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World Cup Predictions, The Final
   July 13, 2014 (6:15 AM) by RJ DeMello

Well Brazil basically threw in the towel yesterday as the Selecao suffered another embarrassing defeat. Perhaps the most embarrassing thing is the Thiago Silva didn’t know to stay at least five yards away from Arjen Robben. So he made a silly mistake and put an arm on his shoulder at the top of the box and started the route from there.

But let’s forget about the silly third place game as it is time for what we all have been waiting for, the final.

World Cup Final Germany Vs Argentina

After years of waiting for the tournament and a month of suffering through my poor predictions, here it is folks the World Cup Final.

Germany looks like the team of destiny this tournament as the team pushes aside anyone in its path. With such depth to the squad even injury doesn’t concern the Germans as their second team could beat many a first teams. If Germany’s defense can stifle Lionel Messi much like the Dutch defense did in the Semi-Final then the Europeans will have a great shot at winning it all.

Argentina has yet to look anything near spectacular in this tournament yet finds itself in the biggest game in the world. Messi has guided the team but as seen in the semis against the Netherlands, take him away and Argentina has no teeth. The team has and will continue to miss Angel Di Maria out there on the wing.

Germany looks to be the better team on paper and on previous performances at this World Cup. Since my predictions have been so awful throughout I am going to stick with my prediction from before the tournament started. I filled out a bracket this year and in the end had Argentina winning it all. If the Argentinians have gotten this far I might as well stick to my guns and have them pulling off the upset. I’ll go with a 2-1 Argentina victory and Messi immortalized in Argentina and around the world forever.

Thanks for following along throughout the tournament. Maybe I can study up and do better in 2018. Leave what you think will happen today in the comments below, as well as your favorite memory from this World Cup.

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World Cup Predictions, Third Place Game!
   July 12, 2014 (6:15 AM) by RJ DeMello

After such an entertaining World Cup, that second semi-final sure was a bore. Both teams had great defensive plans in limiting the effects of each side’s star players. In the end Argentina managed to wiggle on through JUST AS I PREDICTED (okay folks I didn’t get many right, I have to celebrate when I do).

Now for the match with everything riding on it, the glorious third place game.

Third Place Game Brazil Vs Netherlands

Hopefully that fact that this really means nothing will provide the entertainment that Wednesday’s game lacked. Brazil will want to show better than they did against Germany…I think. Or the team will come out just as flat and suffer another defeat.

The Netherlands had a great run in the tournament and quite frankly, in my opinion, over achieved. Nigel De Jong made a shock come back Wednesday, but I would be shocked if he plays any part on Saturday. Throw Memphis Depay out there and have some fun with the emotionally tattered Brazilians.

I do like the Netherlands chances here but have to go with Brazil taking the third spot. Thiago Silva returning to the side will shore up the defense. Plus, if you are the Brazil players you can’t be seen in the country ever again if you lose another game after the humiliation of Tuesday.

Agree or disagree? Let me know below, as well as what you think for the moment we’ve all been waiting for, Germany Vs Argentina in the World Cup Final.

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World Cup Predictions, Semi-Final 2
   July 9, 2014 (6:15 AM) by RJ DeMello

Well after pinching myself numerous times I can confirm that yesterday did happen. Most people seemed to be picking the German’s to win, but there is no way anyone predicted that final score-line. Now Germany sits and waits for an opponent to take on in the final on Sunday.

First, the Netherlands and Argentina have to duke it out to see who will join ze Germans.

Semi-Final 2 Netherlands Vs Argentina

At this point, it is turning into a tournament about being the team with the least amount of injuries. As with Brazil, both the Dutch and Argentina have injury problems heading into Wednesday’s match.

For Argentina it comes in the form of star winger Angel Di Maria, who injured his quad in the quarter-final and is out for the rest of the tournament.

On the Oranje’s side the worry is on Captain Robin Van Persie and an apparent stomach issue the Manchester United striker is dealing with.

Lock of the Game: Messi will be brilliant once again.

Long Shot of the Game: Van Gaal continues his insane yet successful string of tactical changes by sending out a 6-3-1 formation and maniacally laughing at the Argentinean bench.

Ultimately this game will be about which of these two teams suspect defenses will finally crack. I said it at the beginning so I’ll stick to my guns here and say that the Dutch defense just isn’t good enough to get them there. Argentina sneaks away with the close victory and head on to a Herculean match-up on Sunday against Germany.

Agree or disagree? Let me know below, as well as what you think for the super important third place match once it is determined who will face the local u-13 Brazilian team as the rest of the senior squad has surely already left the country.

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World Cup Predictions, Semi-Final 1
   July 8, 2014 (6:15 AM) by RJ DeMello

The quarter-final round ended as expected over the weekend. This time a bit of magic from not Lionel Messi but Gonzalo Higuain did the trick for Argentina against Belgium. The Costa Ricans fought until the bitter end but Louis Van Gaal’s keeper substitution for penalty kicks ended up being a stroke of brilliance and the Netherlands just barely advanced.

Today sees a brilliant match-up for the tournament’s first semi-final.

