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US Soccer announces Russia roster
   November 12, 2012 (7:58 AM) by Howie Michaels     Email This Post Email This Post

Jürgen Klinsman called in twenty players for the Russia friendly, including two potential debutantes and some long-absent faces:

GOALKEEPERS (3): Tim Howard (Everton), Sean Johnson (Chicago Fire), Nick Rimando (Real Salt Lake)
DEFENDERS (6): Carlos Bocanegra (Racing Santander), Geoff Cameron (Stoke City), Timmy Chandler (Nuremberg), Maurice Edu (Stoke City), Clarence Goodson (Brondby), Fabian Johnson (Hoffenheim)
MIDFIELDERS (7): Michael Bradley (Roma), Mix Diskerud (Rosenborg), Joshua Gatt (Molde), Joe Gyau (Hoffenheim), Jermaine Jones (Schalke 04), Sacha Kljestan (Anderlecht), Danny Williams (Hoffenheim)
FORWARDS (4): Juan Agudelo (Chivas USA), Jozy Altidore (AZ Alkmaar), Terrence Boyd (Rapid Vienna), Herculez Gomez (Santos Laguna)

 The biggest name is Timmy Chandler, making his first appearance in a year. In a Q-and-A with, the on-again, off-again rightback discusses his commitment issues: The first question on many people’s minds will be: Why now?
Timmy Chandler: “I spent a lot of time thinking this over. I have had many conversations with Jurgen, my family, my girlfriend and the people close to me, and I finally feel ready to make the commitment.” What were some of the issues you felt were holding you back from being fully committed?
TC: “I was a young player trying to get settled into my club team and wasn’t sure about the long travel and everything that goes into being a part of this National Team. My coaches didn’t like the idea, so I think even I felt some pressure. I’ve had a chance to get settled in with the club and also have grown up a lot. I know what I want to do.” Given what has transpired in the last two years, there may be some people who are skeptical of your commitment to the U.S. team at this point?

TC: “I understand that a lot of people in the USA may be unsure because they think I have said [I’m committed] in the past. All I can say is that I am clear in my head about the commitment moving forward. This was about me being ready to accept the responsibility of being a part of the National Team and everything that goes with it, and now I am ready. I hope I will get chances in the future. I am in 1,000 percent.”

Actual wingers [Josh Gatt (Molde) and Joe Gyau (St. Pauli)] are nice to see. Despite a down year in MLS, Juan Agudelo is back, and despite a recent spat with the head man, Jozy Altidore is back.

Sacha, Gatt, Mix, Herc….it’s like the fan favorite XI.

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Howie Michaels

Howie once received a death threat at a USA-Brazil friendly. He still believes in Fred Adu. He plays forward in coed rec, although not well.

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30 Responses to “US Soccer announces Russia roster”

  1. Steffen says:

    I would have rather seen Brooks than Edu…and it’s disappointing that Johannsson clearly won’t be involved in the USMNT striker pool…but overall this is a VERY exciting roster. Love seeing young players with lightning speed on the wing getting experience working with the squad if nothing else. Chandler’s renewed commitment adds a lot more options to the RB/RW spot as well…he has been inconsistent this year but he’s still a top talent.

  2. daniil says:

    Yeah this is an awesome friendly roster. I’m really looking forward to seeing Gyau and Gatt get out there, and my face absolutely lit up when I saw Mix on there :DDD also good to see Kljestan

    I’m kinda interested in the fact that Bradley got called in after playing a derby for a 10 man side in a monsoon, while other big names (lol dempsey) were left at home.

    And I’m still a little cautious of chandler, but those were some nicely worded comments and they make me significantly more comfortable with him. Overall… good things happening.

  3. chris says:

    This is an alright roster, I’m not gona get too into it cuz its just a friendly. I’m assuming dolo and dempsey arent in cuz they played sunday?
    I would have liked to see ream, beckerman, zusi, and bedoya called up instead of players like edu or gyau. Gyau hasnt been great this year even tho i was very impressed with him with our u-23 team, i think klinsi just loves his german-americans. Good to see chandler, gatt, agudelo and altidore back in the side.
    Heres my starting 11 for wednesday
    In the second half i would expect appearances by gatt and chandler to give us width, as well as maybe a run out by boyd to help create something in the final third.

  4. Piaggio says:

    Gyau is not German-American chris! he’s from FL, he just joined Hoffenheim when he was young.

  5. 2tone says:

    My only dissapointment is Maurice Edu getting called in. JAB and Whitbread are actually startin CB’s for the respective teams while Edu is a has been now for Stoke.

  6. chris says:

    oh yes yes, sorry @piaggio, i knew that! All these german-americans got me thinking every american in the bundesliga is german. My bad, and yes @2tone, i hate calling in edu, especially as a cb, I would rather see ream, whitbread, brooks, or a multitude of other cbs in mls. Also there area ton of box to box mids in this squad bradley, jones, edu, klejstan, mix etc. he should have called in more playmakers in the midfield, like a dempsey or bedoya or corona, someone like that, i think were going to struggle getting the ball up to our forwards without creativity in the midfield other than some from bradley

  7. Jeffrey says:

    I’m just happy to see that nobody has said they wanted to see Adu in this callup. I think its a good roster and they well bring a good game. I do think to improve the mid you need to move F. Johnson to wide left mid and get someone else into that left back spot.

  8. Gregory says:

    Please lets embrace German-Americans, without them J. Bernstein or who knows would be at LB. Fabain turns LB into a strength for the USMNT.

    No Dolo leaves RB open for Chandler.

    I happy to see these “young guns” Gyua, Mix, Gatt, Boyd, and Juan Agudelo get a shot in Russia.

