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Inside the Numbers: Cesar Romero’s 2014-15 season
   June 4, 2015 (1:30 PM) by Matt Benson


Cesar Romero had quite the 2014-15 season in Armenia, ending league play with 21 goals and nine assists. Luckily sites like Transfermarkt exist and I am able to look at top-flight leagues throughout Europe to see who else did that (21+ goals & 9+ assists) this past season and he is only one of a few guys.

You will probably recognize a few of the names from Spain, but we also get the Maltese Premier League and Austrian Bundesliga to go along with the big boys.  Also of note, Troy Deeney of Watford (21 goals & 10 assists) did it this past year as well, but obviously the Championship is not a top-flight league.

And always, just because I created this post doesn’t mean I think he is as good as Messi or Ronaldo.  I am well aware of what league he plays in.  You would be amazed at how many people message us these type of things anytime we highlight a player from a lower league.


And in case you missed many of Romero’s goals this past season, someone created a highlight video of CR7’s season.

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Inside the Numbers: Scoring exactly one goal
   May 13, 2015 (9:11 AM) by Matt Benson


This one is real quick and not flashy (and really random).  Some might remember when I posted Timothy Chandler’s goal from this past weekend, I made note that he has now scored exactly one league goal in each of his last five seasons.  That got me wondering, who else in Europe’s “Big Five” leagues can claim that and the answer is only one other person.  And it is Barcelona’s Sergio Busquets.


And here are Chandler’s last five seasons.


Like I said, random.

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Inside the Numbers: Jordan Morris’ goal against Mexico
   April 17, 2015 (8:23 AM) by Matt Benson


I finally had some time to sit down and look up some random stuff on the significance on Jordan Morris’ goal from Wednesday night to go along with other stuff that came out Wednesday night.  Hopefully it is his first of many more to come.  Enjoy the numbers.

* Jordan Morris was the 50th USMNT player all-time to score against Mexico (Juan Agudelo later became the 51st).

* He is the first college player to score for the US against Mexico since Dante Washington in 1991 while he was still at Radford.

* He became the sixth US player since 2000 to score his first international goal against Mexico, joining Landon Donovan, Josh Wolff, Jimmy Conrad, Jozy Altidore and Michael Orozco (h/t Paul Carr).

* He is the first US player to score in his first career start which was also against Mexico since Jozy Altidore in 2008.

* At 20 years and 171 days old on Wednesday, he also became the youngest US player to score against Mexico since Jozy Altidore (18 years, 92 days) in 2008.  Here is a look at the youngest US players to score against Mexico since 1970 (Juan Agudelo also makes the Top 10 with his goal on Wednesday).


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Inside the Numbers: Scoring goals against Mexico
   April 14, 2015 (8:45 AM) by Matt Benson


I crunched some numbers last night and here are some random facts/stats on the history of US players scoring goals against Mexico.

* There have been a total of 73 US goals all-time against Mexico scored by 49 different players (and one own goal).

* Aldo “Buff” Donelli holds the US single-game record against Mexico when he scored four goals in the US’ 4-2 win on May 24, 1934 in a World Cup qualifier in Rome.

* Fourteen different players have scored at least two goals against Mexico with Landon Donovan leading the pack with six career goals against El Tri.


* Of the seven US players with 20+ career goals, Clint Dempsey (40 career goals), Joe-Max Moore (24) and Bruce Murray (21) have never scored against Mexico.

* Of the players called into this roster (including Michael Orozco even though he is no longer coming), only three have scored a goal against Mexico:  Michael Bradley (4), Michael Orozco (1) and Chris Wondolowski (1).

* The player with the best name who has scored against Mexico:  Helmut Bicek.  He only has five appearances all-time with the US but he scored both of his two career goals with the US against Mexico in 1960 and 1965.

* Eddie Murphy has scored against Mexico.  Not this Eddie Murphy, but this Eddie Murphy (in back-to-back games in 1965).

* And finally, Chicharito has as many goals against the US as you reading this has against Mexico.

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Inside the Numbers: Rubio Rubin’s assists
   November 5, 2014 (7:15 AM) by Matt Benson

This will be a short one, but Rubio Rubin picked up his fourth assist in league play over the weekend (highlights).  According to Squawka, his four assists are tied for the fourth most in the Dutch Eredivisie so far in 2014-15.


Not bad for an 18-year-old.

And yes, the Eredivisie is a goal-scoring league (3.20 goals per game this season), especially when compared to England (2.80), Spain (2.72), Germany (2.66), Italy (2.51) and France (2.36), which means more chances for assists.  And yes, more younger players get playing time in the Eredivisie, but here is how his four assists stack up against other players 20 or younger in Europe’s “Big Five” leagues (as well as the Eredivisie) so far in 2014-15.


In a time where Jurgen Klinsmann is not happy with various players across Europe, you would have to think ol’ Klinsi is happy with the playing time and Rubin’s play this season.  Hopefully it continues for the rest of the year.

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Inside the Numbers: A look at last year’s Championship
   July 30, 2014 (6:35 AM) by Matt Benson

I posted some numbers last Wednesday and I thought I would post some more this week with the English League Championship starting up a week from Friday.

As the same as last week, all these numbers are coming from the website Squawka, which gets its numbers from Opta.  I will state this from the beginning, some of these are just basic numbers that make the various guys look good without any help from me, while some other things were edited down until I was able to get someone on a list.  I was trying my best to make the various Americans look good (USA! USA! USA!).  That said, here we go.