Semi-Final 1 Brazil Vs Germany

The story of this match might actually be who isn’t playing in it. Neymar is out for Brazil after being assaulted in the Colombia game and fracturing a vertebrae. Brazil will also be without Captain Thiago Silva for yellow card accumulation after a rather silly play in the quarter-finals when he got in the way of the Colombian goalkeepers attempted punt.

Germany seems to be recovered from the virus that hit the team before the quarter-final and seem poised to knock off the hosts. Without having to deal with Neymar and the Brazilian back line being without its key man in the middle I see the advantage here with Germany.

If Brazil had its entire team I would pick the hosts to advance to the final. For me, missing two extremely key players will be too much to overcome in the end. I see Germany pulling it off and moving through to the final, leaving the host country in despair.

Agree or disagree? Let me know below as well as what you think for semi-final two of Netherlands Vs Argentina.

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World Cup Predictions, Match Day 21
   July 5, 2014 (6:15 AM) by RJ DeMello

Friday at the World Cup brought more sadness into the soccer world than joy. First, Germany and France played a less than thrilling match on the way to a 1-0 German victory. Did anyone else think that France seemed to never really go into desperation mode and attack like they should have?

Then of course there was the battle in Fortaleza between Colombia and Brazil. The referee let the game get way out of hand early and then Neymar’s back got broken by a nice knee to it. Oh yeah, and Brazil managed to pull of the 2-1 victory and a date with Germany in the semi-final. However, without Neymar and Thiago Silva due to yellow card accumulation it’ll be a tall task for the Brazilian’s to advance.

Now it’s time to look at the last set of quarter-final match-ups.

Match 1 Argentina Vs Belgium

Belgium’s defense has looked pretty solid so far this tournament, but perhaps that is due to the fact that the team hasn’t played a strong offensive opponent yet. At the same time the Belgian offense has gotten the job done, albeit late on in matches. Now, the squad will go up against a team that for once isn’t bunkering behind the ball.

Argentina’s defense is still unconvincing in my opinion, but as long as Messi doesn’t go and break his back too, I will always give the Argentinians a slight advantage. Brazil’s neighbor to the south pulls out the victory.

Match 2 Netherlands Vs Costa Rica

I have the Netherlands moving on to a date with Argentina, which surely would be a joy to watch. But with my luck Costa Rica will pull off another miracle and end up in the last four.

The Costa Ricans have been on a fairy tale run so far, but expect that to end today. The magic can only go so far, especially against a team with such stars as Van Persie and Robben. Nigel De Jong will be missed by the Dutch but I don’t foresee a problem for them here.

Agree? Disagree? What about Tuesday’s match of Brazil Vs Germany? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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World Cup Predictions, Match Day 20
   July 4, 2014 (6:15 AM) by RJ DeMello

I guess my reverse jinx could only work for so long. As you all know the US fell to Belgium 2-1 in extra time. The other match from that day ended with Argentina sneaking past an unlucky Switzerland. Now that everyone has had some time to recover it’s back to regularly scheduled programming.

Match 1 France Vs Germany

France has made it look pretty easy so far this tournament, the question now being is it through skill or luck of the draw? Germany had a tough time against the Algerians, needing extra time to find a breakthrough.

I think this is the game that Germany finally truly regrets only bringing one real forward. France’s speed helps to expose the slow German fullbacks and leads le white flags to victory.

Match 2 Brazil Vs Colombia

Now this one should be pure entertainment. Both teams have been a pleasure to watch so far this World Cup and hopefully that continues today. James Rodriguez has made this his tournament, but can he lead the way against the home side?

As much as Colombia has done well in this tournament I can’t pick against Brazil. I know it took penalties against Chile to go through but this is Brazil we are talking about here, and it’s on home soil. A quarter-final exit would send the country into turmoil. Brazil finds a way to sneak this one out and head to the semi-finals.

Agree? Disagree? What about tomorrow’s match-ups of Argentina v Belgium and Netherlands v Costa Rica? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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World Cup Predictions, Day…Aw Who Cares The US Is Playing.
   July 1, 2014 (6:15 AM) by RJ DeMello

It took France awhile to get going but in the end comfortably took care of Nigeria 2-0. Germany was pushed to the brink by the pesky Algerians but in the end it was not enough, with the Germans advancing 2-1 after extra time. Time for the final set of the Round of 16 action, here’s what will happen…maybe.

Match 1 Argentina Vs Switzerland

Jerry: Argentina 3 – 2 Switzerland

Doctor Phil: I think Messi has some fun. Argentina 3-1 Switzerland.

Daniil: Argentina 6-2 Switzerland. Two teams with terrible defenses. The prediction is slightly hyperbolic… but only slightly…

What I think: Argentina’s pure talent should be enough on the day. I think for the Swiss to have a chance the team would have to severely park the bus. So either the Swiss do and it’s a close one until the end, or Switzerland don’t and get soundly beaten. Either way Messi should see the quarter-finals.

Match 2 Belgium Vs USA

Jerry: USA 2 – 2 Belgium (with the US winning in extra/PK’s) we actually defended the wings in the Germany game “for the most part”. This will be key against a team like Belgium built to destroy teams wide.