    With no Dempsey, we get to see who steps up.

  9. Richard says:

    I’m pretty excited by this lineup. The only changes I would make would be to bring in John Anthony Brooks (as many others have said) and Freddy Adu (although his club situation is unsettled). Maybe in the January camp we’ll see those two.

  10. William says:


    I would like to see Gatt, Gyau and Mixx get at least 30 minutes each.

  11. chris says:

    very similar lineup to mine william, just i have klejstan and agudelo for chandler and altidore. I dont think we’ll see chandler in the starting XI, klinsmann should try to ease him back in, i could see altidore instead of agudelo but i just think agudelo is a little more creative and that could give him the nod

  12. Trent Hill says:

    Anyone else disappointed to see Rimando and Johnson get the call? Would’ve much rather seen Gucan, Yelldell, or Steve Clark called in.

    I agree, would’ve rather seen John Anthony Brooks and Whitbread over Edu.

    Interesting that Dempsey and Dolo aren’t on the roaster. We’re going to see some new faces for sure.

    I’m satisfied by Chandler’s comments. For me, those words put him 100% in our camp. Now if he does anything to back out, then we exile him and tell him “good luck with that Germany call-up nonsense”. But, I’m satisfied that he’s sort of learned his lesson, matured, and that this is where he wants to be.

  13. Gregory says:

    Edu is a great athlete to have in camp. (He a great practice body and keeps at other player’s heels). People diss Edu as if he performed like Kyle Beckerman in the last couple games. I do not think Edu should start but Edu has a special qualities, that’s why he rides the bench and collects a nice pay-check in the EPL.

    Spector got hosed over any-one. He is starting in the Championship.

    Lets stop acting like Chandler has something to prove, he starts in the Bundesliga and has looked good every-time he has played for the USMNT. Also keep in mind Chandler is 22 and playing/starting in his 3rd season in the Bundesliga, thats very impressive.

  14. Jaime says:

    I disagree with chris and William … Here is my starting 11

    Chandler… Goodson…. Cameron…. Johnson
    ………..Williams …………
    …….Bradley ……… Klejstan

  15. daniil says:

    @gregory i think everybody here can agree that chandler is a splendid player, the only question is his commitment. Publicly stating that he is committed is one step, now he has to actually show it. Given that he hasnt been playing with us recently, I think getting him 20-25 minutes is a good start. Lets see just how patient and committed he is to the team.

  16. William says:


    I would love to see Gyau and Gatt both get the start but that is wishful thinking IMO.

  17. tom says:

    Yeah, from the comments Klinsmann said about the roster (and the young guys), don’t expect Gatt/Gyau/Mix to start. But maybe get some minutes off the bench.

  18. Paul says:

    fan favorite starting XI?
    not sure about that.
    No Benny Feilhaber?
    I know the Galaxy are still in the playoffs but Mike Magee better get a call up in January (if there is a camp in January).
    No Zach Lloyd?
    No Eric Lichaj?

  19. says:

    Let’s go get those dirty Commies!!! Not our best side, but if we’re able to keep it close, then we should see some real sparks coming off the bench. I just can’t wait to see the blazing speed of my boy Josh Gatt. Oh baby!

  20. Trent Hill says:

    Why on earth would Magee get a callup? He’s no even in the top 5 best players on his MLS team.

  21. chris says:

    agreed trent, magee is a fine player but hes not young and we have a lot of depth at that position, you have to think available in the january camp at that second striker or cam mid the following players will be available: donovan, eddie johnson, agudelo, gatt, adu, bedoya, feilhaber, charlie davies, rolfe, etc. We have a ton of options there

  22. Jaime says:

    I agree with Chris on this one.. Magee is not National team worthy.. Chandler for sure starts tomorrow.. and I think Gatt starts also…

  23. Gregory says:

    Diego Fagundez is the only MLS attacker player I think has potential to play in an elite European team. I’m not sure if he has a green card or what his status is, but he is good.

  24. Dirk says:

    Nick Rimando impressed me a lot for Real Salt Lake. Brad Guzan deserves the other call up at keeper. Eric Lichaj isnt here because he picked up another injury. I would have preferred to see Benny Feilhaber brought in ahead of Juan Agudel, who has done nothing to deserve being called up. I like that Klinsmann finally has some speed on the wings. I would like to see Jermaine Jones on the bench to start the game. the most exciting part of this friendly is seeing Tim Chandler and Fabian Johnson on the pitch together.

  25. chris says:

    i dont like the idea of starting chandler since he left us out in the cold, i also think this is a great chance to see cameron at rb which is where he plays for stoke. I would love to see chandler come off the bench possibly but if u stick him right back in the starting 11 then your telling him there are no consequences for your actions. I also i like the agudelo call up more than feilhaber cuz agudelo can grow while feilhaber is what he is.

  26. daniil says:

    Chris, I agree 100% with you on chandler. He needs a serving of humble pie.

  27. chris says:

    glad we agree for once champ. Looking at the russia roster and what i think they’ll throw at us, i see a lot of speed so chandler could come on for 20-30 minutes, as well as gatt to try to even that out.

  28. Andrew says:

    Starting 11:


    Jurgy will be dying to pair williams with one of his german outside backs. Gomez and Jozy look best in league play right now so they get the start. Gatt and Mixx come on at some point and get their chance. Kljestan’s last chance I think, and I’ll bet he blows it. Altidore gets the MVP in a 2-0 win.

  29. Dirk says:

    Can’t play D Williams out wide where you have him, he’s terrible out there. He needs to be played at defensive Mid.
    Williams — Bradley
    Gatt —— Mix —- Gomez

  30. Gregory says:

    Guessing JK 4-3-3


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