaggio, i assume your post was a rebuttal to one of mine? I asserted that our pool of strikers must not be very talented if eddie Johnson still warrants this much discussion as a football player. I understand you misread my post, however you are incorrect regarding our strikers. Depends on how you define the word thin. Every nation has an abundant amount of strikers to choose from, obviously, but the question is talent. I hope most of us would agree that we are thin on talented strikers that have proven they can perform on the senior international stage.

  22. Dirk says:

    So Piaggio thinks the following players mean that the U.S has depth at striker?

    Altidore – We all know he has talent, hasn’t translated into success at the National level for some time.

    Boyd – A promising talent no doubt, playing in a weak league. Would love to see him in a top 5 Euro league.

    Gomez – Nice work rate, good team guy, hasn’t translated into goals at the Nat level…..scoring has tapered in Mexico lately.

    Agudelo – A nice player who hasn’t grown much at all the last few years. Disappointing to say the least.

    Johansson – Is this the Icelandic guy who plays in Denmark? Seriously no.

    Wondolowski – A workhorse for the MLS who has reached his level. At best a guy to bring off the bench to poach a goal, not someone to pin your hopes on.

    Johnson – Was superb in the last few qualifiers…against CONCACAF competition he is fine. He failed in Europe against EPL competion, then failed in the Championship. Not a reliable source for goals against the world’s best.

    Wooten – Never been capped at the senior level, scored a lot of goals in Germany’s 2nd or 3rd division.

    Wood – Scored 10 goals in Germany’s 3rd division. Nothing to see here.

    Starikov – a 24 year old who barely plays in Russia? This guy provides depth for the U.S? He’s never been called up and never will be.

    Bijev – Struggling for playing time in Norway at the moment. At least when Charlie Davies went to Scandinavia he bagged a bunch of goals.

    Gordon – A nice MLS player well past his sell-by date.

    The U.S. is VERY thin at striker, just because you rattle off a bunch of names of people who play the position doesn’t mean they are capable of performing at the international level. Norwich City’s Grant Holt has scored dozens of goals the past few years yet can’t get near the England team because of names like Rooney, Welback, Sturridge, Walcott, Defoe, Bent, and Crouch are in front of him. Hell, I would take Swansea’s Scott Sinclair over anyone the U.S. has at the moment. We have no depth whatsoever, at ANY POSITION. Look how sketchy we are when Michael Bradley goes down. How we can’t seem to get a solid pair of CB’s together now that Boca is old. The ONLY position we seem to be okay at is RB with Cherundolo, Chandler (if), Parkhurst, and Lichaj. Striker is still a glaring weak spot until someone PROVES they can step up.

  23. Gregory says:

    Dirk thanks for the realistic run down of the US forwards list. I think we also have some depth at CDM. Not midfield, just defensive midfield that does nothing but defend.

    Mitch your brutal honesty is appreciated. As fans that want to see the USMNT get better, we have to be honest that the MLS is a joke. I hope we can stop the MLS/US media trying to sell us garbage players that have no chance to play in top European Leagues.

  24. Dirk says:

    About CDM’s, that’s true in a sense. If you throw D Williams, M Bradley, M Edu, K Beckerman, JL Torres, Jermaine Jones, hell you can throw J Spector and G Cameron into players who have played some D-mid for their club teams. Thing of it is, all these players do some things better than other things. Williams, Edu and Beckerman are the 3 purest center defensive mids. Williams is clearly the best of the bunch, starting in the Bundesligia at that position. Edu is good at breaking up play and using his athleticism and strength, but is rather useless passing the ball. Beckerman plays the role very well in MLS, but cannot play this role at International level because he is too slow.

    JL Torres is more a very poor man’s Andrea Pirlo, capable of playing deep centrally, but his tackling is poor, which is why i imagine Klinsman has hesitated playing him centrally. He should cease calling him up because of this.

    Jones is a destroyer type, a more useful version of what Edu can sorta do, but does anyone want Jones to be the last defender in front of the back four? I think not.

    Bradley can play the CDM role but is wasted there. We need him linking balls with the forwards. So the US is deep at center mid, but depending on how Klinsman chooses to deploy these players says a lot about how effective they will be. In a 4-1-3-2, have Williams be the 1, have Bradley play in front of Williams, play Donovan on the right, and in a perfect world, a healthy Stu Holden at the other midfield position would have been awesome. Oh well.

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