Doctor Phil: Fellaini’s Afro blots out the sun as the US hangs on frantically. 1-1 after 120 minutes. Belgium wins in pens. Soccer forums become a breeding ground for shootout alternatives. Klinsmann hails the team’s effort.

Daniil: USA 2-0 Belgium Bradley breaks out and plays fantastically. 60% possession for the US, goals by Dempsey and Wondo!

What I think: Well you all knew it was coming right? I have the Belgians going through here in late fashion once again. The United States shows its fatigue after a grueling schedule and the rumble in the jungle. Somehow it’s all blamed on Michael Bradley.

Will we all get to pick another USA game this World Cup? One thing is for sure, Friday sees France Vs Germany and Brazil Vs Colombia so leave your predictions for those below.

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World Cup Predictions, Day 18 (Tomorrow’s the Big Day)
   June 30, 2014 (6:15 AM) by RJ DeMello

Well folks it’s obvious commenter Jerry is either the messiah or really rich and paying for the results of these games. He was spot on for both results yesterday which means pay attention to his predictions and not mine. Well after Mexico getting its heart ripped out and little Costa Rica going through; let’s look at day three of the Round of 16.

Match 1 France Vs Nigeria

Jerry: France 3 – 0 Nigeria

What I think: It would take a most shocking set of events to see France go out here. The team has exceptional talent and has been playing well instead of boycotting practice. Nigeria shouldn’t be too much of a problem for les blues. Jerry is once again most likely spot on here.

Match 2 Germany Vs Algeria

Jerry: Germany 2 – 0 Algeria

What I think: A boring day for picks as both games are seemingly quite clear cut. The Germans are one of the favorites and should make a very deep run. Meanwhile, Algeria is sort of a surprise guest to the knockout round. Most seemed to peg Russia to come out of Group H. I think the African’s will put up a respectable fight but in the end the difference in quality is just too much.

Monday is sort of boring, at least it seems like it will be. All eyes will be on tomorrow and a couple of big match-ups. Leave your thoughts in the comments below on the results of Argentina Vs Switzerland and of course Belgium Vs USA.

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World Cup Predictions, Day 17
   June 29, 2014 (6:15 AM) by RJ DeMello

This World Cup just won’t stop providing great entertainment. Brazil managed to sneak through on penalty kicks over Chile. It’s probably a good thing the team did or else that country may have fallen into complete turmoil. Colombia showed that the coffee growers are tuned in for this tournament. James Rodriguez is the real deal and showed Uruguay that on the way to victory Saturday night. Today it’s one match-up that was always at least pretty likely, Netherlands Vs Mexico, and on that no one would have predicted, Costa Rica Vs Greece.

Match 1 Netherlands Vs Mexico

Jerry: Netherlands 2 – 1 Mexico

What I think: Jerry was pretty much spot on yesterday and I think will be again with this one. Mexico is clearly a good team but the Netherlands have the extra attacking punch to get the squad over the edge. That coupled with the absence of Jose Vazquez in the center of the Mexican midfield means a win for the Dutch on the day.

Match 2 Costa Rica Vs Greece

Jerry: Costa Rica 1 – 1 Greece (with CR winning in extra/PK’s)

What I think: Call me foolish but I somehow see the awful Greek team getting the result in this game. Just something about them, it has absolutely nothing to do with soccer. The Greeks would go through just because THEY WOULD. The team plays awful soccer and yet somehow got here so what the heck ill pick them to get to the quarter-finals.

I hope I am wrong about that Greece pick above I really do. Leave your thoughts on Match Day 18’s games in the comments below. Monday sees France Vs Nigeria and Germany Vs Algeria.

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World Cup Predictions, Match Day 16
   June 28, 2014 (6:15 AM) by RJ DeMello

Well needless to say day 15 didn’t go as I expected, which is quite alright in my book. The US still lost to Germany, but sneaked through thanks to goal difference. Meanwhile, Algeria creeped through to the knockout round along with Belgium. Match day 16 sees the hosts lift the curtain on the knockout rounds. Let’s see what Saturday has in store.

Match 1 Brazil Vs Chile

Chris: I see this being a tight game until late, with Brazil pulling out a 3-1 victory with a couple late goals after wearing down the Chilean defense.

Jerry: Brazil 2 – 1 Chile

What I think: I mean Brazil has to win right? Or else the country falls into turmoil and the tournament can’t finish. I’ll go with a Brazil win here, but it sure won’t be easy against a very good Chilean side.

Match 2 Colombia Vs Uruguay

Chris: I think this is going to be a much closer match. With Uruguay being left Suarez-less, I think their offense sputters. Columbia 1 – Uruguay 0

Jerry: Columbia 2 – 0 Uruguay

What I think: Just for the sake of picking something different than the other guys here I’ll go with Uruguay. The team’s experience is enough while Colombia is exposed in the squad’s first trip to the Round of 16 since 1990.

Thanks to Chris and Jerry for providing their picks. Let’s see some more in the comment for Sunday’s games of Netherlands V Mexico and Costa Rica V Greece.

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