Tim Ream is coming off his best season at Bolton, winning Player of the Year honors by both the team and the fans.  While he shifted between centerback and left back, he did his job well and without fouling opposing players.  Ream committed only eight fouls on the season in 3675 minutes played.  His 0.20 fouls per 90 minutes was the lowest rate in the Championship last season among defenders who played in at least 35 games.


Danny Williams will miss the beginning of the season after having an operation performed on his knee.  Much like Alejandro Bedoya, Williams did a good job of putting his shots on frame.  Squawka has a stat called shot accuracy percentage, which is shots on target (minus blocked shots) divided by total shot attempts (minus blocked shots).  Williams put nearly 60 percent of his shot attempts on target and this is with 27 of his 40 total shot attempts coming from outside the penalty area.


Duane Holmes is one young player who is looking for more playing time in 2014-15 and will likely get it at Huddersfield Town.  The 19-year-old midfielder appeared in 21 games last season between Huddersfield Town and a loan stint with Yeovil Town.  In fact, only four players under the age of 20 logged more minutes last season in the Championship than Holmes’ 776 minutes.


Another young promising player in the Championship is centerback Will Packwood.  While Packwood appeared in only 12 games in the Championship (he did play eight games in League Two on a loan stint with Bristol Rovers), he was very active when he did play.  Packwood averaged 16.17 interceptions/blocked shots/clearances per 90 minutes in 2013-14, easily the most among players under the age of 22.  Also, his 12.83 clearances per 90 minutes was also the most among players under the age of 22.


We are one week away from the Championship starting up and hopefully those four players (and Jonathan Spector, Eric Lichaj and Zak Whitbread) continue to play well in 2014-15.

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Inside the Numbers: A look back at last season
   July 23, 2014 (8:00 AM) by Matt Benson

As a new season approaches, I thought I would take a quick look back at last season.  I know I wanted to do something with numbers when I came across the website Squawka during the World Cup.  It has a bunch of numbers pulled from Opta data and puts it in a nice little stat search engine.

From there, I decided to play around with it until I was able to find some Americans on some top lists.  I will state this from the beginning, some of these are just basic numbers that make the various guys look good without any help from me, while some other things were edited down until I was able to get someone on a list.  I was trying my best to make the various Americans look good (USA! USA! USA!).  That said, here we go.

Tim Howard is coming off one of the best seasons of his career as he recorded 15 shutouts during the 2013-14 Premier League season, his second most in a single season since coming to Everton.  And the 15 shutouts were the third most in the EPL in 2013-14.  After looking at the Top 5 European leagues (England, Spain, Germany, Italy and France), he was in the Top 15, but most of the guys ahead of him were on teams who were really good and didn’t face a lot of shots.  After narrowing down the search some more, I was able to find that Howard was one of two goalkeepers from a Top 5 European league who registered at least 15 shutouts over the 2013-14 season while also recording 90 or more saves.  As for the other goalkeeper, CONCACAF pride.


Moving onto another American goalkeeper in the Premier League.  Resident goalkeeper guru Will has said in the past when comparing Tim Howard and Brad Guzan, Howard is more a reactive goalie while Guzan is a little bit more aggressive at coming out to get balls, especially on crosses.  After a simple search, no goalkeeper from a Top 5 European league came close to claiming as many crosses as Guzan last season.


Most of the time when you look at interception lists (when a player cuts out an opposition pass), it is usually filled with defensive midfielders and centerbacks, but Geoff Cameron has taken these skills to the right back position at Stoke City.  His 91 interceptions were the sixth most in the Premier League, fourth most among defenders and second most among right backs.


Heading over to France, Alejandro Bedoya had a decent debut season at Nantes.  Squawka has a stat called shot accuracy percentage, which is shots on target (minus blocked shots) divided by total shot attempts (minus blocked shots).  And Mr. Bedoya ranked fourth in this category among Ligue 1 midfielders with at least 40 total shot attempts last season.  Basically he was putting his shots on frame.


That is it for this week.  I will be back next week with a English League Championship edition as that league starts up on August 8.

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Inside the Numbers: Julian Green’s goal
   July 2, 2014 (10:38 AM) by Matt Benson

I was able to piece this list together between MisterChip and other online sources, but Julian Green became the 11th youngest player in World Cup history to score goal with his goal against Belgium last night.  When taking out duplicate names, he is the eighth youngest individual player to score a goal in World Cup history.


When I was 19 years old, I was a freshman in college trying to figure out how to smuggle cheap beer into my dorm room, not scoring goals at the World Cup.  But the future appears to be bright with Julian Green.

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Inside the Numbers: Tim Howard had a decent season
   May 13, 2014 (3:04 PM) by Matt Benson


I was just doing a quick scan of various stats from this past season in the Premier League, and not overly shocking, Tim Howard ranked up there in many different goalkeeping stats.  Among the 20 guys who played in at least 20 games this past season, Howard ranked in the top five in save percentage, GAA and shutouts, while also placing in the top ten in saves per game.





And going back to the start of the 2006-07 season (his first year at Everton), only two goalkeepers have recorded more clean sheets in the Premier League than Howard.


Well done, Timmy.

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Inside the Numbers: European Scoring Leaderboard
   January 28, 2014 (8:30 AM) by Matt Benson


I did this a couple times last year with Jozy Altidore, but I decided to take a look at where Aron Johannsson’s 20 goals in 2013-14 stack up across Europe.  After digging around the top leagues in England, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Portugal and Netherlands, while looking at all goals scored for their club teams in all league/cup/European competitions, ArJo is one of 10 players with at least 20 goals through games of Monday, January 27.


Not bad, Mr. Bacon.

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